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How to find Wi-Fi password on an Android phone in 2023

find wi-fi password on an Android phone


Do you need to find wi-fi password on an android phone? Let’s be honest: we need access to the internet. Access to your network is crucial for even the most fundamental internet job, such as logging into your bank account to make a required payment or simply wanting to speak trash to your pals on social media. To add insult to injury, you need a solid password to safeguard your router if you care about your online security. Default router passwords are relatively easy to remember, making it challenging to get emergency access to your network. While this is required in the modern world, it does involve an additional procedure before a link can be made.

If you’re using an Android smartphone, finding the password for your wireless network doesn’t have to be arduous. Instead of staring at the underside of your router and yelling at your buddy across the room, you may follow these instructions instead. The password, or even a simple QR code that will unlock your network, will be shown on your smartphone if you follow these instructions.

Here, we shall instruct you on how to see your Wi-Fi password on an Android smartphone, why you would need to do so, and what you can do to make your Wi-Fi password and other passwords safer from those who would try to exploit your lax security.

Is displaying your Wi-Fi password ever necessary?

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Once you’ve set up Wi-Fi in your house for the first time, the password will be obvious. You probably had easy access to the router’s complex login since you determined where to place it. You could also update your password to something more memorable.

If that’s the case, you may forget about consulting the label the next time you need to make a connection. So, whether a guest is staying over, you’ve upgraded your tech, or you need access for whatever reason, you’ll need that password. Here are some helpful hints for quickly accessing your device’s Wi-Fi settings menu.

Android: How to Access Your Wi-Fi Password

How To Find WiFi Password on Android Device

Any Android device may quickly get your Wi-Fi password with a few taps. If you’ve already registered and can unlock your phone, follow these instructions to join your network or share it with your friends quickly. It’s also important to note that, as is customary for a modern OS like Android, locating your Wi-Fi password is a breeze on any mobile device. Since the settings menu on the Pixel 6 Pro and an Android 12L tablet are similar, you should have no trouble finding the Wi-Fi password you need on either device.

find Wi-Fi password on an Android

Be aware that Android devices running Android 10 or later may use this approach to see the Wi-Fi password. The vast majority of Android gadgets run at least this version.

  • Get started by accessing the Preferences panel.
  • Choose the internet and networks.
  • Click Internet.
  • Locate the system for which you need the password.
  • Please select the network and then click the gear icon to its right.
  • Click the QR code-shaped share button.
  • Verify your unlock code.

Use your smartphone’s camera to read the QR code, or copy and paste the password from underneath it into the appropriate field.

Fear not if you are not a fan of QR codes; this must be incredibly challenging in modern dining establishments. Android will show your password right underneath the QR code, making it simple to copy and paste. For personal Wi-Fi network security reasons, I’ve obscured the password in the above image; nonetheless, it is clearly shown everywhere, apart from the QR code.

Finally, the end! Your friends may easily access your network by scanning the QR code you provide or seeing your password. Help with transferring your Wi-Fi credentials from an iPhone to an Android is at hand via various methods. And remember that it’s enticing, but you shouldn’t hand it out to each one.

File Manager for ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is your go-to software when it comes to managing the files and folders on your Android smartphone.

  • Instructions for ES File Explorer File Manager are as follows:
  • First, download and launch the ES File Explorer File Manager for Android.
  • Second, from the menu on the side, choose the device, then Local.
  • Step Three) Select this area to open the Data folder.
  • Locate a file titled “misc.” (Fourth Step).
  • The fifth step is to find the Wi-Fi folder and open it.
  • Sixth, launch the editor and go to the WPA file.
  • Click the “Stored Networks” button, and Step 7 will display your previously saved Wi-Fi networks and their associated passwords.

ES File Explorer has more than file management tools; these options are readily available from the app’s main screen.

Suppose you’re using an earlier model of the Android operating system.

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This approach of discovering your Wi-Fi password on an Android smartphone requires Android 10 or later, as we said before. Even if you bought your smartphone many years ago, it would be running Android 13 by the end of 2022. If, for any reason, you don’t have the most recent version of Android, and you can quickly upgrade to the newest version and enjoy all the benefits of the improved features and user experience.

However, seeing your Wi-Fi password may be more challenging if you insist on sticking with Android 9 or earlier. If you’re using an Android version lower than 9, you’ll need to find an app that can produce QR codes for you with the necessary Wi-Fi login information already contained. You’ll need ROOT access for Wi-Fi Password Viewer to work. We advise upgrading your operating system if you really must access your Wi-Fi password.

Password safety measures

Sharing your Wi-Fi password with guests is relatively risk-free, but you should never share any other passwords with anybody. Keeping your password secret is the first and most important defence in preventing unauthorized access to your network. A strong password is even more important for a protected account since it may save you from having to cancel your credit cards over the weekend.

However, the ordinary user has hundreds of accounts, needs better short-term memory, and is unlikely to utilize secure password habits. Hackers may easily access sensitive information since the typical user uses a single, easily-guessed password across several online accounts. Therefore, you may want assistance in safeguarding your accounts, and an excellent place to start is with a password manager. They give another layer of protection to your system, helping to prevent data breaches and letting you know if your credentials have been hacked. To help you maintain the security of your personal information, we have compiled a list of the top password managers currently available.

The truth is, you should use a password manager.

Google Password Manager: What is it and how to use it | TechRadar

Moreover, Google offers a free password manager with its different services if you’d rather not pay a small price in exchange for heightened security. While it has fewer options overall, it’s perfectly secure for daily usage so long as strong passwords are used. Whether you need to share passwords with friends or are merely concerned about the security of your data while online, a password manager is an invaluable tool.

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