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How to find hidden apps on iPhone instantly in 2023

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Apps you have removed from your home screen can still be found in your app library, and you can go to them from there or get them back and set them on your home screen again.

Here’s what you should do:

  • First, swipe right from the home screen (as far right as you can go)
  • A search bar labeled “App Library” will appear at the very top of the screen. Start your search by clicking here.
  • To find hidden app you previously hid, scroll down or utilize the search bar.
  • Look for it by the app’s name in your device’s App Library. Andy Moser / Apple is acknowledged for this.
  • The next step is to locate it, then tap and hold it while dragging it to the left. This action will return the app to the main screen from the app drawer.

You’ll find the app once again on the main menu. Andy Moser / Apple is acknowledged for this.

Insert it wherever you choose, and you’re done! It’s back on the home screen unless you decide to remove or hide it.

How can I find Hidden Apps in the App Store on iOS 14 and iOS 15 Devices?

Do you want to know where to search if you have a nagging feeling that your iPhone hides some of its best features? Whether embarrassed or just too addicting, applications on an iPhone may be hidden in many ways. Or maybe you’re trying to find applications on a partner’s or a child’s phone without them knowing, or you don’t want other people to see them.

It’s easy to conceal applications on an iPhone. You may organize them in many ways, such as moving them to a specific folder or the App Library. If you’re using iOS 14 or later, you can eliminate all the pages from your Home screen to make things more organized.

But what if you need to access an old program that you haven’t used in a while? Or perhaps you need to find some secret software that someone has buried on their iPhone. You can find covert iPhone applications with one of several simple approaches.

Use the search function on your iPhone to unearth hidden applications.

Even if an app is buried in a folder or the App Library, iOS’s built-in search tool will instantly help you locate it. To find an app, swipe down from the top of the screen on the Home screen and then input the app’s name. Then, once the search results show, you can either hit the app icon to launch it or press the Go key on your keyboard.

Suppose you still have trouble locating a hidden app after using this method. In that case, it may be because it has been hidden from the iPhone’s search results.

You can utilize the iPhone’s Settings application by keeping Siri and Search pressed for a moment. Here’s how to access the secret app: scroll down and hit the icon. On the following page, enable the switch labeled Show in Search if it is off.

How to use Siri as a tool to find hidden apps on an iPhone

Siri is as reliable as the iPhone’s Search function for discovering hidden apps. Siri may be activated by either voice command or by holding down the Side button. Say” followed by the app’s name, and Siri will launch it. In iOS 14, Apple introduced a new feature called “App Library” that lists all of the apps currently loaded on your device. Thus, it is possible to conceal applications from view on the Home screen without removing them.

App Library

You can use Search or Siri to discover and launch any hidden app, but you can also utilize the App Library to do the same. To get to the App Library, swipe right from the Home screen page. Next, navigate to the appropriate section to access the secret app. On the other hand, you may utilize the App Library’s built-in search function. To move an app from the App Library back to the Home screen, tap and hold the icon until the app begins to wiggle, and then release it.

To return to the Home screen, tap the Back button. The next step is to remove the app where you’d like it to appear. The option to add the app to your home screen is also available by holding down the icon for a few seconds.

Can I Open Up Hidden Apps and Menus?

You may have accidentally hidden several Home screen pages, which might explain why your iPhone is suddenly missing many of its apps. You may unhide the pages with such applications to access them directly without using Search, Siri, or the App Library. To begin, press and hold anywhere on the Home screen to activate jiggle mode. Tap the dot strip on the ceiling above the dock to proceed. You should be able to see every app accessible from the Home screen on screen. 

Browse the App Store Internally

The App Store isn’t the best way to discover unavailable iPhone apps; Search, Siri, and the App Library provide more benefits. However, it does aid in figuring out whether an app has been removed (as opposed to hidden) or limited via Screen Time. Launch the App Store and then select search from the menu. Enter the name of the desired app and touch “Done.” If the result appears in the search results, tap “Open” to continue.

It would help if you hit the cloud icon that appears next to the program to install it; then, you’ll be able to unlock it after that. If you get the message “Restrictions Enabled” when you try to open an app, you’ll have to utilize Screen Time to remove the restriction.

Can I have limitless access to Electronic Media?

Screen Time is a function in iOS that allows you to monitor and restrict your iPhone usage. Additionally, it will enable you to entirely disable (conceal) a few built-in programs (Messages, Mail, Camera, and so on).   Apps that have been hidden by Screen Time cannot be accessed in any other way.

App Store

You also can find them on the App Store, but you can’t launch them, and screen Time must be disabled for you to have access to these programs. From the Settings menu, choose Content & Privacy Restrictions. When prompted, enter the Screen Time passcode on your iPhone. Your Apple ID username and password can be used to reset your passcode if you’ve forgotten it. Then, visit Allowed Apps and activate the switches next to the programs you wish to make available.

Restore Your Home Screen’s Design

Suppose you want to uncover any hidden applications on your iPhone and return the Home screen to its former state. In that case, you’ll need to do a Home screen reset. Launch the Settings menu, select General, then Reset, and finally, Reset Home Screen Layout.

This will remove any custom folders you’ve created, reveal any hidden Home screen pages, and re-add any apps you’ve moved to the App Library. However, it will not affect any applications hidden via Screen Time.

Can I find In-App buys that are hidden from view?

In addition to eliminating apps from the Home screen, the iPhone allows you to conceal in-app transactions. All your in-app purchases, including the ones you didn’t realize you made, will be listed in the Settings app of your iPhone. Select your Apple ID, touch View Account, and finally hit Media & Purchases. The option to make a personal in-app purchase will become available on the next screen.


gmail notification

Apps can be hidden on the iPhone, so they aren’t displayed on the home screen or in search results. If you’ve hidden an app on your iPhone’s home screen, you may reaccess it by swiping to the very end of the screen and tapping the App Library icon. Hiding an iPhone app does not require erasing any data, and revealing it is just as simple. Multiple apps can live on your iPhone’s home screen. This allows you to launch whatever program you need quickly, but it may also make your desktop look cluttered if you have many of them.

On the other side, Apple gives you several ways to manage your start screen. It’s possible to delete applications entirely from the home screen and rearrange them into folders. Your current data will be preserved, and you can still access the applications quickly and conveniently from the App Library page. And if you want to hide your applications from prying eyes, you can do that too.

Using the techniques mentioned above, you can quickly locate any program on your iPhone, no matter how hidden. Since the iPad runs iOS, most of these may also be used to uncover secret apps on Apple’s tablet.

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