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X.Org 1.16.0 Update

Ikey Doherty / Solus Project Founder and Lead Developer July 26, 2014 in Packages

Users will now receive the X update when updating their installed version of Evolve OS. Several packages were updated and/or introduced, and the following is a list of key versions: * X.Org 1.16.0 * Mesa 10.2.4 * libdrm 2.4.55 * Intel Graphics Driver 2.99.914 * Nouveau Graphics Driver 1.0.10 * Radeon Graphics Driver 7.4.0 * libevdev 1.2, evdev Input Driver 2.9.0

Https //Solus Project.Com/Release Images/Xorg

All drivers were updated where possible (newest versions existing) or rebuilt against the new X version. Note that initial vdpau support has been included, though vdpau-gl support is yet to be provided, and will be accompanied in the future by a sister firmware installation package.

To update, simply issue the following command:

sudo pisi up


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