Difference between Chromebooks and laptop? 2023 verdict


For a good reason, Chromebooks were regularly mocked for their restricted functionality and dependency on a steady internet connection when they were initiated in 2011. Modern

Chromebooks, which come in laptop and two-in-one designs, have come a long way since the operating system’s inception ten years ago.

However, some things haven’t changed, and you might not be willing to accept their limitations. The operating system turned ten years old last year. (Also, here’s how to briefly run Chrome OS on any laptop. You can use a USB flash drive that is not expensive. When it first came out, Chrome. OS consisted primarily of Google’s Chrome web browser.

People who are used to an operating system like Windows or Mac found Chromebook to appear to be little more than a laptop that runs a web browser, and that’s it.  How do Chromebooks and laptops compare? Chromebooks and laptops are basically on par in several aspects.

  • Battery life

 Laptops may run for extended periods because their batteries are often more significant. Chromebooks’ purposefully simple operating system helps them get more use out of their batteries.

 All Chromebooks are made to be incredibly thin and light for portability. All manufacturers produce Chromebook-sized devices, ought laptops come in a far wider variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Durability

 For years, military and industrial applications have favored laptops with solid frames and keyboards. With fewer moving parts, Chromebooks are catching up and may eventually be more advantageous.

Be aware that additional, PC-like features become accessible as the Chrome OS develops. As an illustration, some Chromebooks now offer an optional Windows-style desktop where you may launch your work. Additionally, several PC operating systems can now run mobile-style apps, making them in some respects more similar to Chrome.

  • Automatic protection for Chromebooks

A Chromebook has built-in virus protection and doesn’t need an additional virus scanner.

Due to Google’s defense of files kept online, threats and viruses have a limited impact on the Chromebook’s operating system. By doing this, you may be sure that a Chromebook is always secure.

  • Antivirus application for a laptop or MacBook

An antivirus tool or virus scanner is required on a Windows laptop to safeguard you from viruses, malware, and spyware. If you purchase a Windows laptop from Coolblue, a year of Norton antivirus is complimentary. Virus sensitivity varies among MacBook models, but installing an antivirus package is always a good idea. A growing number of dangers are emerging as MacBook models gain popularity. Apple’s integrated security doesn’t always guard against

Comparing laptops and Chromebooks  


Windows and Mac software is not natively compatible with Chromebooks. Businesses can utilize VMware on Chromebooks to run Windows programs. Still, most Chromebook owners find it to be a difficult option. Nevertheless, Linux software is supported, and modern versions can run Android apps in addition to online apps accessible through Google’s Chrome Web Store. Chrome’s Remote Desktop function also allows you to utilize Windows or Mac software on a Chrome. It works effectively if you’re considering getting one as a supplementary computer. Customers trying to decide between a laptop and a Chromebook can quickly study the comparative benefits of each device by looking at the following.

 Benefits of using a Chromebook

Even though the Chrome OS didn’t advance past that, a lot can now be done entirely online. If you think about everything you regularly do, you could find that Chrome’s basic capabilities help you handle any task. Nevertheless, the Chrome browser may be used on a Windows laptop or MacBook with other programs compatible with those operating systems. Even if you don’t urgently require a specific piece of software, having the option is convenient. A Mac or Windows PC will function just as well if you’re looking for a Chromebook to use with Googlroom for remote learning.

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The benefits of a Chromebook over a laptop include:

  • Price

A Chromebook ($150–$300 seems more affordable than a laptop ($400 minimum)unless you get a model with many extras. Due to the vast range of price alternatives within each category, note that these numbers are approximations.

  • Boot times

 Chromebook has a solid-state drive and the Chrome OS. These are purposefully built to activate a basic set of functionalities little more than the Chrome browser. When first turned on, Chromebooks boot up faster than other PC systems.

  • Simplicity

 A Chromebook can be an excellent option for anyone who has never used a PC or gets frustrated with a regular laptop OS. This is because there is little to learn to get started, and most tasks can be begun directly from the Chrome browser.

  • Thin and light

 Because Chromebooks only use solid-state storage and do not include extensive, heavy add-ons like DVD drives. They are often slimmer and more delicate than regular laptops. When compared to Chromebooks, several modern laptop designs are more portable.

  • Unplugged lifestyle

There is nothing like a Chromebook to encourage a user to lead a more unplugged lifestyle. This includes streaming music rather than downloading it, storing files in the cloud rather than on a hard drive, and possibly avoiding viruses or other drawbacks of using a standard laptop operating system.

Why should I use a laptop?

A laptop is superior to a Chromebook in the following ways:

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Chromebook has a constrained user interface and fewer connectivity options, while a laptop relies more on remote applications and services. A computer with a complete PC operating system, an optical drive, and many slots and ports will always be more adaptable (which can also be reached from a laptop).

Modern software

All software, including word processors, spreadsheets, photo editors, and games, can be operated on laptops. Still, some software developers haven’t yet made Chrome-compatible versions of their products available. NOTE: Some are more recent. Chromebooks can run Android applications, which might eventually allow them to catch up to laptops in terms of software.

Processor speed

Because even small models of laptops have frame designs that can accommodate the newest CPUs, more RAM, etc., they often have quicker clock rates than Chromebooks. By no means are Chromebooks slow. But laptops are more multitasking capable.

Business use

According to most analysts, laptops have an advantage in multi-core, multi-thread CPUs and multitasking capabilities. For customers who are regularly on the go and place a premium on portability, a laptop is more suitable for work, especially if it is less expensive.

Time spent offline

Laptop users can continue to be productive outside their home or workplace wireless. This is in contrast to the “connected-for-everything” design of Chromebooks, which may make it difficult to do various tasks when out of range.

Chromebooks are an attractive alternative for those on a tight budget, especially if you’re searching for a portable computer.

When comparing a laptop to a Chromebook, the essential thing to remember is that the comparisons are not apples-to-apples. The operating system makes the most difference, excluding price. The Chrome operating system from Google may not have all the required features if you’re used to Windows or macOS. However, given that some Chromebooks are available for under $300, you might save a ton of money by removing the things you don’t use.

Which is better between a Chromebook vs Laptop

More performance and use options are available with a Windows or Mac laptop. These offers would be beneficial if you want to quickly use software or play games only available on those operating systems. These laptops come in various designs, sizes, and styles and can be configured with multiple prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands.

  All laptops are suited for word processing, emailing, and web browsing. All computers allow you to watch movies and television shows. On some computers, you can even edit pictures and films, depending on the processor and RAM. You will help if you have a laptop with a dedicated video card to play games. Because there aren’t many games available

for macOS, MacBook models are less suited for gaming.

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