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xKeiro's feedback thread for Solus 3 (Budgie)

Wed Nov 15, 2017 10:32 pm

Hi, I've been using Solus 3 (Budgie) for around a week now, and seeing that Solus 4 is just around the corner I thought it would be a good time to share what I would like to see changed. Note that I've been a Windows user for a really long time and only been using Linux for a month or so, so I may not use the right terminology but as a result of this I may be able to point out annoyances that Linux users got used to at this point. (Previous ditros that I tried: Ubuntu 17.10, Deepin <- I feel like this distro really under appreciated would love to see their original apps added to the repos )


Unified Settings
As of now the settings are all over the place you have to open a lot of different apps to manage them. I would like to see a dedicated settings icon added to the launcher instead of it being shown as a regular app. This unified settings page could include all the options of Settings, Budgie Settings, Preferences for the file manager, Software Center settings, hardware drivers,
nvidia settings (if installed) etc. (It would also have the upside of not hogging the launcher)

The default file manager should include right click -> open as admin, open in terminal
It's just an annoyance to look for a package that can enable these setting (eg.: nautlius-admin)

Right click on taskbar to edit its settings
Right now right clicking on the taskbar does absolutely nothing, and to edit it's setting you have to open the Budgie Settings apps, which is just not intuitive at all.

User friendly way to add applications/scripts to the launcher and pin them to the taskbar
As of now you have to find a package (menulibre) to add an application/script to the launcher via a GUI, I really feel like this should be a built in feature it could be for example a little + icon in the launcher. Also you can't pin non Software Center applications to the taskbar, I don't get it why, you really should be able to do so.

You should be able to click on the location of a folder to copy/edit location
Every time you want to copy or manually input a locationin the file browser you have to click the 3 dots and then "Enter Location" it's such a time waster and in general
an annoyance, you really should be able to just click on the current location (address bar?) and then it should automatically turn the location editable

Right Click .desktop copy command option
It would be super super useful if you could right click only any .desktop shortcut and it would let you copy the commend to the clipboard (both on desktop, launcher, taskbar etc.)

Indicator for Open/Active applications
I'm having a hard time knowing which application is open/active since there's no indicator for them on the taskbar they blend into the icons that are just there for fast access

You should be able to interact with notifications in the notification center
When you get a new notification at first you have the option to switch to the app that gave you the notification but once the notification goes into the notification center you no longer able to click on them to switch to the app. Also, it would be nice if the notifications would disappear once you checked them instead of needing to manually
get rid of them.

You should be able to split front/back panel jacks to different audio streams
It would be super useful to have an option in the volume setting to separate front/back panel jacks, with them being combined you can't have both a Headphone and Speakers plugged in because the speakers gets automatically muted and you can't really do anything about it in the setting. (You have to to the command line (alsamixer) to fix this)

It would be nice to have one unified place where you could go to find Solus related issues and the answers to them
As of now I feel like finding anwers related to the usage of Solus is all over the place (reddit, irc, forums, dev portal etc) I think the project would benefit from having just once place where the community and devs come together and answer questions, personally I would recommend something like the I know that this would be a pretty big time investment but in the long run it would help people migrate to Solus and in general to find info about things.


Overall I'm really enjoying Solus and I'm almost certain that I'll stick to it, I love how the team is so passionate and listen to/help the community and not only the Solus community but the Linux community in general. I also love how you try making everything user friendly and have GUI for everything so even avarage users can "manipulate" the OS for their likings. I hope this post going to be somehow useful for the development of Solus, if it is and would like to see a post similar to this for Solus 4 as well, please let me know.

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Re: xKeiro's feedback thread for Solus 3 (Budgie)

Fri Dec 29, 2017 7:32 pm

Nice ideas

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