Daily ISO 0.201549.3.0 Released

Daily ISO 0.201549.3.0 Released
The Solus Project is happy to announce the release of a new Daily ISO, 0.201549.3.0.


The Solus Project now uses GDM instead of LightDM.


New Installation Process

The Solus Project now uses gnome-initial-setup to vastly simplify the installation process of Solus. The majority of the process is now post-install, where you setup your user, locale and keyboard settings, timezone, and optionally online accounts.


We also now directly integrate goofiboot into the installer (as a result, we now manipulate EFI variables).


Below is a video of the installation process.


Optimizations and Fixes

DRI3 has now been disabled and issues relating to the booting of ISOs via USB 3.0 drives are now resolved.


We have also resolved WebKit related issues that affected Epiphany and Online Accounts.




You can download the latest Daily ISO by going here.


  1. Kyle Thompson
    December 02, 2015 08:50

    This project sure is moving fast!

  2. സ്വത്വന്‍
    December 04, 2015 16:33

    Can we update from previous development release to this one?

    More precisely, I want to know, If I install this one, can I update to future development releases and ultimately future stable release.

  3. സ്വത്വന്‍
    December 04, 2015 16:40

    Also, a release feed is added here for this development release.

    Thanks & Regards

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