How To Hack Someone’s Computer System Remotely in 2023

how to hack someone's computer


It would be best if you were technically savvy to know how to hack someone’s computer system. However, there are different ways to do this covertly which we will be discussing further in this article.

You may engage in ethical hacking, sometimes known as “white hat,” instead of breaking the law and risking a hefty fine or possibly jail time. As the name implies, white hacking is breaking into one’s own system to ensure its functionality.

We will take the straightforward approach of breaking into someone else’s computer from a distance without raising any suspicions. To do so, one must get access to their computer and sift through its contents in the hopes of learning the subject of their current focus.

Time spent on the target machine is essential for both. Knowing their passwords is also essential.

How To Hack A Computer Remotely Using Their IP Address

How to Hack Someone’s Computer with Their IP

Need to access your friend’s computer for whatever reason but need help figuring out how? After you’re done reading, you’ll know exactly how to locate their IP address and use it to get into their system while they’re away. In this article, you’ll learn how to get into a computer using only an IP address.

The IP address is the common denominator that allows all devices to exchange and receive data with one another. Internet Protocol (IP) addresses allow for remote communication between devices. Your device may connect to the Internet through an ISP’s network with the aid of its Internet Protocol (IP) address (Internet Service Provider).

More like a bridge that allows your phone to connect to the web. A router, provided by your Internet service provider (ISP), facilitates communication between your various electronic devices.

The Internet service provider (ISP) is responsible for assigning IP addresses, and in today’s mobile devices, IPs are constantly changing. While Internet service providers (ISPs) provide IP addresses temporarily, devices often do not use the same IP address for an extended period.

Static IP addresses are not always available but may be obtained from certain Internet service providers (ISPs). If you go from one provider to another, your IP address will change even if you have a static IP. Therefore, IP is a facilitator that lets you log in to the web whenever you choose. One through whom all of your non-Internet communications pass invisibly.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Seeing Your Computer’s IP Address 


The only time knowing your IP address is useful is when you need to do remote network administration or troubleshooting.

It’s possible to discover your IP address using a variety of methods. The command prompt approach, however, is one of the most uncomplicated and trustworthy. Read on to learn how to access the command prompt and get your IP address.

  • Click the “Start” button.
  • Use the search bar at the end of this window and type “cmd.”
  • When the Command Prompt appears, press the Enter key
  • Press Enter key after typing “ipconfig” on the keyboard
  • Locate IPv4 and follow the line to the right

Hack Someone’s Laptop Remotely by examining their browsing history

The only location you need to check to see what they’ve been up to online, assuming you have access to their computer, is their internet history. The procedure is the same on both a PC and a Mac since it is browser-based rather than device-specific.

Specifically, here’s what you have to do:

Bring up their chosen browser. To accomplish this (using Google Chrome on a computer as an example), click the three dots in the top right corner. Move your mouse pointer over the drop-down options and choose History.

On a Windows computer, you may also press CTRL-H.

You may see a log of all the websites you’ve been to and the timestamps of your most recent visits.

While you’re at it, go straight to the bookmarks by clicking the Bookmarks tab instead of clicking History. All of their bookmarks will be shown there.

If your spouse is careful and often deletes their browser history or switches to anonymous mode, you may still remotely hack their computer by checking their inbox for subscriptions. If that’s the case, you’ll have to go deeper since there won’t be any digital footprints to follow.

Generally speaking, if you want to use a website for gambling or dating, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee, and premium porn sites also cost money. If you suspect someone engaging in these activities, look for activation or billing confirmation emails.

Even if you can’t crack his email password, you might attempt to obtain the password to his messaging applications, where he may be engaging in an extramarital flirtation.

Spyware may be used to remotely hack a computer.

All the options mentioned earlier are appealing in theory, but implementing them would require substantial time, effort, and luck. This is something that only some have. On the other hand, some folks won’t have the time to do it. This doesn’t imply that everyone will have to see an expert, some of whom may be out for more money than they’re worth or even scammers.

Yet some programs will function as well as (if not better than) most hackers, cost much less, and provide lifetime guarantees on their outcomes.

Detailed Instructions for Obtaining an IP Address Using Grabify

Grabify Homepage

The procedure, as mentioned earlier, requires actual access to the target’s computer. If you meet someone attractive offline and can’t use your laptop, for example. An IP Grabber, like Grabify, is required to get a distant user’s IP address.

This app is a shortener but logs the IP addresses of everybody who clicks on the links it generates. A detailed explanation of how to utilize it is provided below.

  • The First Step Is to Go to Grabify
  • Second, fill up the empty area with a URL of your choosing, ideally one that is highly legitimate and won’t raise any red flags. You may study the picture to help you get your head around the concept.
  • Third, choose the option to Generate a URL.
  • A page requesting your acceptance of the terms of service will appear in Step 4. Choose the “I Agree & Create URL” button.
  • Fifth, your dashboard with all the options has opened up. If you send out a new link, the person you’re giving it to will have their data exposed here, including their IP address. A Facebook profile link, a LinkedIn profile link, or any other link might be used to deceive your victim into clicking.
  • To acquire more information about your target than you would without the Smart Logger, go to Step 6. 
  • Send the newly-made URL to your intended recipient in Step 7. Their IP address and other information will be given to you as soon as they click it. Yet this is based on how legitimate your link seems to them before they click it.
  • send the URL you have just created
  • In Step 8, you’ll see the 0 results in the graphic above turn into a 1 when the user clicks your link. Below, please find confirmation:
  • In Step 9, you’ll see a clustered detail about your target below the Results, which are now at 1. Click the lengthy details to show his details more thoroughly.
  • click the long details to reveal his details more clearly
  • Lastly, the IP address of your intended victim is hidden behind the red text, but you may reveal it and other data by clicking the highlighted area. When you click on this, the next one will load immediately.

Once again, the IP address of your intended victim is highlighted in scarlet. This is only an example; you’ll find out on your own. As seen in the picture above, Grabify shows you where your target is.

Methods for Obtaining an IP Address and Hacking a Computer

Let’s get down to brass tacks now; in the next section, we’ll cover how to hack into a computer by utilizing its IP address. The target computer may be compromised remotely using this technique, and this means that after the first.

  • One, follow the instructions above to launch the Command Prompt.
  • Second, run the command “net use.” Like many other NetBIOS commands, this one demonstrates how to get unauthorized access to a remote disk or printer.
  • Third, a message like “The Command finished successfully” would be shown as feedback if everything went well. Your goal of breaking into your target’s computer has been almost achieved.
  • The fourth step is to open the computer’s My Computer folder and look for a new disk, among the others called Shared. Once you open the drive, you can get to the victim’s files. Write Access must be enabled on the target machine before you may copy photographs, folders, or offer files onto your own computer. The Command Prompt is always available and may be used to enter your target system at any moment.


Acquiring unauthorized access to someone’s computer is like sneaking into their home. Hackers are everywhere, just waiting for you to let your guard down with your gadgets. If you want to avoid or, at least, significantly reduce the risk of a hack, you need to make sure that no access is allowed.

And if you’re the hacker here, remember that breaking into people’s computers and stealing their data without their knowledge or consent is a serious crime. Have a strong reason and learn about the potential repercussions before hacking into someone else’s computer.

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