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How to find hidden apps on Android instantly in 2023


Millions, or maybe billions of people, use Android smartphones daily. Despite its widespread use, Android has many methods for hiding its applications. For example, you should read this article to learn how to detect hidden applications on Android so you can keep tabs on your kids’ (usage of phones, which may be more tech-savvy than you are). It is also essential to see the hidden apps on your android device because the as might be using your data without your knowledge.

While Android makes it easy to conceal applications, locating them may prove challenging. Those applications may be eliminated if you know where to look for them. Examining some of the most popular hidden Android apps will be our first step.

Is there a way to locate hidden apps?

There are a variety of launchers for your home screen and specialized applications available that have this capability. Most people will employ this technique, but each launcher has unique characteristics. We won’t be covering particular methods for hiding applications but rather will instruct you on how to find apps on any Android device.

Remember that the advice in this manual should be utilized responsibly. It’s rude to invade someone’s privacy unless there’s an excellent reason to.

Home Screen

The Android home screen is an excellent place to start exploring the applications available on your smartphone, but it doesn’t show you everything. To access every installed program on your device, including any vault apps, follow these steps:

  • If you want to find a secret app, open the app drawer.
  • Select the ‘App Drawer’ icon from the home screen’s bottom left or right corner. It often takes the form of two rows of three dots or squares.
  • Then, select a menu from the main menu by clicking the corresponding icon. It looks different on every Android version. This is usually indicated by a series of three dots, three bars, or a settings gear at the top of the app drawer. Your Android’s ‘menu’ button may be located in the lower-right corner of the display (next to the Home button). If that’s the case, go ahead and tap the link.
  • Then, choose “Show hidden programs” from the menu. All applications concealed from the app drawer and the home screen are displayed here.
  • If none of the above choices are displayed, there may be no secret programs.
  • By choosing the “All” option, you may view a complete list of all the apps on your Android device, ensuring that it is free of any hidden ones.

File manager.

To access secret Android apps, follow these easy steps with the ES File Explore Android file manager:

  • Get the most recent version of ES File Explorer from the Google Play Store;
  • When you’re ready, run ES File Explorer
  • Slide the Menu drawer to the right to access Tools.
  • Then, choose to view hidden files by clicking the corresponding option.
  • All of your Android phone’s secret apps are now exposed
  • Turning off “Show Hidden Files” will re-conceal the programs.

By now, it should be evident that it is not difficult to identify the hidden applications on Android phones. Even if your children seek to hide to conceal their phone activity, you can still search them out.

Knowing where to look for secret surveillance programs on Android devices is essential. If you find any hidden applications, you should remove them immediately to safeguard your personal information and phone.


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Several hidden spy applications for Android allow parents to keep tabs on their kids’ or partners’ whereabouts and activities through the use of the target phone. Spyware is software that secretly monitors a mobile device without the user’s knowledge. The app’s installation may eavesdrop on the target’s phone calls, read their text messages and emails, and track their web activity.

If the phone’s owner knows where to look for spyware on Android, they may be able to determine whether or not malware has been installed.

Android gives users several choices for hiding apps, as there are many scenarios in which they wish to do so.


Among the many hidden pictures and video applications available for Android, Vault is a fan favorite. Contacts, phone records, audio recordings, and messages may all be concealed in this manner.

Vault also supports the encryption of private Facebook chat conversations, and it disables the saving of your Facebook conversation log. It also offers some extra capabilities, such as the option to password-protect your applications so only you can use them.


CoverMe is a phone and text messaging program that provides complete anonymity for its users. It may also make storing things like messages, phone logs, contacts, media, and documents safe. Additionally, it has functions like vanishing messages. You will be alerted instantly when the receiver has read your text message. Your message might disappear after it has been read.

How can I hide apps on my Android device?

The steps to concealing applications on Android are as follows:

  • Tap an available icon anywhere on the home screen;
  • By tapping the cog symbol in the screen’s lower right corner, you can modify the settings for your home screen.
  • From the menu that appears, choose “Hide apps.”
  • Select the app you wish to hide from the list that displays.
  • Do what it says and hit the “Apply” button.

How can I efficiently look for Android apps that secretly monitor me?

Learn where to look for covert Android tracking applications.

  • Proceed to the ‘Settings tab.
  • Then, from the menu that appears, pick “General” > “Privacy” > “Location Services.”
  • Check which programs have enabled the “Always” option.
  • If you didn’t put the app there, delete it or disable the location services on your phone.

Check the Android device’s Settings > Apps section for any possible hidden spy apps. Alternatively, you may access hidden apps by going to Settings > Applications > All (or Hidden, on some smartphones).

How can I find hidden apps on my Samsung device?

Learn how to unlock Samsung’s secret software below.

  • Tap the Apps icon on the main menu on your Samsung device. (On Android 6.0+, you’ll find the Application Manager under the menu that reads Settings > Applications > Application Manager.)
  • After browsing through the list of programs that display, choose “Show system apps” from the drop-down option that appears.
  • A list of ‘Disabled’ applications will appear next to the app name if it has been hidden;
  • Choose the appropriate program on the Samsung device.
  • To activate the program, choose “Enable” at last.


More and more teens are utilizing new software or hidden apps on their smartphones to distribute adult information online without their parent’s knowledge secretly. Your children may be vulnerable to sexual violence, bullying, grooming, and other adverse outcomes if they access these hidden applications. Because we care about our children and want to keep them safe, you should know how to look for hidden applications on Android.

Moreover, specific surveillance applications may be downloaded onto phones covertly, even if they aren’t listed in the Google Play Store. Hidden from the user’s view, these programs steal and share information with third parties. Unless you use an antivirus program, you will need to handle it yourself if you’re worried about your privacy and want to get rid of Android spy apps.

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