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How to find someone on Instagram without username 2023


Are you unable to remember a username? Here’s how to find people on Instagram. The popularity of Instagram means that practically everyone you know uses it. Whether you’re looking to rekindle a friendship from your youth or want to learn more about your neighbors, obtaining your neighbors’ Instagrams would be a fantastic place to start.

However, in most cases, we have a name, an address, or a phone number for work. With the methods in this article, you can discover someone without their username even if they don’t use their real name on Instagram, which is very common.

How can I find someone on Instagram without knowing their username?

You can utilize a third-party service to conduct a profile search when looking for someone on Insta but don’t know their usernames.


A very effective search engine you can use is BeenVerified. BeenVerified enables you to lookup accounts on 55+ social networks. With just a name, email, or phone number and access to a massive database with billions of records and plenty of social media data. After pressing the button, all available profiles will be displayed in less than a minute. Start by visiting the BeenVerified search page. After entering the name, email address, or phone number, click SEARCH. A report with all the internet profiles connected to this name, number, or other information will be generated by BeenVerified in a few minutes.

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Look through the images

  1.  You can use a people search engine to look up the image. Suppose you have access to that person’s photos or profile pictures on other platforms. In that case, you may probably use a reverse image search to locate them. Social Catfish is the best tool for searching for someone based on their images. It’s a flexible service that can collect information from various sources, including social media, dating services, and more, and public data.
  • Visit the Reverse Image Search page on Social Catfish.
  • Click Search after adding an image.
  • Let Social Catfish scan the data from social media. When finished, you’ll see matching pictures from websites, databases, social media platforms, and other places.
  1.  Look for the image on Google or Yandex

The images can also be searched for on popular search engines when looking for someone on Insta without knowing the username. You might occasionally be able to retrieve some connected accounts across several platforms. Although it might not yield as many results as people’s search engines, it’s still worth a try. Also, remember that we solely recommend Google and Yandex for picture searches. And, contrary to popular belief, Yandex does a respectable job at image reversal. Give Yandex a shot if Google doesn’t work out for you. It might occasionally surprise you.

 Use Spokeo to follow digital footprints.

Plans and resources for different search engines vary. Try Spokeo if BeenVerified didn’t work out for you. Spokeo is undoubtedly a fantastic tool for online dating, with data compiled from over 120 social networks. You may learn about someone’s identity, dating profiles, online presence, and more by simply entering their name or phone number.

  • Visit the Spokeo search page first.
  • After entering a name or phone number, click Search Now.
  • A report with details about the phone number will be sent to you.

Sync your contact list

Despite being the most popular photo-sharing website, Instagram doesn’t have as many limitations as dating apps do.

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To make users more “engaged,” they incentivize you to search for individuals you know by syncing your contact list. Use this function to your advantage and look up people on Instagram.

How to find someone on Instagram without knowing their username is as follows:

  • Add the phone number to your phone’s contact list first.
  • Open Instagram, visit your profile page, and click the Settings icon in the top right corner.
  • Click “Find individuals.” Instagram may require your permission to access contacts. You may access your contact list by tapping “Allow Access.”

 Look out for Instagram recommendations

You can gamble on the suggested users if you don’t want to give Instagram access to your connections. You might start to notice a list named “Suggested for You” after using Instagram for a while. You’ll see the “Suggested For You” column on your homepage feed, possibly following the first or second article (or on the Activity page).

Seek out your mutual pals

It’s a well-known and easy technique to locate people on Instagram. You can uncover hints in the followers and the following list of that shared friend if you’re sure you both know someone who uses Instagram. Spend time comparing the accounts to see if you can identify the target.

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Lookup using synchronization with friends on Facebook

The owner of Facebook and Instagram is the same, but not everyone knows this. As a result, you can easily sync your Instagram account with your Facebook acquaintances.

  • Open Instagram and press the triple-bar key.
  • Track Down Interesting Folks.
  • Select “Connect to Facebook” after finding it.
  • Log into your Facebook profile.
  • Facebook friends will be shown in the appropriate Instagram section.

Use email to find someone on Facebook.

We know that Instagram doesn’t allow users to search for people using email addresses by default. However, you can get around it by using Facebook to search. You can directly enter the email address into the search bar on Facebook’s website and browse the results when you do so. There’s a strong possibility you’ll locate that person’s Facebook page and the associated Instagram account if you search using their company email address.

Search for them on other social media platforms.

On other social networks, there is a chance of discovering a link to the person’s Instagram profile. If you know how to access their pages, that’s fantastic. Otherwise, you can search for someone on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or another platform using the same strategies we discussed previously.

If you can access their social media page, you can find a link to their Instagram profile. Look for Instagram reposts. You might come across a repost with a direct link to the original. It would be best if you did as instructed. With less success, you might be able to locate a screenshot of their Instagram account. Then it would help if you typed it into Instagram’s search bar.

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Look at their bios

 It’s unlikely that someone will provide a complete list of links to each of their profiles there, of course, and it’s not possible, at least. However, links in bio pages are gaining popularity, and your target probably has one. You can learn everything about a person on these pages. And such pages must include links to other social media, and the one that leads to the Instagram profile will be found.


What is the primary goal of social media platforms? It is unquestionably bringing people together. But how can one get in touch with someone on Instagram if they don’t follow them?

You can only do that by looking up this person’s account. Another issue that users encounter in this situation is that it’s common for other Instagram users to use nicknames or acronyms in place of their real names. Using pseudo names makes it difficult to search for people on the platform. Suppose you know specific, unique techniques for searching for people on this social media service; as explained in this article, you will acknowledge that it is feasible to search for people without knowing their username.

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