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Internet Banking Module Ports

Wed Mar 07, 2018 11:52 pm


This distro is amazing! Congratulations for all devs!

It's my default distro now! :)

Need help with ports module of internet banking. I have src, but, don't known how to.

Tried some times, but, with issues.

Module: WARSAW

Used for some Internet Bankings in Brazil.


Here, executable linux x64 file from bank: https://cloud.gastecnologia.com.br/bb/d ... 1.0.64.run

Generic install, but, great only for Ubuntu distro.

This unzip on /tmp/ModSegBB_war

And source are located on /tmp/ModSegBB_war/warsaw_x64/src

Please, help me to keep Solus as Default Distro!!!

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