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[SOLVED] Nvidia 390.xx Drivers

Thu May 17, 2018 11:59 am

I've been a happy Antergos user until last Friday after a system update which broke my installation. The result of which left me with a black screen and a flashing cursor. After many days of trouble shooting the issue I found out is that the mainline Nvidia driver being used by Arch has been switched to the 396.xx series, which has dropped support for a lot of legacy cards.

The legacy cards are now supported by the 390.xx drivers which for me, left me with only 2fps while playing WoW. So, after a few hours of distro hopping, I'm now a full time Solus driver and with almost 100 fps on Wow!

Which leads me to my question, how long will the 390.xx drivers be main line in Solus and will the shift to the new 396.xx force the 390.xx drivers to have their own package?



UPDATE: Since posting this, there are several people reporting the same issue, and the cause is Wine-Staging 3.8 and not a driver issue at all :o :lol: . For those wondering, I am using Wine-Staging from here viewtopic.php?t=11202.

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