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Re: Changing FDE decrypt key after installation

Wed Feb 07, 2018 9:40 am

I'm still stuck with this problem.

I have the key on my boot partition (/dev/sda1, UUID=A3E0-1D9D). I have tried all these, one at a time, in `/etc/kernel/cmdline.d/01-luks-root-key.conf`:

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The last two with UUID partition names make system unbootable. Or more exactly, the system boots but gets stuck to the point where the decrypt password is normally asked.

Could the key be too big or something, or maybe only plain password file is supported?

Could this dracut / systemd-cryptsetup error be the reason I can't get this to work?

And one more question: should I try to do this with `rd.luks.key`, `luks.key` or `cryptdevice`, which seems to be used in some documentation?

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