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How to hack someone’s WeChat Remotely in 2023

hack someone's Wechat


Users all around the globe have praised WeChat since it was included in the social networking platform. Even though the WeChat app allows users to joke with their friends and family, the likelihood of someone listening in on their talks is rather significant. The use of a WeChat hacker is now often all that is required to learn about someone’s WeChat activity.

If you hire a WeChat hacker, you can see what they’re up to online without ever suspecting a thing. Learn about the top way to hack someone’s WeChat including how to maximize your experience with them in this post.

Hack someone’s wechat using the following apps


top 5 Best Wechat Hacker-FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy makes ethical hacking much easier than it would be without it. As far as WeChat hacking tools go, FlexiSpy is among the most powerful options. Compared to other hacking tools on the market, these functionalities are much superior.


  • Any time the target phone user pushes a button, the action is recorded on your device, and you know their full username and password.
  • Taking Screenshots: this function allows you to get access to the target phone and take screenshots of their activity.
  • Manage their friends’ messages and photographs from a central location. In addition to remote viewing, FlexiSpy also allows remote manipulation of the targeted phone.
  • Forget about WeChat; this global app will let you see anything stored on the target phone.


  • Incredibly dependable and easy to use
  • Highly adaptable
  • Keep an eye on your iPhone and Android devices.


  • To spy on a device, FlexiSpy must be downloaded and installed on it.
  • Prices start at $29.95/per month

How to use Account Hacker to hack WeChat

How to hack WeChat using a Hacker account

You need to look at the Hacker v3.9.9 account if you’re seeking a simple but powerful WeChat hacker. By providing the username or username of the account holder, you may access any WeChat account using this hacking tool. Learn how to crack WeChat with this comprehensive tutorial.

  • You must first download the hacking tool from WeChat to your PC to hack a WeChat account.
  • Run the software after downloading it to view the screenshot below.
  • Pick “WeChat” from the list of social networks under “Social Network” to hack WeChat.
  • Fill out the blanks with the target account’s username or email address.
  • Choose “Find the password” and wait while you sit down.
  • The password from the hacked account will be retrieved by WeChat’s hacking tool and shown on your screen.
  • Please take note of the password and enter it to access the WeChat account you intended to hack.

That’s how basic it is. Employing the account’s Hacker feature, you may hack WeChat without using any science.


top 5 Best Wechat Hacker-ExactSpy

The effectiveness of ExactSpy is lower than that of mSpy. It is a device hacking and surveillance tool that also features many other distinctive IM applications, such as WhatsApp or WeChat. With ExactSpy, you can monitor the targeted person’s online surfing, look up website history, and block websites you don’t want your user to visit. It is helpful for parents who wish to limit their child’s browsing.

Important characteristics:

  • Track calls
  • Observe text texts
  • Follow emails
  • Track GPS and keep an eye on your Internet activity
  • read instant messages, command software and mobile applications
  • remote control a mobile phone


  • Easily integrates with any mobile phone
  • readily installable
  • provides excellent functioning
  • The trial version is an added benefit.


  • It could take some time for beginners to become accustomed to it.
  • Starting at $16 per month

The WeChat Spy App

hack WeChat using WeChat Spy software

By utilizing the WeChat Spy software services, you may hack WeChat more easily. You don’t need direct physical access to the target WeChat account holder’s phone to use the WeChat Spy program, and you need the WeChat target account login to get started.

Here’s how to use the WeChat Spy program to hack WeChat.

  • You first need to download and set up the WeChat spy program on your computer.
  • Advice: Keep in mind that the download is a zip file. There are two files in total, and the first file includes the WeChat hacking tool, while the second file offers WeChat use instructions.
  • Launch the program after downloading the files.
  • Fill out the slots with your WeChat account information and then adhere to the directions.

WeChat Hack Tool

hack WeChat using the WeChat hack tool

You can hack WeChat utilizing downloading software and apps in addition to internet tools that serve the same purposes. If you’re looking for the best WeChat hacking tool available online, your search might end with this program.

With the help of this web tool, you may hack a WeChat account and its password, take photographs from the target account and share all chat logs with the target WeChat user and his followers.

The following is a comprehensive explanation of how to use the WeChat online hack tool to hack WeChat.

Since there is no need to download anything, go to the WeChat hack tool’s official website as your first step.

Type your WeChat username into the appropriate fields and press the “Next” button.

The submitted username will be used as the basis for a comprehensive search by the online hacking tool.

You must complete a brief survey for the results to be shown when the search is finished.

Complete the survey according to the instructions; the information will be stolen after you do.


top 5 Best Wechat Hacker-iKey Monitor

A well-known IM app hacker in China, iKeyMonitor WeChat Spy App, can completely fix the issues by discreetly and remotely capturing all of the WeChat communications. Additionally, iKeyMonitor keeps a close eye on other, more mobile actions. Unlike other spy applications, which can only track the activity of certain apps, iKeyMonitor promptly gives you a history of all keystrokes performed on the targeted device. Additionally, iKeyMonitor Android/iPhone Spy operates undetectably, hiding even the jailbreak information, making it impossible for anybody to tell whether the device has been jailbroken. In this scenario, the targeted user won’t know whether someone has accessed their private info on their device.

Important characteristics:

  • Spy in covert mode
  • Take screenshots of WeChat.
  • GPS location tracking
  • Access Access to website history, both calls and texts
  • Typed chat logs 


  • Great qualities
  • PC, Mac, and mobile plans are all separate
  • system for remote configuration
  • Unjailbroken spy


  • Software trial period of only three days Costly compared to other software
  • starting at $29.99 per month


After FlexiSpy, mSpy is your most dependable private surveillance program. You will have complete access to the targeted portable device or hacked gadget, but it doesn’t only hack on any program. This is a very effective hacking tool that might work as your virtual caregiver and keep a watchful eye on all of your target phone’s behaviour.

Important characteristics:

  • Dependable gadget tracker (using GPS System)
  • Access Facebook, email, and specialized IM programs.
  • Hacker of live voice, video, and cameras
  • Contact, call, and text message monitoring
  • Other applications for the device, such as installed games, the Office application, etc.
  • Monitoring of mobile applications 


  • Quicker installation and download
  • The right step-by-step instructions for installation and usage
  • Supports a variety of IM conversations, such as WhatsApp, Line, and WeChat.
  • Precise GPS location monitoring of the target device


  • The absence of a few standout monitoring functions, such as call recording, listening to the environment, and covert camera activation
  • Starting at $8 per month


The data in this post suggests that breaking into a WeChat account is as simple as using one. An effective hacking tool, with the username, phone number, and email address used to sign up for the target WeChat account, is all required to gain unauthorized access. WeChat hacking is feasible, and you still need to do it because you haven’t tried it. There are free and paid techniques available.

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