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password size with up to 1 GB

Fri Jul 13, 2018 10:01 pm

As long I have investigated about passwd and about mcrypt - is that command passwd is involving command mcrypt for encryption of passwd.

But it seems that mcrypt is not installed in solus ?!

When I make query with

whereis mcrypt

then result is empty ?!

The idea is to pump up password size to 1 GB and I have modified the source files of mcrypt already for usage of password with size of 1 GB.
I want to read in 1 GB as password from usb-stick or from media dvd. For this I have prepared a little shell-script.

All is finish.

It needs only to be tested.

For this it is necessary to find the files of mcrypt, because mcrypt is used by passwd.

In the meantime after 3 hours I posted above thread - a friend said that mcrpyt is deprecated and instead I should take Open SSL more seriously for command passwd. Well have downloaded OpenSSL and next hours and days I read in the files for to probably change them slightly.

Is command passwd in Solus now involving OpenSSL ? Not mcrypt any more ?
Please enlighten me. Thank you.

Greetings to Ikey and his solus team.


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