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Solus Daily: 0.201528.5.0

Ikey Doherty / Solus Project Founder and Lead Developer July 10, 2015 in News, and Releases

The latest Solus Operating System Daily ISO is now available for testing. Be reminded this is an unstable development ISO. See our first daily ISO announcement for instructions on writing this 64-bit, Hybrid, UEFI-compatible ISO to USB medium. Remember, unetbootin is not supported!

Head over to the [download page]](https://solus-project.com/download) now to obtain the latest daily ISO

Note: No password is required to login. Automatic login is disabled, simply hit the Login button to proceed.

Packages added to this release:
  • glib-networking
  • samba
Changes in this release:

kernel - Ikey Doherty: Enable MMC/memorystick options for newly enabled realtek module - Ikey Doherty: Enable Realtek PCI-E card reader (specifically rts5209)

mesalib - Ikey Doherty: Drop /etc/drirc to a stateless configuration


- Ikey Doherty: Address CVE-2015-1793

- Ikey Doherty: Update to 1.42.13, switch to ypkg, split -devel, enable compile_et

mutter - Ikey Doherty: Update to 3.16.3, to fix hover-state issue (thanks horst3180)

- Ikey Doherty: Integrate upstream fix for Budgie calendar foreground

- Ikey Doherty: Online accounts require glib-networking for SSL usage

- Ikey Doherty: Convert to ypkg to stop use of /usr/libexec

- Ikey Doherty: Update to 3.16.2, switch to ypkg

- Ikey Doherty: Undelete chalk wallpaper (fixes previous mistake)

- Ikey Doherty: Add lpadmin group creation (TODO: Switch to sysusers, go ypkg)


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