This Week in Solus – Install #19

Welcome to the 19th installation of This Week in Solus.


Alongside our crunch and focus for 1.1, we’ve also been continuing our campaign of bug crushing. We’ve crushed 22 bugs over the last week, ranging from long sitting bugs that have been resolved since the Budgie rewrite to recent ones that are related to inclusion of git-based patches for new software in the repo.


Bug Smash

Here is a highlight of bugs we’ve smashed. Naturally some have been resolved by actively pushing changes while others are simply outdated, such as pre-“Budgie rewrite” bugs.


Bug title and link Resolved by
A static image of the desktop after the computer gets suspended Invalidating. Remnant from pre-“Budgie rewrite”.
Close/minimize/maximize buttons are not working for google chrome Invalidating. Remnant from pre-“Budgie rewrite”.
Doesn`t see iPad Invalidated. User needs to install necessary packages first.
Keyboard keys not working correctly Invalidating. Remnant from pre-“Budgie rewrite”.
New Package: jack-audio-connection-kit Inclusion in repo.
[PATCH] dia Inclusion in repo.
[Patch] Zeal Inclusion in repo.
Problem with emacs font Enabling xft in emacs.
[Request] LibreCAD Inclusion in repo.
[Request] Mixxx Inclusion in repo.
[Request] mono-complete Invalidating. mono-complete is a Debian thing. We did update mono however.
[Request] Trelby Inclusion in repo.
Synergy v1.7.5 Updating synergy.
VLC doesn’t seem to quit right away. Manjaro issue. Not related to Budgie.
VLC fails to play file properly Invalidating. Non-reproducible. Original bug outdated, multiple VLC updates since then.
VLC is missing upnp functionality Added libupnp to repo, enabled upnp in VLC.




Package Updates

This time, I’m giving you both highlights and the fire hose of updates (not including rebuilds). Why? Well I guess I’m just in that kind of mood today.




Fire hose

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