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Re: What drew you to Solus?

Thu May 31, 2018 5:12 am

Replaced Win 7 pro at work with it and have not looked back! At home using it in dual boot with Devuan and frequently swap back and forth. Solus seems to be the least troubling distro when it comes to sound. I have an old m-audio music interface that plugs/ plays without any issues. The printer detection too is a plus! Overall a friendly desktop replacement OS with a bright future. Great work devs and thanks to you!!!! ;)

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Re: What drew you to Solus?

Sat Jun 16, 2018 4:59 am

Lately I have been growing weary of canonical and it feels like they do weird stuff and take strange turns at every crossing. Wich for me has resulting in feeling like ubuntu and most of the "ubuntu flavours" (but mostly the ubuntu/Gnome combination) are getting bloated, and leaving kind of a bad taste in my mouth. Since I'm a person who like my OS sleek and kind of "streamlined" and fast/responsive I have always been trying to get as much as possible out of my computers, with overclocking and tweaking. At times I have been competing in overclocking with phasechangecooling and LN2 on the international arena. So when I look for a OS to run as my daliy driver I prefer distros where I feel the developers intentions and directions are heading in the same way as mine, making the distro fast, responsive and not to bloated with crapy software and bad/dirty fixes. But at the same time functional and easy to use.

As I pointed out before, lately canonical/ubuntu have been leaving a bad taste for me and since I planed to do a hardware upgrade last year I started to look around for another distro to switch to. After doing some "distrohoping", reading and youtubeing for a couple of months I decided that Solus Gnome was the one I'm going for. Tried out both Mate and Budgie, but decided that Gnome was the one to go with for my workstation/gaming rigg. I have also switched my other computers to Solus, Budgie on the HTPC and Mate on the laptop.

When I find stuff that I like and fitts my needs I tend to stick with I plan to stick with Solus for the foreseeable future ! :-)

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