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Re: What do you use Solus for?

Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:53 pm

I use Solus in several different way....

First off, I use Solus for work purpose with a text editor (atom io), ssh, LibreOffice and openVPN. With having multiple VPS's and bare metal servers this is where I spend most of my time. For a lot of the application testing I do use gnome boxes to virtualize test servers.

Secondly, on a more personal level I play some games like Team Fortress 2, Minecraft and Eldritch. I have recently started to teach myself some programming like Javascript which I think is fun but also beneficial in my job as so many things are web apps these days and some of which allow you to use your own code. In my case I do very little tweaking as I have a home server which is where I am doing most of my linux playing these days with Plex, Minecraft Server, Nextcloud and a Samba file share to start. But Solus is the workstation I am using daily to complete these task on the server.
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Re: What do you use Solus for?

Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:53 pm

Simple : for everything. Home and work.

> Internet/mail etc. but that's nothing special
> Most of all I use solus/wps for making giant spreadsheets. Work fast and stable. Perfect.

Gr. Sunfield.

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Re: What do you use Solus for?

Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:13 pm

oh and gimp... :D

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Re: What do you use Solus for?

Wed May 17, 2017 3:39 am

Home and work

For work I use LibreOffice, Evolution, Remmina, ImageViewer, Document Viewer, daily. Gimp & Inkscape on a weekly basis.

Home use I use Steam and PlayonLinux daily. Uget, Transmission, Firefox, Dropbox etc constantly

Solus always preforms perfectly and as expected.

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Re: What do you use Solus for?

Wed May 17, 2017 8:37 pm

For work: web, office, dropbox etc... Personal use, spotify, youtube, telegram, a little gaming.

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Re: What do you use Solus for?

Wed May 17, 2017 9:04 pm

Just email and the web. I have a computer I only do music on, and that is of necessity Windows 7, as doing music on Linux just isn't there yet. I'm hoping it is sometime in the next 5 years or so, but for now I have to use W7 for music creation.

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Re: What do you use Solus for?

Thu Jun 01, 2017 5:53 pm

Quickbooks running on Windows 10 vm via VMware Workstation
Windows 7 (VMware) for legacy Ubiquiti wireless sites
Gmail via Chrome
Gimp for graphics
Chrome for web debugging
Angry IP Scanner for network discovery
HandBrake for video editing
TeamViewer for remote access (version 12 launches very slowly)
Gparted for disk stuff
Rsync for cloning and backups
Bleachbit for cleanup

Chrome for surfing and watching videos
Brasero for disk burning

Comments: Switched to Solus after using Ubuntu for 6 years.
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Re: What do you use Solus for?

Sat Jun 10, 2017 12:57 pm

I use it on my PC as a general purpose OS - Mostly web browsing, music, movies and gaming on Steam. I'm also learning some JavaScript (mostly for work), so overall Solus has me covered with the things I need.

I also want to install Solus on my work laptop, but we'll see if my boss agrees, since I need Edge and IE for testing (I'm a QA) :lol:
I'm new to Linux. Go easy on me :Р

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Re: What do you use Solus for?

Mon Jun 26, 2017 3:56 pm

Just switched over to Solus after working with linux for embedded and cross compilation stuff for over a year now. Mainly used the big linux distros like debian and ubuntu in VMs on windows but I became so annoyed by windows that I finally made the full switch to linux as my main OS. And so far so good 8-) and loving every moment of it.

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Re: What do you use Solus for?

Tue Jul 04, 2017 2:49 pm

I use it for making Solus xD

..And gaming, and work. :)

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