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How to find hidden apps on a phone instantly in 2023

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You may hide apps on your Android phone for various reasons. Due to the increasing use of mobile payments, sensitive information can be on our phones. There could be financial data that may be accessed by anyone who can bypass the lock screen. In addition, parents may employ content-locking technologies to conceal apps and prevent their children from accessing information they shouldn’t be exposed to on their gadgets. Hiding applications on your Android phone are simple if you just want to keep information. When giving a friend or family member access to your smartphone, keep it private. This article demonstrates many techniques for hiding and disguising applications so that others cannot access them.

How can I find hidden apps on a phone?

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Even if you are an experienced user, you can find it challenging or impossible to locate hidden apps on your Android device. Thankfully, we can determine where to look for these programs using these straightforward procedures.

APK Drawer

As previously mentioned, the system apps for your Android devices are stored in your app drawer along with the numerous programs you have downloaded and installed on your devices. You may search for and locate the most hidden Android apps on the Apk drawer tab. However, many Android launchers have distinct app drawer pages. Although many launchers offer tailored app pages with unique icons and instructions for searching for hidden apps, the procedures below focus on Android launchers like Smart Launcher and Nova Launcher.

On the home screen, tap the “App Drawer” icon at the bottom-right or bottom-center. Typically, this takes the form of two rows of three dots or squares. Press the menu icon after that. This will look vary depending on which version of Android you’re using. However, this is often shown at the top of the list of programs by three dots, three bars, or a settings “gear.” In some situations, the bottom-right corner of your Android screen may feature a “menu” button (next to the Home button). Please click if so.

Select “Show hidden programs” from the menu after that. This displays a list of all home screen and app drawer hidden apps. There might not be any hidden apps if none of the aforementioned alternatives display. Tap ‘All’ to get a list of all apps on your Android smartphone to make sure there are no hidden apps.

Settings app

On your Android device, navigate to Settings (usually looks like a gear). Usually, it can be found in the app drawer or on the home screen. From the Settings App, choose “Apps.” This is referred to as “Applications” on some devices. In most circumstances, you will now get a list of all the apps on the smartphone. Press the “All” button now. You might be able to view hidden apps on some devices by just tapping “Hidden.” (If you’re using Android 5.0 or before, slide right to left twice to reveal the option.) Any choice you select will display every app on your Android device, including any that are hidden from the home screen and app drawer.

Nova Launcher

This launcher, created by a third party, enables you to revamp and personalize your home screen with fantastic features and themes. Nova Launcher makes it easy to find your hidden apps by following these simple instructions. Hold the home screen’s “long press” button,  go to the menu and select Preferences.

To conceal your apps using app drawer, go to Settings and Select Hide Apps.


When you have a lot of apps on your homepage, in addition to the primary page where your app drawer sits, you can have extra pages. The second page is made, and other programs are concealed from view. Until you refresh the page, you won’t be able to see the newly installed or received applications. On the home screen, swiping left or right will expose these hidden applications.


Unboxing your folders is another option for accessing hidden apps on Android. Though applications like Google Photos, Google Drive, and Google Mail are available on the App Drawer page. These apps are hidden away in folders automatically generated for Google apps. However, the App Drawer page may not have them neatly grouped in alphabetical order. The directory houses all of these programs for easy access.

Hidden Third-Party Apps

Independent app developers create useful programs for Android phones and tablets. An attacker can prevent you from accessing your applications by installing a third-party program on your smartphone and hiding them. Unfortunately, you may have difficulty finding them because the topics these applications project are sometimes entirely dissimilar to the functions they provide. Some popular ones are listed here with hidden applications that may be used to conceal content on Android devices. They might be helpful to you as well.

  • Calculator Vault: This calculator tool doubles as a secure vault for other programs.
  • Another popular app that may conceal others by incorporating them into itself is called “App Hider.” Apps may be hidden from the user behind a password-protected pin with a third-party app like “Hide App.” 

To monitor data consumption, file transfer, intelligent charge, and freeze unneeded applications, Phone Master is a system program that stands out from the crowd. To access secret programs, open the Settings program. Open the Android’s configuration menu. The app is often accessible from the home screen or the app drawer. Navigate to “Apps” inside the Settings menu. This is called “Applications” on various gadgets and displays a directory of all installed programs. Now, choose “All” from the menu. To see the choice if you’re running Android 5.0 or older, slide right to left twice. Either way, this will display all the applications on your Android smartphone, even ones hidden from the home screen and app drawer.

How can I discover apps that have been hidden?

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After you’ve tracked down your Android applications, you can use these strategies to ensure they don’t disappear again.

  • Get Rid of All the Extra Software
  • Disabled Applications Must Always Be Enabled
  • Release Software From Freeze

Swipe down from the top of the android phone. You’ll discover the list of all the applications installed on your device (or up from the bottom). Alternatively, pressing the gear symbol in Settings may access the app drawer. Suppose you want to view the whole list of installed programs, including any malware or other apps that could be hiding from the home screen launcher. In that case, you can select “Apps” from the settings menu and then “See All Apps.”

How can I disable invisible programs?

When it comes to Android launchers, Smart Launcher is another powerful option that was designed by a third party and offers a more personalized experience than the stock launcher.

  • You may access the Smart Launcher’s app drawer by swiping right.
  • In the upper-right-hand corner of the page, click the “More” button (three dots).
  • Select the option to Display Hidden Programs.

Suppose you have any applications that you want to keep hidden. In that case, they will be completely invisible in the App Drawer on your Android device. This discussion elaborates on the other methods of locating them.

The gadget’s “general settings” are where you may view and make changes to the device. The Settings app is where you’ll find all of the apps you’ve installed, both from the app store and the system. By following the simple instructions below, you’ll have quick access to managing which applications are active and which are not.

  • Launch the Applications folder.
  • Go to the menu and select Preferences.
  • Learn where your apps and alerts are hidden and tap on them.
  • Click the All Apps button.

Everything downloaded to your phone may be accessed from that menu.


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Identifying hidden apps on Android that your children are seeking to hide in order to conceal their phone activities should be easy if you follow the instructions provided above for finding hidden apps on Android phones. Furthermore, we all occasionally visit dubious websites and could unwittingly download data from them. In order to ensure that your phone is clear of undesirable tracking apps, searching for hidden spy apps for Android is a wonderful idea.

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