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Steam Streaming Timing Out

Sat Jan 27, 2018 6:36 pm

Hey guys,

Had a really smooth ride with Solus thus far so thank you for that. However, hit my first real bump recently and it's related to trying to do in-home streaming via Steam.

I have Solus installed on my desktop which is the host and the client is my Macbook Air which I want to stream games to. With Steam running on both computers I can see the games available on the MacBook which are available to stream from Solus on the desktop so the computers can see each other no problem. However, any time I click stream it just says preparing to stream game then fails due to a time-out.

If I try to stream via my Windows 10 partition on the desktop it works without any issue so I don't think it's network related (note this is all via WiFi). My first thought was that Solus may have some security or firewall settings that were causing this but I've not been able to see any settings that would indicate this.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated because gaming time is precious when you have small kids :)

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