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dear ikey

Fri Oct 20, 2017 11:08 am

At times I find you callus and suborn and hard headed. Then you do a complete about face with a new understanding and an even better way to accomplish a task. To me you have joined my list of GNU?Linux heroes. For me you guys are like heroes from the Marvel Universe. Jono Bacon was my first hero, then of course Stallman. He is by far the Moses of our generation. Torvalds is the witty and poignant genius, and you my friend I believe are going to continue to redefine the meaning of what a user friendly desktop on top an advanced rolling distribution system is and how it should operate.

I've watched the Linux desktop grow since 2005. I've distro hoped from Lindows, to Linspire, Yoper to Onebase, and even my own distro called College Linux where I was in charge of package management. That said hold the sword high because you and wimpy my friends are the future of the Linux desktop. It's success relies on you.

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