A lot of what we do here at Solus Project isn’t possible without the dedicated work of other individuals and projects that we rely on to provide you with what you see as Solus Operating System. In light of that, we ask first that before you consider donating to the project, you consider paying it forward to those that empower us.

Here are just some that might interest you

  • The Linux Foundation – Sponsors the development of the Linux kernel, which forms the very heart of Solus Operating System, and many other Linux distributions.
  • The GNOME Foundation – Without whom we would not have the solid foundation of the Budgie Desktop

Finally, if you wish to show your support for the Solus Project, whether its with hosting costs or just to thank a developer, you can use the button below. You may also support us on our Patreon. If you have queries or suggestions for this page, please contact the project lead.