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Budgie is the flagship desktop of Solus and is a Solus project. It focuses on simplicity and elegance. Written from scratch with integration in mind, the Budgie desktop tightly integrates with the GNOME stack, employing underlying technologies to offer an alternative desktop experience.

Budgie Menu

The Budgie desktop environment offers an intuitive menu that enables quick access to your installed programs, offering both category and compact views.


Budgie ships with a widget, notification and customization center referred to as Raven. Raven enables you to:

  • Easily access calendar information, sound volume, media player controls, and more via Widgets view.
  • Manage incoming application and system notifications via Notifications view
  • Customize your Budgie and system experience by enabling you to:
    • Change icon and widget theming
    • Add, remove, and modify Budgie panels, their properties as well as their displayed widgets.
    • Obtain quick access to system settings and power options such as restart, suspend, and shutdown.

Customizable. Extensible.

Customizing your desktop has never been simpler. Right from Raven, you are able to customize and extend Budgie to meet your needs! We also have a wide range of applets that you can add directly to Budgie, listed below!


Keyboard Layout Indicator Keyboard Layout Widget Indicates the current keyboard layout and enables the user to switch layouts.
Notifications Notifications Indicates new notifications and gives a one-click access to view them.
Places Places Enables access to a User’s Documents, Music, Pictures, removable media and more.
Raven Sidebar Control Raven Sidebar Control One-click toggle for Raven.
User Indicator User Indicator Enables the user to quickly lock, logout, suspend, restart, and shut down.


Haste Haste Post text to Hastebin directly from your desktop.
Screenshot Screenshot Take a screenshot of your desktop, a window or region. Save to disk or upload.

Desktop for Everyone

We are continuously improving the Budgie experience in an open, community-driven fashion. We welcome contributions via GitHub. Budgie is supported by the community through the following: