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How to clear Instagram messages in DM in 2023

instagram messages

Millions of individuals regularly use one of the most well-liked social media platforms, Instagram, to share their photographs and videos. You may follow the influencers you love on IG and make new friends. You can have private conversations with friends, form groups that let you send direct instagram messages to several people at once, and talk one-on-one with other users.

Especially for company owners who often use Instagram for their operations, many users now turn to Instagram as their primary instant messaging platform. Furthermore, if you use Instagram for business purposes, it’s straightforward to delete chats and messages on Instagram! Open Instagram on your smartphone or tablet first.

The following steps may vary depending on what you want to remove from your IG direct message inbox. A step-by-step guide will show you how to remove a discussion from Ig or cancel a message on an iPhone or Android device.

How to erase a discussion in Instagram Direct in a few simple steps

The Instagram app has grown over time and includes new features, including Reels, IG Stories, and Direct Messages. But now, publishing photographs and videos are just a tiny part of the IG experience.

Step 1: Launch the Instagram application on your phone or tablet.

Step 2: Log in with your User ID and Password if you are currently logged out.

Step 3: Click the Instagram Direct button on the home page, which looks like a tiny paper airplane.

Step 4: Locate the discussion you want to remove from the conversation screen. On iOS, slide left to uncover the Delete option. If you’re using Android, tap and hold on to the chat, you wish to erase.

Step 5: Select the chat and tap “Delete.” An option will appear asking you to verify that you want to delete the chat. Tap “Delete” once more to remove the conversation altogether.

A discussion that has been deleted will no longer be accessible in your inbox. Remember that this removes the chat from your view; it will remain visible to the other participants. Instead of erasing the entire discussion on IG Direct, you may also choose to unsend a message. 

How to delete Instagram messages

How to unsend private Instagram messages and erase them

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A message that has been sent back will no longer be visible to the other participants in the conversation. However, there is a possibility that the recipients may already be aware of your communication.

Step 1: On your tablet or smartphone, open the IG app.

Step 2: Enter your User ID and Password to log in if you are currently logged out.

Step 3: Click the Paper Plane symbol in the feed’s upper-right corner on the main page.

Step 4: Find the discussion on the new page, then navigate to the message you want to revoke.

Step 5: Next, hold down the message with your finger and choose Unsend > Unsend (iOS) or Unsend Message > Unsend (Android).

How do I remove my Instagram chat history?

Follow these steps on iOS or Android devices to remove your IG search history.

  1. Open Instagram
  2. The second step is accessing your profile and clicking the three horizontal lines.
  3. Click the settings icon at this point.
  4. Then, go to security.
  5. Click the clear search history or search history buttons (for iPhone) or Android).
  6. Followed by clearing them all. Select the “Clear all” option.

Can I erase my Instagram chat history?

On Instagram, history is visible when you search. You may remove your IG search history by following these easy steps if you don’t want it to be accessible.

Here’s how to erase your computer’s or mobile browser’s Instagram search history.

1. Launch a browser on your PC or phone and navigate to

2. Next, select the profile icon.

3. Choose the parameters.

4. Open privacy and security.

5. View account information.

6. Then, select View All.

7. Next, choose Clear Search History.

8. Click “Yes, I’m certain.”

After following the steps above, the search history would be temporarily cleared. After conducting another search, the previously removed searches can return to your record.

How do I delete specific messages on iOS and Android

A few years back, IG discreetly launched the Unsend function. Unread emails can be resent using this feature. Here’s how to utilize Instagram’s Unsend feature if you’ve never done so before:

  • Activate the DM dialogue.
  • Keep tapping the unwelcome message.
  • “Unsend Message” must be chosen.

How do I delete the direct messages on my Instagram?

On Android, iPhone, and iOS, you can use AutoClicker to delete all your Instagram direct messages. You may automate repeated taps and swipes in any app or screen on your device with the help of the applications AutoClicker for Android and AutoClicker for iOS. Once you explore this application, you will be pleased by the possibilities this powerful free tool gives you. But for the time being, this article’s primary focus is on erasing Instagram DMs.

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Open the Auto Clicker application.
  • Select “Enable” under “Multi Targets Mode.” This would allow you to tap at various spots while waiting a while between each tap.
  • Visit the “Direct Messages” section of Instagram.
  • To make a swipe point, tap and hold the “green plus symbol” to form a circle with the number “1” inside it. Swap your finger to the first DM chat to get the “swipe point.”
  • Insert the “first circle” within the “second circle.” By doing this, the AutoClicker is told to tap and hold.
  • To open the “settings” menu for this swipe, tap the “circle.” Both the swipe time and the delay should be set to 1000 milliseconds.
  • Long-tap on the “initial discussion” on IG to advance the process and see where to place the subsequent taps.
  • A context menu is displayed. To add a tap point, hit the “+” icon, then drag the “tap point” to the context menu line that says “Delete.” This tipping point moves to position #2 and gets a “2” in the circle.
  • To restart the procedure on Instagram, press the “delete line.”
  • After creating tap point 3 by tapping on the “+ icon,” drag the “tap point” to the proper location. Click “Cancel” to stop this chat from being deleted right now.
  • Give this tapping script (also known as a configuration) a name by tapping the “gear icon.” You may now run this command repeatedly for hundreds or thousands of iterations automatically and with no human supervision after saving the script.
  • For your script to run, press the “blue run arrow.”
  • By deactivating it on the AutoClicker app’s home screen, you may disable the AutoClicker app UI.

Undoubtedly, AutoClicker is a potent tool that you can use in various ways, not simply to delete Instagram DMs more quickly.

The previous actions remove the message from both ends, making it appear like you never sent it. You can permanently erase a statement you sent but, afterward, realize you shouldn’t have before the recipient sees it. If not, you are helpless.

You will need to repeat the following procedures for each message because IG does not yet offer a bulk deletion feature for individual letters. Of course, a third party could always try utilizing an auto-clicking program.


Instagram debuted in October of that year. You may use various picture effects and share your creations with your followers and friends. You may interact with individuals and share photos or videos via Instagram. You may take images on Instagram and post them right away to your followers. You may search for various genres based on your interests on Instagram because such a wide selection of content is available.

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