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Best free cloud storage in 2023

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Getting your hands on free cloud storage is satisfying, especially when money is scarce. The issue is that many plans that provide free storage do so at a cost that is not monetary, either through data mining or other dubious methods. After reviewing several vendors, we found these are the most acceptable free cloud storage options. 

What are the best free cloud storage services that I can use?

The cloud storage service at issue must provide a free plan; the more significant, the better, which is the first and most apparent need on our list. Beyond that, the usual requirements for cloud storage apply features, speed, usability, security, and privacy.


pcloud cftt.1200

pCloud is our favorite free cloud storage service and our second favorite provider overall. Let’s start with our favorite free provider. pCloud is an all-rounder, offering lots of free cloud storage with excellent media security and premium playback options 

More details about pCloud include benefits such as

  • 10GB of free cloud storage
  • Built-in multimedia playback
  • Unlocks extra storage via referral

The Cons of pCloud are:

  • Encryption requires a paid subscription
  • No productivity app support

Your 10GB of storage from iCloud is yours forever, without restrictions or issues. To acquire 10GB, you’ll need to do a few more activities, including introducing other users to pCloud; otherwise, you’ll get 2GB, which isn’t much. 

In addition to storage, pCloud has an HD media player for videos. Because of this, pCloud has earned the distinction of “best free cloud storage for videos,” making it a great location to keep your favorite TV series and home recordings. One of the most outstanding free cloud music storage services is pCloud. It also has an impressively designed media player that lets you build your playlists from your saved music files.

Although iCloud offers up to 10GB of free storage, you can only access 7GB. You won’t be able to access password-protected files, publicly shared file expiration dates, or zero-knowledge encryption for your critical documents using iCloud’s free cloud storage services. If this is a concern, you can subscribe to pCloud Premium, which starts at $4.99 per month and offers 500GB or 2TB of storage.

A lifetime plan for pCloud offers the following:

  • Free program: 10 GBPremium plan: 500 GB
  • 1-month plan
  • $4.99/month
  • 1-year plan
  • $4.17/month $49.99 billed annually
  • On a lifetime plan, you can save 16%.
  • $4.86 per month $175 one-time payment, the monthly price for three years
  • 2000 GB Premium Plus
  • 1-month plan
  • $9.99/month
  • 1-year plan
  • $8.33/month
  • Every year, $99.99 is billed.
  • On a lifetime plan, you can save 17%.
  • $9.72/month
  • One-time payment of $350; monthly price for three years of use.
  • Business
  • Price per user (min. three users)
  • 1000 GB
  • 1-month plan
  • $9.99/month
  • 1-year plan
  • $7.99/month or
  • $95.88 is billed every year.


 The finest online storage resource is, which offers free private storage. comes in the second position because it offers slightly less free capacity than pCloud while being the most satisfactory cloud storage service overall. More details about


Free storage: 5GB of encrypted cloud storage.

Website of the provider:

Strong privacy laws

There is no file size limit.

Good security features.

Cons: There are only 5GB of free space. 

The free plan does not provide specific file-sharing and versioning capabilities.

Our second-best option,, is something you should try if iCloud doesn’t appeal to you. For a more thorough analysis of the service, you may first read our evaluation of

The 5 GB of cloud storage on is free. That should be sufficient to try it out, but once you do, you might find it difficult to resist the urge to upgrade to 200 GB or 2TB of storage. Additionally, there is no file size restriction, which makes it among the most acceptable cloud storage choices for huge files.

You could profit from the profitable referral program offered by if you don’t mind putting in a bit of work and desire “free” to mean free. provides an extra 1 GB of free cloud storage for every signup if you can get actual people to utilize it (they must be correct; checks). The firm has been known to remove the restriction. Even if you email them, 20GB is the maximum.

Greatest Zero-Knowledge Cloud Storage with AES 256-bit File Encryption is the best zero-knowledge cloud storage service. It also comes with two-factor authentication as standard

Strong privacy laws in Canada (where is based) also contribute to it being one of our list’s most secure cloud storage providers. It provides premium features, like free access to account logs and a month’s worth of file history. Your data are also password-protected, remotely wiped, and given password protection.

Other benefits that offer include:

  • Free accounts on
  • By referring friends to the service, you may increase your free storage on to 20GB.


Personal: 200 GB for one year


$60 is billed every year

Solo Basic

2000 GB for one year


Every year, $96 is billed.

One year Solo Professional: 6000 GB


Every year, $240 is billed

Teams Standard

The cost per user is $1,000.00.

1-year plan


Every year, $72 is billed.

Teams Unlimited

Cost per user

Unlimited GB

1-year plan


Every year, $180is billed.


icedrive featured image 1024x512 1

Icedrive is one of the fastest free online storage. In addition to a fantastic free plan, Icedrive provides superb security, privacy, and competitively priced subscription products.

The features of Icedrive include:

  • 10GB of free storage
  • is the provider’s website
  • Excellent security and privacy, reasonably priced 
  • It is simple to use.
  • Lifetime plans


  • A lack of features
  • Limits on bandwidth for lifetime plans

Despite being new to the cloud storage market, Icedrive is already a top supplier and gives new users 10 GB of free space. It offers excellent protection and privacy, a stunning and straightforward user interface, and lifetime storage options, as discussed in our review of Icedrive. It’s also among the swiftest cloud storage options available.

The lack of many features is Icedy’s main drawback. There aren’t any features like upload links for folders, collaborative tools, or block-level synchronization. Despite these shortcomings, it is an excellent primary cloud storage solution if you’re searching for a means to share files with others and sync data across different devices. Icedrive

Icedrive excels in terms of security and privacy. It uses the Twofish protocol to provide robust encryption. Additionally, it is zero-knowledge, meaning only you can access your files. The business also offers a high level of openness since you may download all of the personal information it has about you and because it complies with GDPR.


The benefits Icedrive offers include

  • Strong emphasis on privacy
  • It’s simple to use.
  • Free storage of 20GB (35GB for a year)

In addition to its free plan, Icedrive has many fantastic premium choices, especially if you decide on a lifetime subscription. Beyond the free initial 10GB of storage space, Icedrive offers several reasonably priced premium choices. You can upgrade your account if you need more space. In our top 1TB cloud storage plans ranking, Icedrive came out on top among the three plans that offer 150GB, 1TB, and 5TB of storage. 

Even better, you may purchase a lifetime subscription to Icedrive for a one-time cost rather than a monthly or yearly recurring charge. The other features of Icedrive include:

 Limits on bandwidth: 3 GB; 10 GB

 Limits on bandwidth: 250 GB; 150 GB

1-year plan


$19.99 is billed every year.

39% Off Lifetime Plan


One-time payment of $99; monthly fee for three years of use

Pro: 2TB bandwidth limit: 1000 GB

1-month plan


On a one-year program, you can save 22%.


Every year, $49.99 is billed.

34% off lifetime plan


One-time payment of $229; monthly price for three years of use

Pro+: 8TB bandwidth limit: 5000 GB 

1-month plan


1-year plan


$179.99 is billed every year.

On a lifetime plan, you can save 17%.


One-time payment of $599; monthly price for three years of use

Save 8%


OIP 17

Mega is one of the most extensive free cloud storage with massive computer clients. MEGA is available on every platform, including Linux operating systems, AndrAndroidd iOS devices.

Collaboration features and third-party integrations, primarily because of its extraordinarily generous free plan. It offers more free storage than any other excellent service on our list, with 20GB available without restrictions (emphasis on quality). By accomplishing what MEGA refers to as “achievements,” you may boost this substantial stipend.

More details about MEGA:

20GB of free storage is the provider’s website.

Simple steps like installing the desktop and mobile applications and confirming your phone number for two-factor authentication make up most of this list. You will receive an extra 5GB of storage for each, for a total of 35GB, suitable for a year. You may also invite friends for a fee of 5GB each.

Sync. Com-like zero-knowledge encryption is also available for your files with MEGA. We discussed MEGA’s primary focus on anonymity in our earlier MEGA review, which was motivated by the company’s creator, Kim Dotcom.

His regrettable reputation aided in MEGA’s ascent to fame. The company’s tagline, “The Privacy Company,” honors his principles even though he departed the organization long ago (read our guide to what Megaupload is).extra space for storage.

All the files you upload to MEGA will be protected with strong encryption that only you hold the key to.

Some innovative, stand-out features are included with MEGA, even with its free account, like end-to-end encryption for secure chats.

Other free cloud service providers

Other storage services include the following:

  • Google Drive offers users 15GB of free storage with document sharing
  • OneDrive, which has a 100GB file size limit and offers 5GB of free cloud storage
  • IDrive, which offers 10 GB of free backup space
  • Koofr offers 10GB of free storage with excellent privacy and security
  • Dropbox gives users a free storage space of 2GB and reliable syncing
  • Amazon Drive, where prime members t 5GB of free storage space
  • For Apple users, there is iCloud Drive which offers 5GB of free internet storage.
  • MediaFire, which offers 10 GB of free virtual file storage.
  • Degoo, which provides 100GB of free backup space.


You probably won’t be eager to pay for a membership before attempting cloud storage if you aren’t currently paying for it. Fortunately, several free online storage solutions let you share images and movies, store data online, and listen to your favorite music.

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