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Airpod keeps pausing? Quick fix for you in in 2023

Airpod keeps pausing


If your Airpod keeps pausing, consider your problem solved as you are about to know how to fix this. Every single AirPods user has felt it. You’ve got your fancy wireless AirPods in, and you’re attempting to jam out to some tunes or listen to a podcast as you work out or commute, but suddenly, the sound stops. That, or your AirPods have suddenly frozen up on you. This would be manageable if it occurred sometimes, but this is a constant problem for many people. The constant pausing of your AirPods begs the question: why? Numerous explanations are possible.

What Causes Your AirPods to Pause?

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There are a few specific causes of AirPods pausing on their own. It can be caused by faulty Automatic Ear Detection sensors from Apple or common connection problems that sometimes affect all Bluetooth devices. For instance, the distance to the source (your phone).

When dealing with this sort of problem, there are several other things to consider, like battery life and internet access. In this post, we’ll go through each one in more depth.

Let’s start with the most probable offenders, the broken Bluetooth connection and Automatic Ear Detection.

Automatic Detection of Ears


Because of Apple’s ground-breaking Automatic Ear Detection sensors, you can easily switch from playing to pausing by taking out your AirPods or gently tapping them with your fingers.

This feature enables you to talk fast without having to remove your AirPods or pause your music.

The playing should continue if your AirPods are in your ears and you haven’t touched them, but if it suddenly stops, something is wrong. By noting the time and location of the stoppage, you may ascertain if the Ear Detection sensors are malfunctioning or whether there is a Bluetooth problem.

For example, if you’re active and moving about at the gym, and your AirPods keep pausing, there could be a problem with the Automatic Ear Detection sensors.

But if the stopping occurs arbitrarily, no matter what you’re doing, it’s conceivable that the Bluetooth connection between your devices isn’t working correctly.

How to Correct Airpods that keeps pausing

To begin with, make sure the ear detection sensors are operational.

Go to Settings > Bluetooth and choose the information next to your AirPods to do this. You may turn off Automatic Ear Detection from here.

If the pause issue is resolved, you will know there is a problem with the ear detection sensors in your AirPods. Resetting the sensors sometimes involves turning the function on and off, and you could restart Automatic Ear Detection and discover that the issue has been resolved.

But this may only sometimes be the case. If the halting problem persists after you restart Automatic Ear Detection, consider other suggestions in this manual.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

7 Reasons AirPods Keep Pausing and Fixes - TV To Talk About

There is always a danger that a Bluetooth gadget will have a weak connection. Re-establishing communication between your phone and AirPods is the simplest fix for this.

How to Correct It

First, switch off your phone’s Bluetooth connection by going to Settings > Bluetooth and removing it from the Bluetooth connection between your phone and your AirPods. Restart it and let your AirPods re-connect.

Take it a step further and remove your AirPods from your phone if this doesn’t work. Go to Settings > Bluetooth, then click Forget This Device after selecting the information next to your AirPods.

For additional security, switch your AirPods on and off before pairing them with your phone again and re-establishing the Bluetooth connection.

If the pause problems continue, it’s probable that your Bluetooth connection was strong all along and that the Automatic Ear Detection sensors are to blame for the issue.

Complete AirPod Reset

The best course of action is to conduct a complete reset of your AirPods if none of those mentioned above remedies has been successful. This can fix any runtime problems by forcing firmware updates. For this, you’ll need your AirPods charging case.

  • Close the case after putting the AirPods inside.
  • pause for 30 seconds
  • Remove the lid
  • Connect your phone to your AirPods by inserting them in your ears.
  • Go to Settings and choose Bluetooth.
  • Forget the device by selecting the information next to your AirPods.
  • Then, for 15 seconds, open the case and hold the Setup button on the rear.
  • After flashing amber, the LED light will become white.
  • Re-establish the Bluetooth connection and connect your phone and AirPods.
  • If the occasional stopping problem persists, there may be an issue with your AirPods, and you may need to get them serviced or replaced by a certified Apple repair shop.

Before you do that, continue on if you want to explore every alternative!

Other Potential Causes of Proximity Issues

Your AirPods may be pausing themselves due to a simple proximity issue and a broken Bluetooth connection.

If there are no obstacles in the way, the range of Bluetooth is little more than 30 feet. The greater the number of barriers between your smartphone and your AirPods, the shorter the range.

Audio signal transmission may have issues if the Bluetooth connection is compromised by obstacles or stretched by distance. Although it seems like playing is halting and starting again, it might be a connectivity issue.

Your AirPods may entirely disconnect if you venture beyond their range, halting the playback until you manually resume it. If the Bluetooth connection has been broken, it will start playing from your smartphone rather than your AirPods.

It’s not that difficult; make sure you respect Bluetooth’s limitations. Expect the signal to diminish or break if you go too far.

But let’s say you are in close proximity to the AirPods’ range, and there are no obstructions in their path; yet, they pause. In that case, there is a problem with the headphones’ internal components, most likely a problem with the Automatic Ear Detection sensors.

Refresh software

Whether your gadget is an Apple or an Android, make sure it runs the most recent software. Firmware upgrades for AirPods and AirPods Pro are also included in software updates, so if either device has a problem, an update should fix it. Update all of your equipment regularly!

Poor Battery

8 Common Apple AirPods Problems and How to Fix Them

Your phone’s or your AirPods’ low battery may result in a weaker connection, and a reduced audio quality, which may seem like playing is halting and resuming.

Check if the issue still exists after completely charging your phone and your AirPods.

Internet connection could be better.

Playback will be hampered by insufficient data or WiFi connection, which may seem more halting than playing.

However, it’s improbable that this is what caused it. A slow internet connection often shows up as a brief stop followed by an effort to buffer. Following that, the connection will either restore, playback will resume, or it will break entirely.

Dual Tap Methods

This is likely the problem if you use AirPods Pro since the function is more advanced than regular AirPods. Even so, it’s still worthwhile to investigate, to be specific.

Open Settings > Bluetooth and pick the information next to your AirPods to see what the double-tap action is set to.

You may choose the left or right AirPod from this page, and then you can decide what a double tap will accomplish. You may have one or both AirPods set to Play/Pause and are unintentionally halting playback.

Interruptions in Notification

A notification sound will temporarily pause playing when you get a new notification while your AirPods are plugged in by turning down the volume. The loudness should then return to normal when this occurs. A call or a notice may sometimes completely stop and cease music.

Place your phone on quiet or do not disturb mode and see what happens when you receive a notice; however, it is uncommon and improbable that this is the source of random pauses.

Soiled AirPods

The Automatic Ear Detection sensors may need to understand your touches or record them when they aren’t even present if your genuine AirPods are filthy. Keep your equipment clean and clear of dirt to prevent this from happening.

Start your phone again.

Power cycling is a tried-and-true technique for eradicating runtime problems or vulnerabilities in firmware and software. Power cycling involves turning the device off and back on. We seldom, if ever, turn our phones off these days, and the problem could be resolved by turning off and on again your phone and AirPods.

Call Apple Customer Support

This really is the final action. After trying every suggestion in this post and your AirPods are still halting, it may be necessary to bite the bullet and acquire new AirPods.

This will be simple if your AirPods are covered by an AppleCare guarantee. Get in touch with Apple or a licensed Apple repair service to start the procedure. Your broken AirPods will often need to be sent off or returned to the shop, so you’ll have to wait without them until you get your new set.

It’s also important to know that, regardless of whether you have an AppleCare warranty on them, if you own a pair of AirPods manufactured before October 2020, you’ll qualify for a free servicing program.


Like with any technological equipment, unanticipated issues might arise with the hardware, firmware, software, or all three simultaneously. This is particularly obvious if the gadget has Bluetooth functionality and is much more evident if the item has a pair of headphones.

It’s crucial to remember that these problems often have a straightforward solution, typically turning on and off a setting or rebooting one or more devices.

While problems like these might be quite annoying, it’s comforting to know you’re not the only one who encounters them. So, make sure your AirPods are clean, charge all of your electronics, restart them, and pray for the best.

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