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by Justin
Thu Aug 14, 2014 11:29 am
Forum: Multimedia
Topic: Media Player or lack thereof
Replies: 18
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Re: Media Player or lack thereof

I've got a media player working, however there's a BIG... and I mean BIG list of codecs in 100 million packages that we need to get ready so we can actually play media. I believe Ikey MAY be working on that this weekend. *fingers crossed*
by Justin
Mon Aug 11, 2014 11:32 pm
Forum: Other Questions
Topic: flicker in firefox
Replies: 22
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Re: flicker in firefox

Code: Select all

00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09)
by Justin
Sun Aug 10, 2014 3:49 am
Forum: Installation
Topic: Home
Replies: 4
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Re: Home

A separate /home partition isn't supported at boot time currently but thats due to the installer which is targeted for a complete overhaul, visually and functionally soon™.
by Justin
Sat Aug 09, 2014 7:46 am
Forum: Ideas
Topic: .deb or .rpm compatibility?
Replies: 11
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Re: .deb or .rpm compatibility?

btrfs sounds good for rollbacks, with gui and recovery tool on the iso.
by Justin
Sat Aug 09, 2014 7:37 am
Forum: Other Questions
Topic: Certain questions
Replies: 16
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Re: Certain questions

It's oh just over in the How To section....
by Justin
Fri Aug 08, 2014 8:45 am
Forum: Other Questions
Topic: How to connect to wifi?
Replies: 10
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Re: How to connect to wifi?

How to connect to internet through wifi in live mode? It sees the wifi connection, but doesn't accept the password. Hi Chdslv, Welcome to the forums! Wi-Fi is a bit of a work in progress at the moment, which build did you install? Alpha 1,2,3 or daily? Alphas 1 and 2 (and the daily I think) are mis...
by Justin
Fri Aug 08, 2014 4:05 am
Forum: Other Questions
Topic: Vim in Evolve OS
Replies: 6
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Re: Vim in Evolve OS

I will try and build it later today.
by Justin
Tue Aug 05, 2014 12:26 pm
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: loving it so far but....
Replies: 9
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Re: loving it so far but....

Hi Mike,

There is a package missing from the default install at this point called os-prober.

You can install it by typing:

Code: Select all

sudo pisi it os-prober
Then you'll just need to update GRUB and it will find the other OS's and add them back to the grub menu.
by Justin
Thu Jul 31, 2014 9:34 am
Forum: Installation
Topic: 1st Impressions
Replies: 15
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Re: 1st Impressions

Hi justin... :) Thanks.. Not an issue. I used super-grub-disk and booted to another partition, then used its grub. Looking forwards to new features. Looks good. Also need some method to either get root permissions, or how to set root password? Using my user password is not accepted.. (Was trying to...
by Justin
Wed Jul 30, 2014 9:44 am
Forum: Installation
Topic: How to install ??
Replies: 4
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Re: How to install ??

I was thinking of writing up an install guide but a quick Google found a reasonable one here: ... irtualbox/

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