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Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:18 am

Hi from Bavaria, Germany,

my Name is Simmi,

short version - I really like Solus Budgie

I've had a rather long Introduce Yourself written, and clicked Preview and buff it was gone ...

So long storie short:
Xubuntu ->>- distro hop ->>- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarch ->>- distro hop ->>- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarch ->>- Solus with gnome = Good ->>- Stupid to try something else ->>- Finally Solus Budgie= Happy

I really appreciate, that Solus takes care of many setup stuff, which I had to do in arch myself, still being rolling, but until now updates weren't a Problem in Solus - My arch installs had been at sometimes.

Thank you for the good work :mrgreen:

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