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Tue May 29, 2018 12:33 pm


New Solus user here, hope to stay.
Learned to use Linux from Gentoo and Arch.
Wanted to try something more "plug and play". Chose Solus as it looks promising and I have been using Budgie on Arch for a while.
I am a somewhere between developer and admin or maybe dev-ops. Well labels doesn't matter.

I like:
* Really love the dark UI and Budgie UI in general
* packages are nicely up-to-date unlike some major distros where apt-fu wisdom is required to get latest stuff.

I want/I will like when:
* Really looking forward to development related packages being included. Such as postgres-contrib ;)
* Also waiting on full HiDPI support (without switching scale back and forth after suspend or screen lock and with fractional scaling)


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