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How to call anonymously – Easy guide in 2023

call anonymously

When making a phone call, there are various reasons to hide your caller ID. Some of the most common ones are protecting your privacy. You can use work phones to avoid telemarketers who may add your number to a robocall list of potential customers. These and other reasons make understanding how to conceal your phone number on your phone and across many networks crucial.

Why do I need to call anonymously?

For the following reasons, it’s usual for people to conceal their IDs. Nowadays, people with bad intentions can do much with your phone number. For example, you could be the victim of caller spoofing or information breach schemes. To avoid this, you may want to hide your ID when making phone calls to people who could potentially infringe on your personal information.

Calling an unidentified number

For example, if you witnessed an ongoing crime, calling anonymously may be helpful to report it. In this case, you are exempt from having to present your ID to the authorities.

Utilizing your employee identification number

You may not want to expose your personal information when using a work-issued cell phone. Unwanted calls may be made to your work phone if your work phone ID is displayed. If you’re tired of getting telemarketing calls, you can opt to call them back using a new number one day. You can also ask that your primary contact be removed from their list. It’s possible, however, that doing so with a unique new number exposed will keep both numbers on the telemarketing list.

Using a friend’s or a minor’s phone

 Neither party wants to receive calls from the numbers they dialed when using another person’s phone. The same rules apply when using a minor’s phone to make a call. The recipient of the call will not be able to access the child’s contact information if the ID is hidden. When making a phone call, it’s helpful to know how to hide your phone number on various devices and networks.

Privacy concerns are among the many possible motivations for hiding one’s caller ID. It can be challenging to keep track of all of one’s phone numbers if one has more than one. If you want to see your phone number, Airtel has various options, and using a USSD code is one of the most common options.

Can I Control my caller ID while making calls on Android using Google Voice?

You can keep your caller ID hidden from those you call when you place calls. You can select the phone number you wish to receive and send calls. It’s important to note that holding your caller ID on one device automatically hides on all your other devices connected to the same Google Voice account.

  • Launch the Google Voice application.
  • Tap Menu Settings in the upper left corner.
  • Select “Calls” and enable “Anonymous caller ID.”
  • Turn off the Anonymous caller ID if you want callers to see your phone number.
  • For specific calls, cover up your caller ID.

How do I call anonymously on iOS?

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When using an iOS device, you can go into the device’s settings and turn off your user ID. When you use this method, your ID will remain hidden until you choose to reveal it again. On iOS, here’s how to keep your phone’s caller ID hidden.

  • Go to the menu and select “Settings.”
  • Please tap on the phone to choose it.
  • Caller ID can be hidden by pressing the toggle switch.

Some telecom providers may not allow this feature, so your phone number may still be displayed even if it is turned off.

How do I hide my phone number on an Android device?

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Here are the steps to hide your phone number for Android users.

  • Go to the Phone app’s Settings menu and click on it (often the three dots on the top right corner)
  • Choose between Call Settings and Call (depending on the Android version).
  • Specify additional options
  • Caller ID can be accessed by clicking on it
  • Choose one of the three possibilities for hiding the number

The other two are the network default and the display number. To restore the previously disabled ID, perform the same steps as before. Instead of selecting hide number, select show number or network default.

Can I disable your caller ID by contacting my mobile service provider?

 You can request that your mobile carrier turn off your caller ID for you rather than using prefixes or tinkering with the device’s settings. To resolve the issue, you’ll need to contact the carrier’s customer service via the official support line.

Ask customer service to reactivate your caller ID if you’re experiencing issues with call rejection because of the disabled ID. It would help if you kept in mind that most carriers only allow ID hiding for local calls. International phone calls may be subject to more stringent rules requiring callers to display their identity.

How can I use *67 to call anonymously?

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When you make a call, you can hide your number from the caller ID system or the recipient’s phone. Dial *67 and the desired number on your landline or mobile phone, depending on your use. When the person you call receives your message, the person you’re calling hears messages like “blocked” or “private number.” When dialing toll-free or emergency numbers, *67 does not function.

On smartphones, you can call anonymously by entering *67, but you must do it each time you dial a number. Most cellular network providers include an option through the Android or iOS device settings to restrict your number from being used for outgoing calls.

Caller ID is now a standard feature on most home phones. Mobile devices now allow us to screen calls, and we can also fend off bothersome friends or telemarketers. This functionality’s clear drawback is that calling anonymously is no longer an option. Vertical service numbers like *67 can be helpful if you need to get in touch with someone you don’t necessarily want to call back. For instance, if you need to call a client after hours for professional purposes, you might not like the client to have your phone number. Just be aware that some people opt to automatically reject calls from hidden or secret numbers, in which case dialing *67 won’t connect you.

Utilization of Extra Common Vertical Service Codes also works. The following vertical service codes are compatible with the most well-liked providers. If a particular code is not operating as intended, get in touch with your phone carrier.

  • *60: This allows you to block a particular number.
  • *66: Dials a busy number repeatedly until a line opens up.
  • *69: This code, which can be used from a landline without caller ID, dials the last number that calls you.
  • *70: Deactivates the call waiting for feature momentarily.
  • Call forwarding on a landline is enabled by dialing *72.
  • *77: Enables anonymous call rejection, limiting incoming calls to those from persons who disclose their number.


Regardless of your network, the above methods you can use to call anonymously. Please note that modern feature phones and smartphones can erode a user’s personal information. Ensure the process you want to use is compatible with your device.

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