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How to find my phone number on my phone instantly in 2023

find my phone number

The unique identification code (i.e., phone number) given to a new SIM card is frequently printed on the package. Some carriers, nevertheless, wait until the SIM cards are registered or active before assigning them pre-programmed phone numbers.

Let’s say you misplace the packing for your SIM card or forget the associated phone number. What other way can you ‘find my phone number’ Finding your phone number is relatively simple if you have an Android or iOS smartphone.

How do I find my phone number on my android device?

find my phone number

Siri automatically recognizes your phone number from the settings menu and adds it to your contact card when you plug your SIM card into your iPhone or iPad.

Open the Phone app, select the Contacts tab, and select your name under “My Card.” Alternatively, you may get your phone number by opening the Contacts app and choosing your name card. If the phone number is wrong, you can change it. On the confirmation question, tap the “phone” card, select Don’t Suggest Phone Number and then choose Don’t Suggest Phone Number again.

Siri will cease proposing the phone number as yours and detach it from your contact card.

Your phone number may also be found in the iOS settings menu. Check your phone number under the My Number row in the Settings app’s Phone section.

The phone number may easily be edited or changed if it is inaccurate. Select Save after entering the correct phone number in the “My Number” field.

Be aware that this phone number could not be the same as your Apple ID number, which is the one connected to your iCloud account. Your Apple ID phone number is required for two-factor authentication, sign-in verification, password reset, and other purposes.

Go to Settings on your iPhones and iPads, choose your Apple ID name, hit Name, Phone Numbers, and Email, and then look up the phone number under “Reachable At.”

Tap Edit, choose Add Email or Phone Number, and then add a Phone Number from the pop-up menu to add a new phone number to your Apple ID account.

How do I locate my iPhone phone number on a Mac?

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Connect your Mac to your iPhone or iPad via a USB cable. Follow the instructions below if you’re using a Mac. Possibly, you must input the passcode for your smartphone. So be aware of that.

1. Open Finder and choose your iPhone or iPad from the “Locations” sidebar area.

2. Once your phone number displays in the area, choose your iPhone’s model name, serial number, or storage details.

3. Your IMEI number will be shown next to your iPhone’s phone number.

4. Want to add the number to the clipboard on your Mac? Select Copy Phone Number by doing a right-click or control-click on the number.

How do I look up an iPhone phone number on Windows?

A USB cord, the iTunes program, and a Windows PC are all you need to display your iPhone’s phone number. Plug your iPhone into your PC, install iTunes from the Microsoft Store, and proceed with the instructions below. You could be prompted to give your PC access to your data when you connect your iPhone to your PC. If you see the prompt, choose Trust and enter your iPhone’s passcode to continue.

  1. Launch iTunes and click the phone symbol in the toolbar, directly below the dropdown option for “Music/Movies/TV Shows/Podcasts/Audiobooks.” That will launch a new page where the details of your device are shown.
  2. To access the phone number for your iPhone, click the “Summary” tab in the sidebar and look in the Phone number row.
window 47202 1280

You can find two phone numbers here if you have a multi-SIM iPhone: “Phone Number 1” and “Phone Number 2,” respectively, for SIMs 1 and 2. The iPhone’s phone number may also be copied to the iTunes app’s clipboard, and a copy can be chosen by right-clicking the number.

How do I find my phone number on my android device?

Depending on the manufacturer of your device and the software you’re using, there may be several ways to verify your phone number on Android. However, there are a lot of built-in methods for verifying your cell phone number on Android. By utilizing carrier-specific USSD codes, the Messages app, and the settings menu, you may verify the phone number linked to your SIM card.

  • In the Android Settings menu, find a phone number.
  • Check the Phone number rows in the “About phone” section of the Settings app for your mobile phone number.
  • If your device (such as a Samsung or LG model) doesn’t have the default Android UI, go to Settings > About device (or About phone) > Status > My phone number.

If your phone has many ports or slots for SIM cards, Android will show all of the associated phone numbers. Restart your phone and check again if your phone number is shown as “Unknown.” You could also try taking out and re-putting your SIM card.

Check to see if your phone is running the most recent Android version and if your phone number is still shown as “Unknown.” Otherwise, check that your phone has the most recent Android version by going to Settings > System > Advanced > System update.

How do I look up a phone number in the Message App?

Another quick way to locate your phone number on Android is through the Messages app’s settings menu. Choose Settings by selecting the menu icon in the top-left corner of the Messages app. After that, choose Advanced and look for your device’s phone number at the bottom of the screen.

Below are other methods through which you can find your phone number.

Use USSD Codes or get in touch with your network provider.

For verifying phone numbers, specific cellular networks offer distinctive shortcodes. Most of these codes are free, and the outcome is immediate. Call the number and the shortcode. The service message assigned to the SIM card in your phone will show up on the screen. Your phone number could receive an SMS or text message from some wireless providers.

You may find the USSD code for your carrier network to verify phone numbers by performing a quick Google search. Give your network provider a call—especially if you have a feature phone or are unable to access the internet—if you have any questions.


Let’s face it, it’s difficult to remember your cell phone number, and we don’t need to share it regularly, making the issue more complicated. While your relatives and friends will store your phone number in their contacts, they might not remember it off the top of their heads. It might be especially tough to remember if you have changed networks and have a new number.

You may get your cellphone number by calling your network provider. When you call customer support, your information, including your phone number, frequently appears on their displays. This isn’t always the case, though; for instance, when you call customer support from your home phone. If so, you should record the number on your SIM card in case it is requested.

Some users can log into their cell phone accounts online. You can access your account online if you have configured this. To make this process faster in the future, you may bookmark this page in your browser.

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