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Do you need to track down a phone without alerting the owner? You’re in luck if that’s the case. Some discreet phone monitoring apps can tell you exactly where someone is.

Even if downloading an app from the Google Play or Apple App Store may be your first impulse, there can be more advantageous options available to you. Phone trackers are great at pinpointing a person’s whereabouts, but they fall flat regarding the “without permission” requirement.

Because of this, you should read this guide and learn about these 10 great programs you may use to find someone’s location secretly. A person’s present and historical locations may be tracked using these methods.

In the end, you’ll have the knowledge to choose the best phone tracking software available. Therefore, you should read this guide thoroughly.



Hoverwatch, our runner-up choice for the best phone tracker app without permission, is excellent if you need to monitor the phone’s geographic position.

The most significant thing is that you can start spying on the target device after you’ve installed the software without ever being detected.

This software also has the unique ability to monitor up to five gadgets at once.

We’ve previously noted how this app’s geolocating abilities set it apart.

When you want to make sure your kid made it to school safely or is where they say they are when they want you to drop everything and go hang out with their buddies, this is a great method to do it since you can pinpoint the mobile phone’s location with a lot of precision.

Whether you want to use it for monitoring your children’s whereabouts or your own, this is an excellent tool for a personal subscription of $24.95 a month. Only one gadget will be discussed here.



If the target device you want to monitor is an Android device as well as an Android user, the next best phone tracker software on our list is great.

When it comes to operation, it is very covert; thus, it will operate in the background without drawing attention to itself to the target device’s user.

The finest feature is that they provide a three-step installation approach. It may assist with monitoring both youngsters and workers as well as with real-time location tracking.



Suppose you are a concerned parent who wants to ensure your children are secure while using the internet. In that case, Cocospy is an excellent choice as one of the finest phone tracker software without permission alternatives and mobile phone trackers.

They can assist you with iOS and Android, and you can monitor your kids’ internet activity without them ever suspecting a thing.

In this manner, you may completely avoid detection, and getting started with these folks is as simple as creating an account, logging in, and installing the tracking program on your chosen device.

After installation, sign in to your account on your smartphone to begin monitoring their actions.

They are one of the most convenient ways to covertly spy on a target device because they are simple to install and configure.

You’ll save money if you join for more than one month. Their one-month pack is $49.99, while their 12-month bundle is only $11.66.



uMobix is a useful tool if you plan secretly tracking a phone.

They’ll be there for you every step of the process and show you everything that’s going on with the target phone, from Facebook and text messages to caller ID and even the phone’s location.

You may see a live demo or start using them on their website, giving you a thorough run-through of all they offer before you commit to anything.

If setting up anything difficult puts you off, know that uMobix claims their setup process takes just five minutes and that once you’re set up, you’ll get real-time information on what’s happening with the target phone.


mSpy Phone Location Tracker

To keep tabs on numerous gadgets simultaneously, mSpy is a top choice among the finest phone tracker software without permission alternatives and mobile phone trackers.

Any smartphone, whether an iPhone or an Android, may have its whole contents accessed remotely. Messages coming in and going out may be monitored, as can their internet activities and whereabouts in real-time.

The greatest part is that they won’t suspect a thing since you can hide your identity. This mobile spy program can be installed in less than five minutes, making it a breeze to set up.

The phone will work without even need a jailbreak or root

You may use it without fear of discovery because of its stealth mode operation, and its support staff is accessible all day and night.

Prices start at $11.66 per month for a minimum commitment of a year.



If you’re attempting to hack into someone’s phone without their knowledge, XNSPY will be there to help you right from the start. When you visit their website, a live chat window will appear, and you can ask them any questions about their services and how they can assist you.

They’re useful if you’re looking for an iPhone or an Android, and their cutting-edge capabilities are advertised as exploitable to establish private zones in the places you frequent most (your home and place of business).

People who want to keep tabs on their exes and parents who want to monitor their children’s internet behaviour are the most common users of these tools.


eyeZy- cell phone tracker

Even if cost is a concern, you should still use as many of the functions as possible offered by our top-rated phone tracking program that doesn’t need the target’s knowledge or consent.

eyeZy is fantastic since it can be covertly installed on a target device without the person you are snooping on realizing it.

They are fully covert, and you may use them for any purpose typical of mobile phone monitoring software.

All of their calls, both incoming and outgoing, may be monitored, as can their real-time whereabouts and Internet queries.

If you’re keeping tabs on your kids’ online behaviour and don’t want them exposed to particular content, you can take advantage of their round-the-clock customer service and the option to block certain websites.



Since Minspy is compatible with most Android and iPhone models, it is a great choice for anyone looking for a phone tracker program that doesn’t need permission.

Without any routing or jailbreak, you may have this installed to have remote access to the phone’s data while remaining fully undetected.

It’s possible to spy on someone’s every move, from where they are to what they’ve been up to on social media and their cell phone’s GPS.

In addition to being compatible with several social networking sites, they also include a live location tracker.

It’s great that the monthly fee for the most basic plan, which allows you to record video and audio from phone conversations on the intended device, is just $39.99.



GEOfinder stands out as a top phone tracker software without permission choice due to the fact that it is web-based and thus does not need any download.

They eliminated the troublesome steps typically required to download and set up an app.

With this service, you may monitor a phone remotely by entering its number, and you can do anything online without installing any software.

They operate with almost all carriers and mobile phones, making it simple to pinpoint an individual’s whereabouts with only a phone number.

You may submit as many geolocation queries as you want, and each one will be answered with a specific position on a map.

To use this app, just input the number you want to monitor on the site’s homepage, and you’ll have access to the target device’s position within minutes.

If you want to make use of location monitoring software like this without jailbreaking or rooting the phone, Spyine is one of the best options.

The features may be readily installed on iPhone and Android devices, and the company is widely recognized as a market leader in phone monitoring applications.

The greatest benefit is that neither jailbreaking nor rooting the smartphone is required.

The software will begin tracking the selected device and will notify you of any changes through real-time push notifications, all of which will be accessible via a browser-based dashboard.

Conversations on social media, texts, and more may all be monitored.

The phone’s call records are also available to the user and include relevant data such as call timings, frequency, and length of calls.

The monthly premium plan fee is $16.66.



If you want to listen in on someone else’s phone conversations as they happen in real-time, then WiSpy is another one of the best phone tracker applications you can use without their knowledge or consent.

They are also a good choice if you want to monitor your children’s whereabouts and activities at all times since you can listen in on the phone’s environment.

You may use them to steal information from people’s phones, spy on their social media accounts, track their GPS whereabouts, and more.

Again, this is a great alternative for parents concerned about their children’s online behaviour or the places they visit while not at home.

Their basic plan is just $8.33 a month, which is quite reasonable.

An In-Depth Guide to Choosing a Stealthy Mobile Monitoring App

Now that you’re aware of their availability online, you still need to choose the best mobile phone tracker (unless you have the time and money to use them all).

Consequently, here are some things to think about when you shop around for the best phone monitoring software:

Discretion is of the utmost importance when using a location-tracking program on someone without their knowledge. Make sure the app you’re using is designed for stealth monitoring if you don’t want to be caught watching a phone’s whereabouts.

The two primary forms of location trackers are downloadable mobile applications and web-based services. While some services need a downloadable app before being used, others may be accessed directly from a web browser.

Customers always choose web-based services due to the increased safety they provide. In addition, online services are more mobile since they can be accessed instantly from any web browser on any device.

A user’s phone location cannot be monitored “without their knowledge” by any free software. Costs for monitoring software that operates invisibly are often higher. Stay away from any software that promises to be useful without costing you anything.

You have the option of purchasing a premium app at a discounted rate. The top-ranked apps, for instance, need no more than a nominal monthly subscription charge.

Additional Functions: Many of the apps on this list contain many additional features that are handy if you’re considering monitoring a mobile phone. Since their costs are comparable, you may compare the additional tools provided by each program.

Apps that need a subscription are always preferable above those that demand a one-time licensing purchase because of the added value they provide over time. A one-time license fee commits you to use the program indefinitely, regardless of how often it is updated.


There are occasions when knowing where a certain phone is at all times and what its owner is up to is of the utmost importance. You may be a parent who wants to verify that his or her kid is engaged in the activities he or she claims to have committed upon leaving the home. For whatever reason, any of the phone mentioned above tracker applications will serve you well in keeping tabs on the target device, and the greatest thing is that you won’t even need the owner’s permission to do so. Get the most out of the free phone tracker software without permission alternatives we’ve provided here.

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