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Building a Package
This guide will walk you through setting up the file(s), tooling, and building your package.
Packaging Using a Local Repository
This guide walks you through the steps to utilise locally built .eopkg's that are not yet in the Solus repository within solbuild.
Package Inclusion Policy
This policy sets forth the criteria for a package to be accepted for inclusion into the Solus repositories.
All packages consist of a single build file, which provides all of the required metadata for the package manager, plus the build steps involved to produce a package. This follows the YAML specification.
Packaging Practices
The primary goal of ypkg is ease of maintenance. In order to do so we ensure packages in the binary repository adhere to a strict set of conventions and practices.
Release Processes
This post is intended as both information to users, and guidelines for developers and contributors of Solus. Solus employs a formal architecture to enable the curated rolling release model, which is made possible through the use of ferryd, solbuild and a split-repository model.
Requesting a Package
Packages are how users install Software in Solus, however if we are missing one you can let us know using our Task Tracker.
Submitting the Package
This article will walk you through submitting a patch for a package for review and inclusion in the Solus repository.
Updating an Existing Package
This article will go over updating a package that is already in the Solus git repository.