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2023 Best phone tracker app without permission

best phone tracker app

 Cell Phone Tracking Apps

Are you concerned about the online safety of your children? Or perhaps you want to ensure that your staff members adhere to the best corporate policies? The best phone tracker applications mentioned in this article may be used to track all iPhone and Android phones.

How to Pick a Good Phone Tracker App

 It’s reasonable that you could be a little perplexed about what to seek, given the market’s overabundance of different covert tracking programs. You must go beyond the service to locate the ideal fit because many phone tracker applications provide comparable capabilities. Each of the apps below has been evaluated by our professionals, who have created a list of the top ones. The top 10 phone tracking applications are as follows:

Best phone tracker app without permission

  • FlexiSPY
  • mSpy
  • Localize
  • Spyzie
  • Spyic
  • Cocospy
  • uMobix
  • SpyBubble
  • Hoverwatch
  • KidsGuard

Additionally, according to analysts at VPNWelt, many commercially available mobile phone monitoring software is highly harmful and can infect your device. Because of this, it’s crucial to do your homework before making any purchases. Here are the key factors to consider while selecting the best phone tracking applications.


You first, decide whether you’ll be employing the phone tracker to spy on a PC or a person’s phone. The finest phone finder software solutions are compatible with Windows and macOS operating systems regarding desktop devices. Android or iOS operating systems are often required for interoperability when it comes to phones.

Nevertheless, not all plans are compatible with the finest mobile phone tracker apps. For instance, Spyic is incompatible with desktops, whereas certain apps are incompatible with iOS. Always check the compatibility tab in the company’s FAQ area as a general guideline.

Effortless Use

This is another crucial factor to consider, particularly if you don’t have much computer knowledge. While most phone monitoring applications have comparable functionality, they don’t all have the same user interface styles. There is a method to test the program before buying it, though. On their webpage, the majority of phone tracker programs include a free demo. By selecting that choice, a simulated version of the software will be displayed to you, complete with its design, features, options, settings, etc.

 As you can see,, for instance, has a very straightforward and user-friendly interface. On the top of the screen, you may select the operating system version; on the left, you can view all user activity.

On the other hand, FlexiSPY has a messier design that is less suited for people new to technology. Due to the numerous foreign words and settings, our clients with no prior expertise have complained that the FlexiSPY interface is challenging to understand.

 However, advanced users claim that FlexiSPY is their preferred option because it is so sophisticated. It’s crucial to try the program before committing to purchase because of this.


 Rooting and jailbreaking are aggressive activities that might damage your phone and cause data loss. This could be a deal-breaker for many people. Because this boosts the device’s security, almost all new appliances are unrooted or non-jailbroken.

 Yeezy and Spybubble are two of the most fantastic tracking applications that don’t require rooting or jailbreaking. 


 You might be buying a mobile phone location software mainly because of the tracking functions. You might want to keep tabs on your employees, and monitor your spouse, or place certain limits on the target device.

For instance, Cocospy is a terrific option if you’re an envious spouse looking for applications to view the SMS messages, screen and call recorders, or Spy on WhatsApp. As an employer, you might want to go through daily activity logs or utilize a keylogger to monitor what employees type.

You should use Hoverwatch. Qustodio may be the solution if you’re a worried parent seeking online filters, panic buttons, or screen limits. Check out the features list in advance, for instance, if you want to spy on Facebook. Check whether the program allows offline monitoring if you wish the most acceptable GPS phone tracker.

Customer Service

When you are stuck, who do you talk to?

Software occasionally exhibits strange behavior since nothing is flawless. This typically occurs when you don’t update it, the system has a bug, or something

has simply malfunctioned or glitched. You then have to deal with the dreaded customer service. Client service shouldn’t be terrible. Excellent services may be distinguished from inferior ones by their superior customer service. We advise looking for live chat customer care or, at the very

least, round-the-clock help. View other customers’ concerns and general customer service experiences on internet review sites.

Which application can I use to track a device?

 Here are the top 10 phone trackers and their features.

1. FlexiSpy-Best phone tracker app without permission iphone

flexispy gratis1 orig

FlexiSpy is a fantastic phone tracker that will wow you with its potency and offer a pleasurable experience while easily spying and monitoring targeted devices. FlexiSpy is one of the top monitoring apps for iOS and Android devices listed in this review.

More functions are available with FlexiSpy than with any similar software. It can record Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, GPS tracking, SMS, and photos.


  • Password Cracker may be used to get any required password from a phone’s memory.
  • Automatic deletion of texts containing specific keywords;
  • Calls made on social media and on mobile devices can be recorded and monitored;
  • You can use the built-in camera and microphone of the targeted device to activate and control them to observe their surroundings.
  • Sending phony SMS from phony phones;
  • Getting call notifications and call intercept.

Without the target’s consent, you may use this mobile tracker app with any electronic device. You can completely track iOS and Android devices with FlexiSpy in addition to being able to monitor iPhone or Android devices for any parental control or corporate monitoring need.

2.     Localize– Best location tracking app


The benefits of Localize include its ability to spy on Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram and locate your target using GPS. You can also view deleted WhatsApp and SMS messages without jailbreak or root required. Another mind-blowing feature is the fact that remote installation is possible! So what are you waiting for?

The benefits you would enjoy by using Localize include the following:

  • Just enter a person’s phone number to find them   
  • No app is needed
  • It works with all smartphone models
  • Localize is suitable for ancient phones
  • Localize has the ability to design unique messages
  • Localize is absolutely private
  • No jailbreak is required

 Using its phone number, any cell phone can be found using the localize service. You can locate a location utilizing another person’s cell phone number with the aid of Localize. Anyone may complete this straightforward solution. Simply paste the target person’s mobile number into the appropriate form on the localized mobile website. Then, wait while the program locates the location. Additionally, Localized functions on any mobile network and all mobile phone models, including smartphones and feature phones. To get started, GO TO SITE

3.     mSPY- Best phone tracker app without permission Android


Most consumers appear to select mSpy as the most exemplary cell phone tracker program over the years. That is a result of how it works. This top tracking software provides 24/7 multilingual customer service and over 20 beautiful and practical features. You may use it to read someone else’s WhatsApp chats and snoop on their Facebook activity.

It is the best option for parents, professionals, and anyone who wishes to remotely monitor target devices. This is because it is a superb mobile phone spy without access to the target phone. mSpy has a keystroke logger feature which enables users to monitor a device secured with a password. Other features of mSpy include:

  • Surveillance of deleted text messages
  • Call limitation
  • Monitoring of instant messengers
  • Blocking features
  • GPS tracking
  • WiFi surveillance.
  • No jailbreak required
  • Geo-Fencing, and satellite address finder 

A covert phone tracker app with the best capabilities of similar products, mSpy is simple to use. Data on all target actions can be obtained anonymously. The targeted devices allow you to browse mobile phone book numbers and calendar schedules. The most extraordinary monitoring experience is offered by mSpy to its users.

All service providers are compatible with this tracking program, which operates independently of the cellular carrier network or the target device’s current location (carriers). Using with this tracking program, you may be confident in the safety of your children and other family members.

How does mSpy work?

With this excellent monitoring software, you can track and keep an eye on any phone.

Most iPhone and Android spy program installations follow a similar, simple procedure. What you ought to do is:

Step 1: Visit the mSpy website and select the Try Now button.

 Step 2: Create an account.

Step 3: Select

your gadget.

 Step 4: Pick a subscription strategy. 

Step 5: Log in to your brand-new account.

Step 6: Set up the app according to the directions.

Click here to get started with mSpy

  4. SpyBubble

The covert mobile phone tracking app SpyBubble has become extremely popular worldwide, particularly with worried parents. Deleted messages, past whereabouts, phone browsing history, and other information are included.

The outstanding features of SpyBubble include:

  • SIM card warnings
  • Keeping track of browser use
  • Monitor images and videos
  • No jailbreak 

 Grab a license as soon as you can because the firm routinely gives discounts. The amount of apps this tracking software can track is quite astounding. It allows you to learn more about circumstances like monitoring characteristics of the targeted device activities. Start by clicking here.

5. uMobix– Best phone tracker in tracking without them knowing

uMobix, a powerful newcomer in parental control software 

uMobix’s Location Tracker shows the exact paths the target has taken and deserves special attention. With the detailed location history, you’ll never have to worry about where the kids or your spouse are again.

Features of uMobix phone tracker

  • Access to all phone number information, including numbers, email addresses and pictures Detailed call records, including duration and timestamps    
  • Android
  • keylogger without rooting.
  • Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram IM surveillance;
  • Track your whereabouts using routes and GPS coordinates
  • No jailbreak

You can keep an eye on your children online with the help of the uMobix parental control software. The installation of the app simply takes 5–15 minutes, and the daily cost is less than $1. You’ll always be informed because data updates occur every 5 minutes.

 For families or any phone user, uMobix is an all-in-one no-root solution. It

guarantees data safety, secure surfing, and responsible device use. Click here to get started.

6. Spyzie phone tracker application

 The finest non-permission-needed sophisticated phone tracking software is Spyzie.

It touts a no-jailbreak iPhone solution that remotely monitors all fundamental operations the targeted device performs, including calls, SMS, emails, GPS position, internet history, contacts, and calendar. With an over-the-air link, the installation procedure and the tracking software are simple.

Features of Spyzie:

  • Keeping an eye on WiFi networks
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Spying on chat services like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger;
  • Limiting calls and blocking websites and apps; 
  • Keylogger.
  • Nojailbreak required

One of the most popular mobile GPS tracker applications on the market, Spyzie, is generally used for the covert surveillance of partners, kids, or employees. You actually have a robust cell tracker at your disposal with this feature! Click to get started.

7. Cocospy – Best new mobile tracking app

To make sure their kids don’t cause problems, parents are advised to use the Cocospy smartphone tracking software. With this tracking software, one may anonymously see activity in the workers’ and children’s accessories. Cocospy is the best phone tracker to monitor someone’s internet behavior, including any Snapchat activity.

Features of Cocospy include:

The top iPhone tracking app is Cocospy with the following features 

  • Tracking SIM location 
  • iOS device remote download;        
  • Monitoring instant messaging without rooting an Android device;
  • Package for companies that can simultaneously monitor up to 25 devices;
  • Web history tracker that includes site descriptions, bookmarks, and timestamps;
  • Seeing IMEI, carrier, and network information
  • Spying on communication applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram
  • No jailbreak needed

 The powerful GPS location capability of the Cocospy phone tracking software makes it one of the top 10. Utilizing not only GPS but also WiFi and LTE networks enables seeing the real-time position of the lost or stolen target device. It also aids in determining where, for example, the children are at any given time without phoning them.

Customers may feel comfortable with knowledge about the relationships and locations of their children by monitoring SMS messages, call logs, social site activity, location history, etc. Click to get started with Cocospy.

8. KidsGuard-Ultimate phone tracker for your child

People frequently worry about the safety and social relationships of their children and family members. Most of them communicate by SMS and calls, and their use of social media sites may alarm parents. The ideal answer is provided by KidsGuard. Parents can keep an eye on their kids and ensure they are always protected with the help of this cell phone monitoring software. They can ensure that kids don’t get into trouble or suffer from detrimental conduct like cyberbullying.

Features of KidsGuard pro

  • Exporting data
  • WLAN logger;
  • Remote images and screenshots
  • Recording calls
  • Timeline of all actions taken on a smartphone;
  • No jailbreak required 

KidsGuard is a progressive tracking program that supports the most recent iOS and Android operating systems and routinely delivers vital enhancements. With KidsGuard, you may remotely monitor your children’s cell phones and fulfill all your surveillance requirements. Click here to start using KidsGuard.

9.     Spyic mobile tracker

Spyic provides the most critical monitoring and spying functions for a fair price. Its user-friendly design makes it simple to keep an eye on your girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages. You can monitor someone’s phone activities around-the-clock with the help of this practical, simple-to-use tracker software. Spyic innovative mobile tracking program allows business owners to follow people and watch their workers’ internet activities while utilizing corporate equipment.


The features of Spy include: 

Remote images and screenshots

Recording calls

WLAN logger

Remote photo capture

Timeline of all actions taken on a smartphone

Search alert

No jailbreak

The ability of this phone tracker to detect whether employees are divulging sensitive information outside makes it critical. This cell phone tracker software is beneficial for partners or couples. Because it is high-quality and user-friendly, it records whether someone is cheating, making it simple to locate the intended device.

10. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is another pair tracking program that helps you view text messages, calls, and other shared material from a smartphone or a PC. Other applications include WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, Skype, Instagram, and Telegram.


  • Call recording
  • Camera tracking
  • Covert installation from your internet account onto the target device
  • SIM card change detection
  • No jailbreak required

The ability to covertly monitor the monitored device’s internet activity is Hoverwatch’s most vital feature. The list of contacts, calendar events, to-dolists and notes saved on the monitored device are also accessible. It allows you to simultaneously monitor up to 25 Android devices, such as a small workplace. Click here to use Hoverwatch.

Best free phone tracker app without permission

Mspy is the best free phone tracker app without permission. The software in itself is not a free spy app, but it has a 7 days free trial which you can make use of to your best interest. after exhausting the free trial of this phone tracker, you can then cancel so you won’t be charged, and yes!! you just employed the second best phone tracker app on the market without paying a penny.

The top 10 phone tracker solutions in this article are compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems regarding desktop devices. However, Android or iOS operating systems are often required for interoperability when it comes to phones. Advanced users claim that FlexiSPY is their preferred option because it is so sophisticated. On the other hand, the other tracking applications in this article are quite effective and don’t require rooting or jailbreaking.

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