Important: Repo Changes

Hello all!

Please note that to accomodate a more stable development path in the future, we have had to alter the layout and position of our package repository.
This means that if you download a current ISO, you will need to change the repositories post-install to ensure you continue to receive updates.

Note that we now push to an “unstable” repo, and quite regularly, before resyncing the packages into “main”. You’ll need to immediately
update your installation to ensure the security and stability of it, as well as ensure you keep up to date with new features! 🙂 The update from
Alpha 4 will be considerable at this time, so please reboot once all updates are applied.

This is required as a stock Alpha4 image will appear as if it cannot update, this is due to the change in location!


sudo eopkg remove-repo EvolveOS
sudo eopkg add-repo EvolveOS

sudo eopkg upgrade


  1. Tom Tarrant
    January 26, 2015 09:10

    Nice-looking distro, unfortunately applied the scripts to fix the repos but no luck at this time. Looking forward to testing further but could do with some assistance to get it working proper!

  2. mad_jack02
    January 27, 2015 12:51

    It looked interesting, worked fine, except it wouldn’t let me get su access,

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