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It can be difficult to find a reliable product when searching among hundreds of questionable apps for the top free VPN. Once you’ve located what you’re seeking, you’ll also need to be aware of a free VPN’s restrictions in comparison to premium offers.

Prior to entrusting a free VPN with your online data it’s critical to understand how it operates. Understanding how providers can be able to provide a basic service to customers and what privacy and functionality compromises you’ll need to make are crucial and will undoubtedly influence your choice.

Although no free VPN can compete with the finest VPN services, you will not be surprised to learn that they can be a valuable tool for casual users. They can be helpful for checking emails & browsing secretly on vulnerable networks.

Best Free VPN For PC

1. Proton Free VPN

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Out of all the top free VPN for PC Window we tried, Proton VPN Free left the most impression on us. The Swiss company is the closest thing to a long-term free Virtual Private Network (VPN) option that we’ve discovered, and many of the concerns associated with free services are allayed by the provider’s history of excellent privacy and security. Interestingly, it’s the best free VPN for PC gaming. 

Proton VPN is one of the few free VPNs that you can genuinely set and forget without bothering about the amount of data you’re consuming. This is what first distinguishes Proton VPN from the competition. You won’t likely be slowed down at top speeds of 380Mb/s.

Naturally, there are still a few quite significant catches. You may only use your plan on one device at one time, and peer-to-peer (P2P) is not supported. You will only have good access to 3 servers (USA, Netherlands, and Japan). A streaming VPN is also unavailable, and ad-blocking and malware protection are not options.

Proton VPN Free, on the other hand, is way ahead the complete free VPN package we have ever tested and the one we’d most strongly advise using if you don’t feel the need to sign up for a paid service.

2. Privado VPN

Although PrivadoVPN is new, it has already earned a name for itself, particularly in relation to free VPNs. In fact, it can unblock regional Netflix content, which is something few other services can achieve.

You’ll be allowed to use the 10GB of unlimited data to its full advantage, and if you`re out of space, you will still be able to browse privately at a 1Mbps speed even though it will be much slower. Even though it can only be accessed via a Dutch “emergency” server, this is still an improvement over nothing.

However, inside your 10GB, you’ll have a good selection of servers to choose from, 12 in 9 nations. In comparison to most providers, even Proton VPN Free, this has a much better spread. Thus, Privado might be a better option if you want to globe-trot extensively.

The streaming outcomes we described above, however, were unquestionably the feature that stood out in our testing. You can access  Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and US Netflix. That performance is exceptional for free providers and superior to many expensive VPNs.

There are still restrictions, of course. The applications themselves aren’t quite as comprehensive as Proton’s, and you can only use your plan on one device. Additionally, there is no impartial privacy audit.

PrivadoVPN Free, on the other hand, is a highly alluring offer, and for those seeking a momentary VPN to be streaming with, it might be the best option.

3. Windscribe

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It is strong, packed with features, and a fantastic option for people looking for versatility in their free VPN experience.

Although the 10GB hard-and-fast limit is tougher than our former two selections, it should still be more than enough for most users. Unusual for this industry, you can install and utilize the same package on as numerous devices as you require. There is no need to chop and change in this situation.

Windscribe is also quite accommodating when it concerns what servers visitors can use. Its availability is greater than that of both Proton VPN & PrivadoVPN, with 14 locations spread over 11 countries.

In regards to speeds, it’s pretty zippy at 240Mbps. Although it’s not quite up to the standards of our top 2 providers, we’re nonetheless happy to discover that the free plan does not reduce speeds.

The interface of Windscribe’s programs, however, is rather crowded and complicated and can cause difficulties in discovering options. However, if you utilize the suggested settings and simply turn it on & off (or become familiar with the UI), it’s absolutely adequate. Another thing to keep in mind is that neither the paid nor the free versions offer round-the-clock help, so if something goes wrong, you may be drifting on the sea.

However, and this was quite a surprise, we did discover that the Windscribe Free version could allow UK Netflix & BBC iPlayer.

Overall, Windscribe`s a strong free VPN service  is quite  effective even though it is not easy-to-use. Despite the fact that it can’t compete with our other 2 providers, it’s still extremely functional. Highly recommended.

4. Atlas VPN

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In our in-depth study of Atlas VPN, which was recently obtained by the legendary NordVPN, we discovered that the service was a respectable option. The same is true of their free VPN.

It’s a handy little tool for increased privacy and altering your location to visit geo-blocked websites, with a respectable data restriction of 10GB per month (and a whopping 2GB per day on Mac).

You won’t be travelling the world much with a span of 3 servers, but it’s sufficient to get by, and privacy enthusiasts will like that you don’t need to enter an email address to download or connect to the service.

In our tests, we discovered that it was capable of supplying speeds at about 320Mbps, which is fairly high for a free VPN. The app is  visually-appealing, and though it needs some work to seem as sophisticated as those of pricey rivals, they are stable and usable.

In conclusion, Atlas VPN is highly recommended, especially if bandwidth caps and a limited server selection don’t concern you.

5. Hotspot Shield No Cost

Hotspot Shield vpn

Rounding up our list of free VPN for gaming and streaming is Hotspot Shield. 

The US-based supplier put on a commendable performance in our most current Hotspot Shield review, and even if it’s no longer among the top, it’s still an excellent product. Nevertheless, its free VPN must have lagged behind lately and is currently one of the least desirable solutions in a crowded market.

However, Hotspot Shield Basic, along with Proton VPN, is among the few free services that, as of  2022, offer unlimited data, which is a significant benefit.

Sadly, that is pretty much all Hotspot offers to go for it. While the 230Mbps speeds aren’t terrible, they aren’t class-leading, and you’ll only receive one US server, which is nothing in comparison to PrivadoVPN and Windscribe’s vast offerings.

Despite the fact that Hotspot Shield is indeed a rather capable free VPN overall, there are currently a lot of more complete, adaptable, and safe alternatives available.


Those who want to watch, torrent, or need a VPN for gaming are unlikely to find success using a free VPN. This is due to how much data these activities consume. That’s not a problem if your VPN offers limitless data, but if you just have 500MB to operate with, that’s only enough to watch one episode of Netflix in standard definition, and that’s assuming you can access the service at all.

Additionally, you might notice that your network speeds decrease, which is disastrous for torrents and gamers. High speeds are necessary for those activities, which can only be provided by the best fast VPN services that cost money.

Lastly, some free VPNs have privacy problems, and adding adverts can be very annoying for users. You will need to pay for the safest service if you want it to be the most secure; at worst then you will know precisely how the VPN is earning a profit, rather than wishing it wasn’t utilizing your data for financial gain.


  • Which should you get: a free VPN or a premium VPN?

Weighing your alternatives is definitely worthwhile if you’re debating whether to spend a bit less money or opt for a fully featured premium VPN. The most important step is to decide how you want to make use of your free VPN for PC window.

Are you interested in a bit of extra privacy for a few specific chores or casual daily browsing? A free VPN can make sense if that’s all users need it for.

  •  How is a free VPN functioning?

In order to create a virtual tunnel over the internet, free VPN services secure your information while it is in transit. As a result, until they arrive at the service’s exit nodes miles away from your location your data packets are kept apart from the numerous others around them.

The routing info about the sender & intended recipient is also concealed, in addition to the data being encrypted just as it is going to be during a typical secure web session.

OpenVPN and different IPsec implementations, such as IPsec alone or in conjunction with Layer-2-Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) or Internet-Key-Exchange versions 1 & 2, are currently the most widely used VPN protocols (IKEv1 and IKEv2).

Internet traffic can occasionally become unusable due to a VPN’s data scrambling and unscrambling. To minimize this speed drop, the top free VPN will now have quick servers linked to massive data pipelines. They also have numerous servers spread throughout a huge number of nations, from Zimbabwe to Albania.

  • Does an entirely free VPN exist?

Well, that depends on your definition of what is “free.” There are several free VPNs available that won’t cost you any money, but you can be inundated with  advertisements or by unintentionally providing your data to be sold.

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