Repo Changes/Potential Breakage

Repo Changes/Potential Breakage

EDIT: We’ll give people one week to get gnupg installed and then we’ll introduce signing.
Please ensure you have updated your installs and install gnupg before Sunday the 25th.


Hello all,

Our security audit is now complete, and we’ve made a few changes to how we distribute the Evolve OS repository.

If you update now you’ll notice that your repo is unable to do so. To remedy the situation you need to import the
signing key we now use for the Evolve OS repository, by resetting the repo information:


sudo eopkg remove-repo "Evolve OS"
wget && sudo gpg --import repo.gpg
sudo eopkg add-repo main


It is possible you do not have gpg, if so please install as follows:


sudo eopkg install

This will also change the main repository name to “main” in keeping with our intentions for beta1.
We will have a main repo, as well as a security channel soon. Once you have reset the repository information
please ensure you apply all updates immediately, and then reboot.

We’re working hard now on beta1, and we’ve updated many packages during our security update,
as your safety is of paramount concern.

It is possible that some who have not updated their machines in quite some time now will not
be able to switch to the new mechanism. We apologise for any convenience, and it was suspected
with the warning we gave that breakage would occur.

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