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How to fix whatsapp volume issues easily in 2023

whatsapp volume issues

One of the most well-known texting services owned by Facebook is WhatsApp. It enables users to make voice and video calls and share messages, photos, videos, and other media types.

To open a WhatsApp account, you must have a functional mobile number. This will allow the Instant Messaging (IM) application to curate your contacts with whom you can chat. WhatsApp is available on iOS and Android devices.

Over the years, the messaging service has added other capabilities, including exchanging voice messages, files, images, and videos. Since it takes less time to create, sending audio messages has become a popular method for communicating with friends, family, and colleagues.

The audio message feature is handy if you prefer speaking to spending long hours chatting, and it is also ideal for the aged and infirmed.

However, there are situations where you may not be able to listen to the voice notes of your loved ones due to WhatsApp volume issues. This article should come in handy if you are currently in such a fix.

We will also explore the step-by-step method to fix the WhatsApp volume issue for Android and iOS devices.

Additionally, there will be times when voice messaging services are ineffective. We have looked into several potential causes for this to occur and solutions. We’ll offer some advice on how to resolve WhatsApp volume concerns.

How To Fix WhatsApp Volume Issues

WhatsApp’s users has skyrocketed in the last couple of years. The platform boast over 1 billion user base in 100 countries. The platform’s ease of use has been a huge attraction for many.

If you are having any issues using the voice note feature due to low volume levels, then take these quick steps to resolve the issue.

Reset Your Mobile Phone

Occasionally, a simple restart might fix the issue. You can restart your phone if your WhatsApp audio messages aren’t playing or you can’t record. See if that resolves the problem.

Give Permissions Necessary

Check WhatsApp’s permissions if you cannot record a message or if they stop recording mid-sentence. To do this, head to your phone’s settings and click on the ‘Permissions’ button. Locate the ‘Permission Manager’ and tap on the ‘Microphone’ option. This will allow you to see all the audio features’ applications. If your WhatsApp messenger is not selected, you can toggle the feature from ‘Deny’ to ‘Allow’, automatically resolving the issue.

Let’s look at how to make it work on Android devices.

Step 1: Android Voice Recording Issue Fix: Go to Applications & notifications, Apps, or Application Manager in Settings on your phone.

Step 2: Find WhatsApp under All Apps. Touch it.

Step 3: Tap on Permissions. Make sure the toggle close to the microphone is turned on on the following screen if there is one. Touch on the microphone if you only see it, then tap Allow.

Step 4: Restart your phone.

Fix the Voice Recording in iPhone problem

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  • Tap on the Settings app on your iPhone in step. WhatsApp is tappable once you scroll down.
  • Activate the switch next to the microphone. If it’s on, disable it first, then enable it.
  • Disable third-party recording applications.


You should disable any app besides WhatsApp that could use the mic when producing voice messages. If another application, like a call recording/screen recording app is open on your phone, your WhatsApp messenger may be unable to record voice notes. We advise temporarily turning them off. Try to send the voice notes after that. Try deleting such programs to see whether the problem still exists. Then attempt to record voice notes.

Check Smartphone Protector

When you bring your phone closer to your ear, WhatsApp includes a feature that begins playing sounds over the earpiece. The proximity sensor of your phone makes that possible. The display on your phone shuts off when it notices something blocking the proximity sensor, and calls typically trigger its activation. However, WhatsApp has utilized the same function to allow you to listen to voice notes via the earpiece.

When you’re among friends or in a public setting when the speaker level appears too low, it’s useful. Only you can listen to the audio message if you hold your phone close to your ear. Your phone’s screen will go dark if you continue to keep your finger on the proximity sensor. In other words, you don’t always have to bring it to the ear.

An improperly installed screen protector might also bring on the issue. Your phone begins playing music over the earpiece when it senses that it is close to your ear. Your phone may seem broken, but it’s only the screen protector. Therefore, either detach the screen protector or install a new one slightly farther from the sensor.

Upgrade The Volume

As cliche as it may sound, we frequently overlook the volume levels. Increase the volume if you’re using the speaker to hear the voice notes. It would help if you again turned up the volume while using the earpiece for hearing them because it differs from the one when the speaker is on.

Check Storage

If you receive the message, “Sorry, we’re having trouble loading this audio right now.” Please try once more later. Check the amount of space on your mobile phone before attempting to save an audio note. Sometimes WhatsApp refuses to download audio messages because the storage is full.

  • Clear Cache (Android Only)

You might try emptying WhatsApp’s cache on Android. Since your WhatsApp information is stored, it differs from wiping data or storage.

the following steps:

Step 1: On your Android smartphone, tap Settings. Go to the Apps and notifications section.

Step 2: Within All apps, look for WhatsApp and tap it.

Step 3: On Storage. Next, select Clear cache.

Step 4: Try restarting your phone.

  • Whatsapp Update

If you’re a participant in the beta application test program for WhatsApp, you can occasionally have voice message issues due to a bug in the beta builds. So, check the app stores for your Android & iPhone to see if you can update them.

  • Remove Whatsapp

Finally, if everything else fails, uninstall WhatsApp from your phone. Read about what transpires when you remove WhatsApp before doing that.

  • Force WhatsApp to close
  • Force-closing WhatsApp may return to regular operation when it stops responding, or some functions abruptly cease working. Close WhatsApp on iOS devices (just like you would in any other application) and then reopen it.
  • Open the WhatsApp info page to force-quit WhatApp on Android devices (long-press WhatsApp & tap the info icon).
  • To continue, select Force Stop & press OK on the follow soon.
  • To restart the app, click Open. Continue to the next troubleshooting step if you can still not play WhatsApp voice messages.
  • Shut Down Other Apps

Another app on your iPhone may use the microphone if you cannot send voice messages. Try re-recording the audio message after closing any programs using the microphone on your phone. It would be best if you were looking for apps like voice recorders, video conferencing programs, and screen recorders.

  • Check the server for WhatsApp

When you don’t expect it, WhatsApp services tend to fall offline, resulting in the dysfunction of various instant messaging service functionalities. WhatsApp’s servers may be down if you play a voice note and receive the message “download failed.”

You may monitor the status of WhatsApp’s server using third-party apps like DownDetector. You’ll have to delay until WhatsApp fixes any server-related issues if there are any; most server-related problems are resolved within a few minutes or hours.

  • Update WhatsApp

If WhatsApp is the most recent version, but you can still not send, receive, or download audio messages, uninstall the program from your smartphone and reinstall it. Make careful to backup WhatsApp messenger to Google Drive before you do that to prevent losing your conversations & media content.

Restore Voice Messages to Function

We recognize that if voice messages are more your style, it can be annoying to type lengthy paragraphs when WhatsApp’s audio messaging functionality isn’t working.

You should be able to use the voice message feature once more in no time if one or more of our recommended fixes above is successful. Tell us whether any of the ideas worked to solve the issue or if you still need assistance.


Users may not have given WhatsApp permission to record audio or utilize the system’s microphone, which is a major reason why they are unable to listen to or record audio.

Uncleared cache, an outdated version of WhatsApp, a damaged/blocked microphone, a lack of storage, and a poor network connection are potential causes of this problem.


Why am I unable to hear my voicemails or videos?

If you hold the phone up to your ear, WhatsApp will play audio messages through the receiver instead of your speaker. Its proximity sensor is detected, and the display will turn off when you lift the mobile phone to your ear, just like when you’re on a phone call. Please keep your mobile phone close to your ear & change the level if you’d want to while hearing the message.

For notifications, multimedia playback via the speaker, receiver volume, and headphone volume, your phone has different volume options, and the settings may vary between apps. Try pushing the phone’s volume up button while the audio plays if you have trouble hearing it. The output you’re utilizing probably has its volume completely turned down.

Your finger or other parts of your hand is probably triggering the proximity sensor if you notice your screen turning black and you cannot hear voice messages through the speaker. Please try moving your hand again.

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