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How to find someone on LinkedIn instantly in 2023

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You have a great chance to network with other experts in your field via LinkedIn. Additionally, the sooner you begin networking, the better off you’ll be in the long run. To put it another way, you might think of this network as an emergency fund you can use anytime. Even more, the people in your connections’ networks may be able to connect you with hiring managers at other businesses.

How do you locate a specific person on LinkedIn if you’re looking for them? This article has all the details you need when looking for someone on LinkedIn.

Look up a LinkedIn profile using a particular name

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LinkedIn is a beautiful place to start your search when you need to find someone online. LinkedIn compiles people’s entire career histories and contact information into one location.

Search for a person’s profile all at once. In order to access a person’s profile and seek up details about them, such as their contact information, this article will show you how to conduct a LinkedIn search (phone, email, etc.)

Access a person’s LinkedIn profile using their email address

Although utilizing the name search option on LinkedIn is simple, you may see thousands of results because many people have the same name! Fortunately, nobody uses the same email address twice. Therefore, accessing someone’s LinkedIn profile would be straightforward if you had the person’s email address.

Accessing someone’s LinkedIn profile using their email address is possible. Despite LinkedIn not making this process simple, we’ll walk you through the process in this article. You would need a Microsoft Outlook account and a LinkedIn account, both of which are linked to the same email address, to continue.

  • Open Outlook and sign in with your credentials.
  • Select “New contact” by clicking the People button on the left.
  • Enter the person’s first name and email address, then click “Create” to access their profile.
  • Return to your Contacts page and choose the newly created contact.
  • To link your Microsoft Outlook account with your Microsoft LinkedIn account, click on LinkedIn and sign in to your account.
  • Returning to Outlook, you may now see the email address you were looking for’s LinkedIn page! Click the See complete profile on the LinkedIn button to view it on LinkedIn.

If there isn’t a profile, then the email address isn’t connected to any LinkedIn accounts. Continue reading to learn how to locate someone’s LinkedIn profile if you know their school or place of employment.

 Lookup names in LinkedIn profiles

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The steps below can help you locate a specific individual on LinkedIn by name.

  • Access to your LinkedIn account.
  • Enter the person’s name into the search field using your keyboard’s Enter key.
  • To view only results relating to people, click People. Click All filters to utilize Advanced Search to hone in on the results.

It would be helpful to use the person’s former employer or general area if you know them.

Can I use LinkedIn to search for someone by their school or employer?

If you are looking for someone and you know their previous workplace or place of study, you can try searching there to see if you have any luck. This will take you to the page for the school or company, where you can browse the list to see if you can find the person. For instance, you can search for the college or university on LinkedIn to find alumni. Click the “See alumni” button on the college’s home page to access the alumni database. Viewing alumni profiles will be available once you click on them.

Can I use a search engine to look up someone’s LinkedIn profile?

The simplest way to look for information about someone by name, email address, home address, or even a social network handle is through people’s search websites. The person’s real name, age, contact information, social media profiles (including those on LinkedIn and other social media), court records, sex offender information, and many further details could all be obtained.

We’ll go over the top people search engines available, how to use each to look up someone’s LinkedIn page, and how to get thorough background checks on just about anyone.

Being Verified

BeenVerified is a well-known resource for personal searches because of its vast database and current information. When using BeenVerified to search, you may find a person’s contact information, relatives, employment history, social media profiles, and more.

To search someone’s LinkedIn profile, follow these steps:

There are numerous more ways to look for people on BeenVerified, such as an address, email address, username on social media, VIN, and more.

  • Visit BeenVerified first.
  • Type the person’s name into the search field and click “Search.”
  • When accessible, the BeenVerified report may include the person’s contact details, social media profiles, criminal history, and more.
  • To obtain the report, you must have a membership with BeenVerified, a subscription-based service.


All information is gathered by Spokeo from public sources and is kept in a single database. The application allows you to search for someone’s information confidently, including their LinkedIn profiles and full name, additional contact details, professional background, court records, information about sex offenders, and many more when accessible.

  • Visit Spokeo first.
  • After choosing the data you have on the person, enter it in the search field and press SEARCH NOW.
  • After that, Spokeo looks for profiles that match the data you provided. You can check each to see if a profile page belongs to the individual you’re looking for.


One of the largest public records databases is, a prominent Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) provider. The program also allows you to look up people.

  • Visit PeopleFinders first.
  • After choosing the data you have about the person, enter it in the search field and hit the search button.
  • Based on your submitted data, PeopleFinders will produce a report.

How can I make my search easier?

You can make your search for someone on LinkedIn easier by utilizing the sorting options. Your search results are sorted by keyword relevance by default on LinkedIn. This is frequently the best choice because it will prioritize results that match your search’s keywords. LinkedIn does, however, provide other alternatives.

If you want to identify people in your network who are the closest to you in terms of degrees, for instance, LinkedIn gives the option to arrange search results by degree distance from you. Select “Refine Search” from the header menu on any search results page to use the sorting. While it could take some initial practice, it’s astonishing how quickly the advice mentioned above can boost the efficiency of your searches to an entirely new level.


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Searching on LinkedIn could be an excellent approach to finding someone’s contact information if you need it. If you want to check if you can find the person you’re looking for, you can use a name, email address, or simply a simple search of a school or business. Try using a people search engine like BeenVerified to receive a thorough background investigation on the person if your searches turn up little information.

If you can’t communicateate with the person, you’re looking for, finding them won’t help. You can message someone directly if they are in your network; otherwise, you must invite them to connect. If they don’t reply, your options are limited. You might learn enough, though, to get in touch with them in person.

Even if they are not in your network, you may always read their public profile on LinkedIn. To prevent unwanted connections, individuals can, however, restrict the visibility of public postings, their last name, and their profile picture. If they’ve posted it, you should be able to view their website and Twitter handle, but only first-degree connections can see their email address.

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