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This Week In Solus -- Install #14

Joshua Strobl / Solus Project Communications Manager December 13, 2015 in Budgie, News, Packages, TWIS, and TWIS

Welcome to the 14th installation of This Week in Solus.

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Budgie Next

Work has progressed well on the rewrite of Budgie.

  • The rewrite is now integrated into GNOME Session and uses its phase initialization system, so Budgie starts in the panel initialization phase and the window manager in the WindowManager phase.
  • Information such as whether dark theme is enabled, your widget theme, and icon theme are now integrated into Raven.

Also, work on the panel editor has now begun. A screenshot is available below.

2015/12/ Screenshot From 2015 12 09 10 12 19


As you may (or may not, in which case you should really tune in more) know multilib has been a large item on our path to 1.0. Ikey has been working extensively this week on the multi-stage process for landing 32-bit libraries, and we are happy to report that 32-bit enabled GCC is now landing in the repositories.

Before I get into what that means, let’s go over the process of getting there:

  • Stage 1: In the first stage, we cross-compiled a new temporary toolchain to solve the chicken and egg problem: You must have a multilib toolchain to build a multilib toolchain. By cross-compiling a *static- GCC we defer full GCC (using the system’s glibc and headers) to stage 2.
  • Stage 2: In the second stage, we rebuilt to gain a fully featured toolchain that is used to populate a minimal chroot filesystem to allow barebones functionality in terms of being able to compile simple packages
  • Stage 3: In the third and final stage, we produced *native- gcc, glibc, and binutils.
Http //I.Giphy.Com/91f E Jqgdsnu4 E.Gif

I know, I had to get Ikey to explain it to me too. In fact I ended up just opting to copy and paste what he said.

The basics: We cross-compiled a temporary toolchain to compile stuff, to rebuild stuff to use in a minimal chroot filesystem, then produced some native multilib gcc, glibc, and binutils.


These multilib (32-bit enabled) utilities and libraries are going to be the basic for enabling a wider set of applications and another major item that has been a 1.0 requirement, Steam.

Package Updates

Here are some highlights of package updates:

Thanks for tuning in this week!


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