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Re: Freeze Web Browser Budgie

Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:47 am


I recently I reactivated Facebook and I noticed that the few times I m connected to it, after some minutes of browsing, Firefox freezes. To mention that before I deactivated FB, I had similar issues from time to time, but now, after some 2-5 minutes of use. I use the FB container add-on now too.

I m not an expert, but hopefully I could help

Have a good day

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Re: Freeze Web Browser Budgie

Tue Jul 03, 2018 1:16 am

I've seen the problem as well... I *think* it has always been when I was you-tubing... Very annoying because it is a complete system lock up and reboot is required.

I assumed it was (again) because I upgraded my BIOS and it was causing some issue. I had disabled IOMMU and that helped the BOOT issues, but now this occurs occasionally.

Not sure what it is, if I boot into Windows I can go on forever... never any lock ups. So it isn't hardware but has to be a driver or the kernel settings in the most recent kernels. It happens on other versions of linux (latest Fedora, Manjaro, etc.)

I have AMD 2400G, Gigabyte AB350 Gaming Wifi, NVidia 1080, 16 GB ram, tons of disk space including 2 SSDs. OS on SSD.

I've disabled the AMD APU in favor of the NVidia card.

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