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What does Solus do with the Intel video driver that other distros don't?

Mon May 14, 2018 10:49 pm

I have a Dell Inspiron 11 3162. For it's price, a great little portable Linux machine, except for one niggling little issue: Most distros turn off the screen backlight when they boot either installed or live CD. Thus requiring an HDMI monitor to be plugged in to do an install, or to reboot (the backlight stays on IF an HDMI monitor is plugged in during boot, for some reason)

Solus does NOT do this, and that's made it usable OOTB, however I'm now re-purposing this machine for CentOS, and it exhibits this issue with the display.

NOMODESET doesn't do the trick, so what does Solus do special with the Intel video driver?

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