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How to block spam messages instantly on my phone in 2023

spam messages

Spam is an unsolicited electronic message. Messages sent in bulk over the internet or through an electronic messaging service are commonly referred to as spam because they are unwanted or unsolicited. Unwanted text messages typically come in the form of “robotexts” sent by auto-dialers or unknown numbers. Product or service promotion is standard in spam texts.

Spammers don’t limit themselves to sending spam via SMS. Spam can also be delivered via other means, such as spam phone calls and the spam emails that fill our inboxes.

Most spam messages are harmless; removing them is usually a simple process. While most spam does not contain viruses or other malicious software, some spammers may be phishing for personal information.

What is a spam message through phishing methods?

Using text message phishing scams, scammers trick you into handing over personal information, such as usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers. Unlike typical spam, phishing texts are designed to steal your personal information and use it against you. A phishing attack may also get you to download and install harmful software, such as malware. Antivirus software can protect your device and data from phishing attacks.

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What are spam messages called “robotexts,” and how do you stop them?

It is common practice for spammers to use robotexts (automated messages) to send out unwanted advertisements and other junk. Since “robotexts” are just like other spam, you can block them just like you can.

Please don’t do anything with the text except blocking the number so it doesn’t send you any more spam. The next step is to notify your mobile carrier of the spam text and phone number. Use your phone’s built-in spam filters and blockers to protect yourself from unwanted messages.

What is a spam message called SMS bombing?

In an SMS bombing attack, many spam messages from seemingly unrelated phone numbers are sent to a single recipient’s inbox simultaneously. SMS bombing can be brutal to stop because of the sheer volume of spam texts sent out by specific apps and websites.

SMS bombing, a common prank, can also be considered a cybercrime if used to harass a victim online. SMS bombing can be thwarted with the help of spam filters, both built-in and third-party. The Do Not Text lists can also help you avoid SMS bombing attacks on your phone number.

How do I block spam texts?

If you’re wondering how to block text messages, there are several straightforward methods for reducing your exposure to spammers and their online scams.

Spam texts can be filtered and blocked using a variety of built-in and third-party apps. You can also report spam texts and other potentially harmful messages to organizations investigating illegal spamming and spoofing.

Can I block spam numbers?

Blocking spam numbers on your phone is a quick and easy way to avoid receiving scam text messages. Messages and phone calls from the blocked number won’t reach you with this app, which is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. Keep in mind that spammers may be able to get around the block if they use a phone number that isn’t their own.

How do I deal with spam messages?

Notify your mobile network provider of any spam messages received

Fake phone numbers may be getting more sophisticated. Still, mobile service providers are improving their ability to identify and block them. By alerting your service provider to suspicious or spam text messages, you can keep yourself and others safe from similar scams in the future. Sending the spam to 7726 is an easy way for AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile customers to take care of this.

File a report

Alternatively, you can file a report with the appropriate authorities in your area about any suspicious phone numbers you’ve come across. You can use the National Do Not Call Registry in the United States to notify the Federal Trade Commission about spam texts and internet scams. They also have a “Make Not Text” list that prevents spammers and telemarketers from texting your phone number.

Take advantage of spam-blocking software

Using an app to prevent scammers and spam phone numbers from sending you text messages is an additional layer of spam protection. These apps use massive databases that are constantly updated to block text scams and spam messages automatically.

What are the best Android apps for blocking text messages

In addition to preventing spam text messages, the best Android text blockers keep you safe from unwanted phone calls and notifications. Thanks to features like call silence and spam detection, you’ll be alerted to possible scams. You can use an ad blocker for Android as well to protect you from spam.

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What are the best methods to block spam messages on Android devices?

AI-powered text message spam blocker Key Messages for Android automatically blocks spam messages from unknown senders. SMS messages can be blocked based on categories, and data can be backed up to a Google Drive account for convenience. Spam calls and SMS are automatically detected and blocked by Call Control, an SMS blocker for Android.

If you use an iPhone, get a text-blocking app for your iPhone as an extra layer of security on iOS. Effective in blocking virtually all types of spam, these top iOS text, and call blockers only improve with each new spam text report. Ad blockers for iOS can help keep your phone free of irritating interruptions. Below are the applications you can use to block spam messages on your mobile device.

Calls Blacklist

Calls Blacklist is a complete call and SMS message blocking app that lets you block calls and texts from both unknown and private numbers. Disturbing call notifications can be blocked entirely, as can all incoming calls.

Using the Calls Blacklist, you can block numbers with the same first digits and change other parameters. Additionally, you can set up a custom schedule to lock your phone anytime.

Incognito mode

A built-in incognito mode enables you to block incoming calls and messages. A spam-detection feature automatically blocks all known and suspected spam contacts. In addition, you can set up your blocklists.

How do I block spam messages on my iOS device?

There are simple steps you can take to reduce your vulnerability to future attacks if you’re receiving iPhone spam text messages. Here’s a step-by-step guide to preventing your iPhone from receiving spam and other unwanted texts:

Open the spam text message

To get more information about the sender, open the message and select the Info button at the top of the screen. Open the spam thread and click on “info” on the screen to get more information. At the bottom of the screen, click Block, this Caller. Select “block this caller” at the bottom of the contact information page.

Automatically detect and eliminate spam text messages on your iPhone.

Your iPhone automatically blocks spam text messages. Here’s how to automatically stop spam texts:

  • Tap Messages in Settings on your iPhone
  • Look for announcements in your iPhone’s “General Settings” and tap on them.
  • Toggle the Filter Unknown Senders button in the Message Filtering section. A separate list has been created for messages from unknown numbers.
  • Select “messages” under “general settings” and enable the “filter unknown senders” option.


Hiya is a feature-rich iPhone call and SMS blocker app that automatically blocks spam calls, including robocalls and telemarketers. Blocking spoofed spam calls by location is as simple as looking up your blocked numbers (area code and prefix). Additionally, you can use the reverse phone lookup feature to link names to previously-unsaved phone numbers.


TrueCaller, one of the most popular and largest spam-blocking apps, has a free subscription tier that keeps spam texts at bay. Spam and robocalls can be blocked, and the caller ID feature lets you know who is calling before you answer the phone. As a result, its central database will be able to verify the identity of any spam caller using information gathered from other users.


VeroSMS is a privacy-focused SMS filter that lets you block texts based on keywords or crowdsourcing data gathered by region. All of your text messages and data are not sent to VeroSMS’ servers. Outside callers can be blocked but verified contacts can’t be removed from your contact list.

Avast One

While some spam may be harmless, malicious spam links and unsolicited emails can cause actual harm to your device. Avast One is the answer if you want to be extra safe from the dangers lurking in spam messages.

Real-time protection against spam, malware, and other online threats is provided by Avast One, which uses AI-powered threat detection technology. Spam protection has never been more accessible, thanks to apps for Android and iOS.

SMS Shield

SMS Shield is a spam filtering app that uses machine learning to find and filter unwanted messages. Your SMS contacts can be manually blocked based on keywords, and the AI engine detects new and recycled spam quickly. It also has a frequent traveler mode that prevents SMS messages from crossing international borders.

Tips on blocking spam texts on iPhone and Android?

Stay away from clicking the hyperlinks in the emails you receive

Unless the sender is someone you know and trust, you should only ever click on links in text messages or emails. Spam texts are an excellent vehicle for phishing scams. Spam texts try to get you into clicking on links that could take your personal information or install malware on your computer.

Keep your personal information safe

Information like your address, account passwords, or government identification numbers will never be requested via SMS by a legitimate company. You could become a victim of identity theft if you don’t keep your personal information private. If you receive a spam text message requesting personal information from you, report it immediately and take steps to block all unsolicited messages from that number and others.

Regularly check your mobile phone bill

To avoid being overcharged, spam advertising campaigns and mobile scams require your phone to dial or text premium numbers. Look over your mobile statements for any unusually high charges, unexpected data usage, or anything else out of the ordinary that you may have missed.

Use the spam-blocking features built into your phone.

You can verify the security settings on your phone and use any built-in privacy features. You can use privacy features, including call blocking or caller ID, spam filters, or other anti-spam controls to help prevent unwanted text messages or spear phishing attempts.

How do I block spam messages on my Android device?

The first thing you should do when you see spam text on your Android device blocks it. On an Android phone, follow these steps to prevent receiving unsolicited text messages:

  • Find the text you want to block in your messaging app and tap on it to delete it.
  • Finally, tap the three-dot icon at the top-right of your screen.
  • Afterward, select “Block contact” (or “Block number”) and click “Confirm.”
  • Confirm your choice in the pop-up box by selecting “block.”

It’s essential to keep in mind that call and text blocking options on Android devices can vary. The process may differ when using a different Android calling or messaging application.


Keep your distance from unknown text messages, no matter how annoying. By doing so, you’re inviting spammers to use your phone number to send you more “robotexts” and other annoyances, and that’s a bad idea.

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