How to create a poll on Facebook with ease in 2023

poll on Facebook

You’d be amazed to know that people still need to learn how to make a poll on Facebook or have forgotten how to do so. In actuality, this query is posed online by close to 15,000 individuals each month. Facebook polls may be entertaining and educational, entertaining for your audience, and frequently instructive for you or your company.

Why do I need a poll on Facebook?

A Facebook poll enables you to gather information swiftly. Use Facebook polls whenever you know what other people might think because they are quick and straightforward to create.

You may pose a question, personalize the responses, and let others vote for their preferred answer by creating a poll on Facebook. Remember that you must be an admin or editor to create a poll on a Facebook page.

Making a poll on Facebook might provide you insight into your friends’ or clients’ opinions could be on a subject. Concentrating on topics users genuinely care about, the responses can assist in direct future content development efforts and raise user engagement metrics.

What does “anonymous” mean concerning Facebook polls?

You may decide who sees or views your Facebook poll. Online answers from your relatives and friends will not be associated with their Facebook profiles. As a result, it’s feasible for all of your friends or other people to respond without disclosing who they are.

What does “secret” Facebook polling mean?

Only persons you expressly allow will be able to access your Facebook poll if you decide to make it “Secret.” A URL to the Facebook poll may then be shared with friends, who must first approve it to view it. This kind of poll may be helpful for surveys intended to be kept confidential or utilized internally inside a company, as one might anticipate.

A Facebook poll is only visible to specific users.

You will receive a prompt asking you to input the people you want to view your poll when you create and publish the Facebook poll. Only Facebook users who have obtained your prior approval are included on this list (or that are friends of people already on the approved list). Note that if a person is not on this list, they will not be able to view or participate in the Facebook poll.

Can I give someone else the link to a private Facebook poll?

Yes. Visitors to a hidden Facebook poll that your Facebook Page is hosting must enter a code shown on your page to access the ballot. After correctly entering this code, a person can view and respond to the survey.

How can I access the results of my Facebook polls?

By clicking on your profile photo, selecting “View Insights,” and at the top of the page, select “Polls” from the dropdown menu (or by hovering over “Insights” in the left navigation menu, then selecting “Polls”), you may view your Facebook polling results.

A dashboard with the choice of seeing either your most recent polls or all polls will appear. From there, you may examine various poll-related details, such as:

1. List of respondents: A list of everyone who replied to the poll, with the ability to sort by Total Responses or Average Score

2. Demographics: A brief analysis of your poll’s respondents’ gender, age (if this information is given in the first answer), and geographic area.

3. Detailed Responses: Check out each participant’s comments from the Facebook poll.

Can I conduct numerous Facebook polls simultaneously?

Per Page, you may create up to 100 polls. You are free to design as many unique votes as you like, and you can post them once or space them out over time.

Can I view the results of my Facebook poll before it closes?

Yes. You may access several poll-related details, such as a summary, demographics, and specific replies (if you choose a still open poll).

What choices are there for responding to Facebook polls?

You may design polls with free-form questions or multiple-choice questions.

You can add an “Other” option in addition to the possibility of selecting just one response. This will enable users to provide their answers.

How can I find out who responded to my Facebook poll?

A pop-up will appear to enquire if you want to examine “Detailed Responses” once you post your poll. If you select this, you may view each respondent’s Facebook profile photo and their poll response if they used Facebook.

What minimum of replies is necessary to view a Facebook Poll and its results?

You need to get at least ten distinct replies from persons who approved of seeing your poll (and aren’t each other’s friends) to get a complete analysis of your vote.

How can I make a Facebook Poll?

Here is how to create a poll on Facebook

Step 1: locate and pick the Pages tab before choosing your page.

Step 2: Click the Publishing Tools option in step #2.

Step 3: Select “Create Post.”

Step 4: Select Poll after clicking the ellipsis (three dots).

Step 5: Type the question you wish to pose and input the poll’s options for Options 1 and 2.

Step 6: To determine the end date for your poll, select “1 week” from the dropdown menu next to the Poll Options (example: 1 day, one week, Custom).

Step 7: Click the Share Now button.

How can I build a Facebook Poll in a story on Facebook for mobile?

Step 1: Locate and pick your page by clicking on the Pages tab. Locate the Pages tab on the left side of the screen after signing in to Facebook. Click the Pages tab. Select the page you want to create a Facebook poll for by clicking on it after selecting the Pages tab.

Step 2: Select the tab for Publishing Tools.

You will reach your preferred Facebook Page once you have clicked on the page you want to create a Facebook poll for. Locate the Publishing Tools tab on the left-hand side of your Facebook Page menu. Select the Publishing Tools tab.

Step 3: Click “Create Post” to continue. Select the Publishing Tools tab, and you’ll see the blue Create Post button. Select “Create Post” from the menu.

Step 4: Select Poll after clicking the ellipsis (three dots). A pop-up window will appear. This pop-up should be in the center of your screen when you click the Create Post button. Click the ellipsis in the pop-up window to close it (three dots). Locate the option shown with a green icon, “Poll,” after clicking the ellipsis button. Pick “Poll” from the menu.

Step 5: Type the question you wish to pose and input the poll’s options for Options 1 and 2. You may now start creating your Facebook poll. You can put the question you wish to ask in the box that reads, “Ask something…”

It’s time to construct the various Options your audience may select as responses to your poll after you’ve typed out the question you want to ask them. Look for the places that read “Option 1” and “Option 2.” Fill in those areas with the response options you want to provide your audience. For each response option in the poll, you may enter up to 25 characters.


Step 6: To pick the date on which you want your poll to conclude, choose the “1-week” dropdown menu underneath the Poll Options (example: 1 day, one week, Custom)

After developing the question and response options, you must choose how long you want the poll to run. Facebook polling’s standard time frame is one week. If a week is enough for your vote, leave it at that. Select one of the other choices to give your audience extra time to respond to your poll question. You can choose a time of 1 day, one week, Never, or Custom.

Step 7: Select “Share Now.” Congratulations! Your poll is prepared to be shared.

The Share Now option may be found at the bottom of the pop-up window after you’re ready to share your Facebook poll. You can share your Facebook poll by clicking the Share Now button.

How to Run a Facebook Poll on a Mobile Device

poll on Facebook

With the help of the previous screenshots and instructions, perhaps you were able to make a fantastic Facebook poll. The detailed instructions below can be used if you’re using a mobile device, need to establish a vote for a Facebook group, or need to add a poll to a Facebook story.

How to make a poll on a mobile Facebook page

Step 1: To begin, click or tap the trio of vertical lines in Facebook’s lower right corner.

Step 2: Select your Page by tapping Pages.

Step 3: Tap “Publish” at your page’s top.

Step 4: Scroll down and choose poll.

Step 5: Type the query you would want to ask.

Step 6: Type the choices for your poll in the fields labeled “Option 1” and “Option 2.” For each choice, you may enter up to 25 characters.

Step 7: Next to Poll Ends, select a date for your poll’s conclusion by selecting it from the 1-week dropdown menu (example: 1 day, one week, Custom).

Step 8: Click Share.

How do I make a poll on Facebook for a group on a mobile device?

  • To begin, click or tap the trio of vertical lines in Facebook’s lower right corner.
  • Tap Groups and then choose a group.
  • Click the circular ellipsis (three dots) next to “Write anything,” then choose “Create a Poll.”
  • Click “Ask something,” then type your query.
  • Tap + Add a poll option to add alternatives from which group members can choose.
  • Toggle between “Allow members to add options” and “Allow people to pick numerous alternatives” by tapping the gear icon.
  • Select “Post.”

How do I build a Facebook poll in a mobile narrative?

  • The first step is to click “+ Add to Story” after clicking “Show More” at the top of your News Feed.
  • Include your image or video. You may choose a photo or video from your camera roll or tap a story type (such as Boomerang) at the top. To capture a fresh image or video, tap Camera.
  • Tap the square icon with the square’s bottom right corner pointing upwards. It may be accessed from the upper right corner of your mobile device’s display. Next, click “POLL.”
  • Type your question and press “Yes” or “No” to personalize the responses.
  • Click “Done” in the upper right corner.
  • Tap “Privacy” in the bottom left to alter the audience for your tale.
  • Tap “Share to Story.”
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