How to fix SIM not provisioned for voice error

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 You were enraged when you got that obnoxious error message on your phone, right? When you wish to have a crucial voice conversation, the error message “SIM not provisioned for the voice” may appear on your phone. It can happen just as you’re about to join a crucial conference call with a client or business colleague. It can even occur before you have an interview for the job you’ve always wanted!

 The first thought that springs to mind are to restart the phone, but you’ll be dismayed to learn that this does not solve the problem! So, how do you fix the “SIM not provisioned for the voice” issue?

What does it signify when a SIM isn’t set up for voice?

Provisioning is a phrase that originated in the telecommunications business. The subscriber account is identified via a SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module card). As a result, a carrier provides service to the end-user (subscriber) by delivering it to the subscriber’s SIM card.

What makes a SIM unsuitable for voice calls?

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Provisioning works the same on any cellular provider and any device. In other words, any Samsung, iPhone, or Android phone can be affected by a SIM that has not been provisioned for voice. Furthermore, this issue affects all mobile devices as well as dual-SIM phones. Below are some causes of the “SIM unsuitable for voice calls” error:

  • If the phone number was ported from another carrier.

In this instance, you must wait for a provider system refresh, which might sometimes take up to 24 hours. The service provider’s authorization server may be temporarily unavailable (not responding) or responding to permission requests with a significant delay due to ongoing maintenance, network congestion, or patching and upgrading. Suppose your service provider unintentionally rolled back certain adjustments and modified the status of your SIM. In that case, the voice phone line will be disconnected from your account.

  • If your SIM card isn’t detected by your phone or seen.

If your phone can not detect your phone, the phone can’t communicate with the operator’s SIM provisioning server. SIM not provisioned for voice means that the voice phone line is no longer tied to the SIM card, as the SIM card represents the account. Except for emergency calls, you cannot receive or make any voice calls at this time.

How can I fix a SIM that isn’t set up for voice?

So, what’s the solution to the SIM Card Not Provisioned for Voice Error? The best answer to that question is “by following the quick-fix instructions in this article” Remove the battery, then the card, and then try the SIM on another phone. This step is required to check that the SIM card is operational. Then go back into your phone and carefully follow the next steps.

Only two options exist for resolving the “SIM Not Provisioned for Voice” error:

  1. Carrier services and SIM tools should be updated;
  2. Contact your mobile provider’s customer service.

How to fix SIM card not Provisioned for Voice error on my Android or iPhone device without customer service assistance

This is how you may solve the SIM card not provided on an Android phone or an iPhone without contacting customer service.

1st solution

If you’re having problems receiving or making calls because your SIM isn’t provisioned for voice, follow the troubleshooting procedures below. Do the following to ensure that your phone’s SIM registration services and applications are working correctly.

Step 1

Search for carrier services in the Google Play Store app.

Step 2

Open the carrier services app and hit Update.

Step 3

To find the SIM toolkit app, go to Android Phone Settings and Apps, and search for it. Force a halt, and then press OK.

Step 4

Precise data and clear cache by tapping Storage, then Clear data and Clear cache.

Step 5

Note: This step is solely for Google Fi subscribers; if you’re not using Google Fi, move on to the next step.

Tap Menu, then My Apps & Games in the Google Play Store app. Tap “Update” if it is available for Google.

Step 6

Go to Android Phone Settings, General Management, Reset, Reset network settings, pick SIM number (only for dual-SIM devices), and Reset settings.

Note: All previously saved WiFi passwords and Bluetooth pairings may be lost.

Step 7

Finally, restart your phone using the procedures below: Hold the Power button until the menu appears, then hit “Restart.”

After completing the procedures, ask a friend to contact you or try calling yourself.

No. 2 solution

What to Do About It: Contact the Carrier’s or Network Provider’s Customer Service Department. ‘The first solution may not always be enough to resolve the ‘SIM not provisioned for voice’ problem. In that circumstance, the sole option is to contact the cellphone provider’s customer service. Remember that the provisioning server may only be used by your cell operator to deactivate or activate the SIM card. As a result, you won’t be able to perform this on your own or without their help. Tell the customer care agent that your phone is giving you a “SIM not provisioned for the voice” error and your phone number when you call.

How do I contact the customer agents?

To get you started, here are some phone numbers and websites for significant providers in California, the United Kingdom, and the United States:

Call 03333-040-191 or start a webchat to resolve a SIM that isn’t provisioned for voice on Vodafone UK. 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

To resolve a SIM that isn’t provisioned for voice on Rogers, call 1-888-ROGERS-1 or use the contact form on

For users of T-Mobile, you can call 877-746-0909 or start a webchat to resolve a SIM that isn’t provisioned for voice.

On Metro PCS, dial 888-8metro8 to resolve the “SIM not provisioned for the voice” (888-863-8768).

Call 888-BOOST-4U to repair Boost Mobile’s ‘SIM not supplied for voice’ issue (888-266-7848).

Call 800-274-2538 or start a web chat to fix ‘SIM not supplied for voice’ on Cricket Wireless.

Call 888-944-9400 (3G SIM cards) or start a web chat to repair ‘SIM not provisioned for voice’ on U.S. Cellular. 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. C.T.

Call 877-430-CELL to repair the ‘SIM not provisioned for voice’ issue on Straight Talk (877-430-2355).

Call 514-420-7748 for monthly plan subscribers, 800-537-9999 for prepaid subscribers, or start a webchat to repair.’

Call 888-945-FIDO or 888-481-3436 to repair a SIM that isn’t provisioned for voice FIDO.  Hours are 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekends.

How to resolve “SIM not Provisioned for voice error on Republic wireless

To resolve the “SIM not provided for voice” issue on Republic Wireless, there is no need to contact the carrier.

To reactivate your account, dial *#*#8647## from the Phone app while connected to WiFi.Verizon’s ‘SIM not provided for voice’ issue can be resolved by calling 800-711-8300. If you’re using a brand-new SIM card, dial 877-807-4646 from any phone to request SIM card activation.

Call 888-211-4727 or start a web chat to fix ‘SIM not provisioned for voice’ on Sprint.

To repair AT&T’s ‘SIM not provisioned for voice’ issue, follow these steps: Call 800-331-0500 to resolve the “SIM not provided” case.

 Alternatively, you may begin the SIM activation procedure on their website under the section “I’m ready to activate my SIM or eSIM.”

 To fix ‘SIM not provisioned for voice’ on Assurance Wireless, call 888-321-5880 or send a snail mail support request to Assurance Wireless, P.O. Box 5040, Charleston, IL 61920-9907.

To resolve a Google Fi SIM that isn’t provisioned for voice, call 844-TALK-2-FI or log in to your Google Fi account and submit a support ticket online.

Call 800-867-7183 or start a web chat to fix ‘SIM not provisioned for voice’ on Tracfone.

We have become so dependent on contemporary technology that even a minor phone malfunction or SIM card message can leave you feeling helpless.

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