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Best online forum in US and UK – Fact check in 2023

online forum

Online communities, message boards, and online forums have become crucial components of the web world. They serve as gathering places where people may communicate, exchange knowledge, and provide guidance despite obstacles like distance.

Best technology forum


San Francisco, California, is where Reddit Technology is based in the US. A wide range of conversations about the innovations, aspirations, applications, and mechanisms that define our age and shape our future can be had in the technology section of Reddit. Here, people can share and discuss the most recent developments, happenings, and curiosities in the world of technology.

TechSpot Forum

Technology enthusiasts use the platform provided by TechSpot. This community offers a forum to discuss the newest computer hardware, software, mobile devices, and tech support developments.

AnandTech Forums

You can join the AnandTech community, where approximately 500,000 people exchange solutions and discuss the newest technological problems.

Tech Support Guy

The headquarters of TechSupport Guy Forums are in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA. This group offers free technical support to all tech enthusiasts worldwide.

 Tom’s Hardware 

Tom’s Hardware Forum is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Users may debate the newest computer hardware, software, and gadgets on Tom’s Hardware Forum! You can discover anything in the community of millions, from casual buzz to expert views.

Online forum sites

Tech support forum

Tech Support Forum is a community for technophiles and experts. You can participate in the debate regarding articles, computer security, Mac, Microsoft, Linux, Hardware, networking, gaming, reviews, accessories, and more.

EduGeek Forum

EduGeek is a forum where you can read conversations about various Windows operating systems, business software, OS deployment, MAC, firewall, cloud service, and more. 

Techist Forums 

On Techist, consumers and tech experts can gather in the Techist community to discuss issues about today’s fast-changing technological landscape.

Most popular online forums in the UK

UK Tech Hub

Mobile devices, PCs, gaming laptops, computer hardware, software, wireless routers, modems, and many other topics are discussed on the Uk Tech Hub forum.


General gaming news and current affairs news that aren’t specific to any console belong in this forum. Only DCEmu Admins can create new threads; anybody else may react. The latest information is available on

Tom’s Hardware

Providing fair editorial written by our journalists and writers is a constant goal of Tom’s Hardware. Tom’s Hardware occasionally uses affiliate links to promote goods and services, for which Tom’s Hardware may get paid if users click on the links or make purchases.

3G Forum

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for an exceptional bargain. The forum’s special offers encompass a wide range of phones, SIMs, and tablets. With over 15 years of experience, the 3G forum is now the most significant data network in the UK, with the lowest rates. The forum recommends an unlimited data package for 3 SIM cards which enables you to stream to your heart’s content at a very affordable price.

BigPhone Forum

The Big Phone Store is a trading name of SPS Technology Services Limited, a consumer electronics “e-tailer” with its headquarters in Wolverhampton. 

Best software forum

Creating a forum website is a fantastic method to interact with your target audience and foster conversation with various communities. An online forum typically concentrates on topics such as politics, technology, hobbies, or current events. Many business owners advertise their goods and services on forums to reach a larger audience.

 What is the best forum platform?

Here is a list of the top forum software solutions for individuals who want to develop their forums.

phpBB software banner

With the help of the adaptable and free phpBB forum software, you may design message-posting boards for registered members. After creating a forum, you can create as many internal message boards as you’d like.

With several fundamental features, phpBB allows you to install extensions to provide the forum with new features. Almost any forum-related feature you could want can be added using one of the many free extensions available.

Its responsive design enables you to deliver the optimum user experience across devices.

All the top forum software alternatives offer a specific set of features you can count on. It also enables the creation of message boards, user registration, and moderating functions.


MyBB and phpBB have several things in common. This open-source, free software has a vibrant community, robust plugin and theme systems, and it’s simple to use.

MyBB has a robust control panel. The platform has many features with which you can see and manage many elements of your online forum, including statistics, posts, users, and groups.

The critical distinction is that MyBB provides fewer extensions than other platforms. MyBB forums tend to look much more contemporary due to the more extensive choices of themes.

Vanilla Forum

The platform has a knowledge base function that allows companies to concentrate content about their goods and services. This will enable customers to access the tools and resources they require quickly.

Due to its high level of refinement, Vanilla Forums stands apart from other apps. The message boards that you can make straight away look amazing. Additionally, you have access to add-on and theme systems.


Since WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS) nowadays, you’ve probably heard of it before. With this platform’s extensive library of plugins, you can build practically any type of website, from a blog to an online store.

Asgaros Forum, wpForo Forum, and bbPress are some of your finest choices for creating a forum on WordPress. All of these plugins offer the fundamental functions you require for online discussions.

Using a platform that serves many purposes to support your online community could seem unproductive. To set up a standard website and a forum side by side, a CMS like WordPress is one of the most acceptable options.

Which forum is the most popular?

Online communities abound, and there is an infinite variety of conversational subjects. Technology-focused forums are the most widely used. Below are some popular forums.


Reddit is affectionately referred to be the Internet’s home page. Reddit is essentially just a traditional discussion forum at its most basic.


There’s a good possibility that you’ve heard of Quora, even if you’ve been living underground.

Quora is a question-and-answer website where anybody can post a question and receive answers. It was established in June 2009 by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever.

Stack Exchange

Students and professionals can ask and respond to programming questions on the StackOverflow website.

What are the largest forums?

Some individuals have created trendy forums by capitalizing on people’s desire to be a part of a community online. These forums are successful in their respective fields and bring in millions of dollars in annual revenue for their owners. But which of them has the most active forums online?

One is which generates $1,150,530 each month. You dare not attempt to compete with warrior forum in any form when there are over 20,000 registered members online and more than 22,000 guests online at any time of the day. Unquestionably the largest forum on the Internet is this huge one dedicated to Internet marketing. The forum, which Allen Say founded in 1997, has outgrown all expectations and is become the primary global gathering place for Internet marketers.

 What are the types of the forum?

Online discussion forums are websites where users publish messages for conversations or discussions. They are also referred to as “message boards” for this reason. Online forums are centralized spaces where people from various regions discuss various issues.

These are components of social media technologies, which can be found in various formats. The features include business networks, blogs, forums, photo sharing, enterprise social networks, reviews of goods and services, social gaming, etc. Forums have recently shown effective digital marketing and blogging strategies since participants may ask questions and receive prompt responses from experts.

Most popular discussion forums

Internet forums have recently grown in importance in the online world because they provide venues for people with similar interests to congregate and exchange thoughts on hot topics. Let’s look at the top 3 internet discussion boards as of May 2022.

Reddit: This global website or online forum collects news from around the world and offers a platform for people to discuss current events and grade web content.

Quora: This global online forum comprises questions and answers on various issues and topics accessible to online forum participants worldwide.

GitHub: The participants of this online discussion forum can communicate on subjects that are of interest to all of them. It acts as a host for the member’s material and a code repository. Since the platform recently added support for additional file types, members are free to share their creations.


Online communities are becoming increasingly popular as more individuals rely on them more frequently. However, as the number of these forums and community websites grows, we must be able to sift through them and choose only the top-rated ones.

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