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How to find someone on Facebook without username 2023

find someone on facebook

Do you know that if you don’t know someone’s username, you can still find them on Facebook? Follow the steps below to get started. In the search field, enter the person’s full name. At the bottom of the search menu, click “See More”. New search choices are made available by expanding the search menu. As a result, you can now search for people with their names. For instance, if you search for someone named Alex Smith, Pages with Alex Smith, or Places named will come up. 

If you don’t know someone’s exact name, how can you find them? 

To find someone on Facebook even if you do not know their real names or usernames, you can try the methods below.

Try Known Usernames on other social media platforms

find someone on facebook

 If you have someone’s email address or social profile but are unsure of their name, try to look for that username or a similar one on other social networks. Search other social network platforms to see if you can locate any more profiles connected to them.

If you can recall where they work or attend school, you can still focus your search if you can’t discover someone by name. Look up the name of the company or institution where they work. Their name should appear on the business or organization’s website if they fill out this information in their profile.

How to Find Someone Using Their Name and Date of Birth

You can use the people search tool on Type the subject’s name into the name area, and then choose that person’s birth date from the drop-down choices. 

How can I locate a person’s complete name?

You can utilize people search programs like Whitepages or ZabaSearch to locate a person’s full name and predict their username. You can also use ZabaSearch to find people with a given complete name in a specific location or to perform a reverse phone lookup for a particular phone number,

How can I search for someone on Facebook using their name?

Open Facebook on your desktop. Select the search field. The Facebook page’s top section has this field. Please provide a name. Enter the name after you’ve entered the search term for the person you’re looking for. Click on “People” tab. Select a city (if you know the person’s city) by clicking the link and begin the search.

How can I locate friends on Facebook without their usernames?

The “Location services and background location” must first be enabled. You must now locate the Nearby Friends link in the top right corner of Facebook. It automatically notifies you of your friends’ locations. You must activate Location Services first: Enable it by going to Settings >> Privacy >> Location Services.

Can I find out where someone is on Facebook?

Now that technology has advanced, people can utilize Facebook to find out where other people are. Facebook indeed allows you to track someone’s whereabouts. All you need to do this is the appropriate technique and tool or application.

Facebook Account Lookup by Phone Number 

If you have a person’s phone number, finding them on Facebook is a straightforward task. For instance, if you are looking for a restaurant’s daily deal posts on Facebook before going there; you can get all the information you need by using the phone number of the restaurant’s customer care representative. Sadly, people, or what Facebook refers to as “personal accounts”, are no longer displayed in the search results. But given how frequently Facebook changes, it’s worth a trial.

How do I find someone on Facebook using a browser without knowing their username?

Let’s first examine the fundamental procedure on a browser. It functions the same on browsers for computers, tablets, and phones:

1. If you haven’t done so, go to and log in.

2. Select the top of the screen’s search box.

3. Type in the account’s phone number and press the “Return” key.

Add the area code to raise your chances of success. However, don’t stress over formatting. Simply enter the total number without any dashes.

The proper outcome should appear at the top of the page if the phone number is connected to a Facebook account. 

How to find an account user on Facebook mobile app

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The procedure is slightly different on a mobile app, but it functions the same on both the Google and iOS app versions.

  • Activate the Facebook app.
  • Click the searching magnifying glass button in the top right corner.
  • Include the area code and the phone number as a string of digits without any punctuation or styling.

When you click search, the desired result should appear at the top of the page. Following the search result, you may locate the company’s Facebook page. You will get the same results using a browser or the Facebook app.

For instance, if a potential Facebook friend’s phone number has a privacy option like “friends of friends,” you won’t be able to find them if you don’t have any friends in common.

Your search may yield many unexpected results, but not your friend! Even when you’re already friends with someone, it occasionally doesn’t work. But if you have a phone number, you can use the following tips to help you whittle down the search results.

Here is a video that can aid you with searching for a friend on facebook

YouTube video

How to find someone on Facebook with their area codes 

You can utilize people’s phone numbers’ area codes to pinpoint them. Let’s say you are calling 256-555-5555 to find Jane Doe. Simply enter “area code 256” into Google, replacing “256” with the area code of your phone number. You may discover that Jane Doe once resided in Alabama, and Huntsville is the central metropolitan area. To help you find the person faster, you can use the keywords “Jane Doe Alabama” or “Jane Doe Huntsville” when searching Facebook.

Try this additional step if you don’t know the person’s complete name or the correct spelling.

Just enter “reverse number lookup” or “reverse phone lookup” into Google. Out of the results, pick a website the phone number was entered. Even their Facebook account can be accessed this way!

How to find someone on Facebook using a phone number

We now know that having access to someone’s mobile number could aid in locating them. Once you have, you can use the phone number to discover the person’s Facebook username or ID.

Click on their name when you’ve completed the steps above and located their account. You are then directed to their profile. The URL above the top of the page will include an ID or username, and it will look like ‘’ in appearance. Their Facebook ID will be in the ‘name number’ portion.


On facebook, your public profile includes your usernames and user IDs, which can be used by your friends to find you on Facebook. An example of a username is, which is the web address for your profile or page. A common version of your name (if your name is Jane Doe) used as your username could be jane.doe33 or janedoe3. You can either create your own username or select one that Facebook provides. Using the methods in this article, you can find someone on Facebook without knowing their username.

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