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How to hide Facebook messenger online status in seconds 2023

facebook messenger

You may interact and exchange content with loved ones online using Facebook messenger, a social networking service. When Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook in 2004 while still a student at Harvard University, Facebook was initially designed with college students in mind. Anyone over 13 with a working email address could sign up for Facebook by 2006. With over 1 billion users globally, Facebook is the largest social network today.

It is simple to adjust your active status from online to invisible on various chat programs, including Skype. If you do this, your contacts won’t be aware of when you are online and will appear offline. Such a feature is advantageous since it gives you the option to manage your internet presence. Given this, it’s crucial to remember that not everyone supports low privacy protection. Some people may be picky regarding Facebook users’ rights to privacy and security.

What Takes Place When You Disable Facebook’s Active Status?

Here are some helpful but crucial notes before we go on to the methods for hiding your active status on Facebook messenger:

  • It would help if you concealed your active status across all applications and hardware. 
  • You can only hide your Facebook active status when using that particular app or device. Therefore, you must disable your active status in every location where you have Facebook or Messenger turned on if you wish to disappear entirely. 
  • You’ll still look active (or recently active) on Messenger if you’ve removed your active status on Facebook but not Messenger. 
  • You must also disable your active group on Facebook for Online if you did so in the Facebook app but not in the web version.
  • You can’t see them if they can’t see you. When you disable your active status, neither you nor your contacts will be able to know when the other is active or has recently been active.
Here are some helpful but crucial notes before we go on to the methods for hiding your active status on Facebook messenger:

What Makes You Want to Hide Your Messenger Active Status?

You may demonstrate that you’ve been active or have been recently active on this profile by enabling your Active Status. The options you select will be applied to all Meta products you use, even those where you haven’t yet modified your Active Status. To turn your messenger’s Active Status on or off:

1. Click on the top right corner of Facebook.

2. Click on the top-right corner next to Messenger.

3. Choose whether to turn on or off the active status.

4. After making your selections click “OK.”

Will I still receive messages if my Messenger Active Status is disabled?

Yes. Messages still go to your chat list for later reading when you switch off your Active Status. You can receive notifications in Messenger if you utilize the Messenger app.

You should be aware that even after turning off Active Status for this profile, you may still look active or recently active in others. You still appear to be involved, mainly in areas where you haven’t done so. 

How to Make Your Facebook Status Read Only

You can use your web browser and mobile to visit Facebook as they are both available.

1. Turning off your Facebook active status on web browsers. 

Utilize your web browser to log into After signing in, choose the Messenger icon from the top-right menu, then select the three dots to see the settings. Your Messenger conversation options should now be available. Look for “Turn off Active Status” in the chat options and click it. It should show the active status pane. Choose there any action you wish to take about your active status. Select the first choice, then click “Okay” to disable it for all contacts.

2. Deactivating Active Status on Facebook App

  •  Open or start the Facebook application (iOS or Android).
  •  Click the hamburger icon in the navigation bar to access the menu (shortcut bar).
  • When the menu appears, scroll down to “Settings & Privacy” and select “Settings.” 
  •  From there, select “Privacy” and look for the “Active Status” option. Check the Toggle Switch’s status by tapping on it. When the white circle is on the right side, and the icon is blue, it is switched on. When it’s turned on, you’re displaying your Facebook activity.
  •  Press the toggle switch and, when prompted, choose “Turn Off” to conceal your active status. The toggle switch will become grey, indicating that it is off.
  • You can close and reopen your application to ensure that the changes you made are saved correctly. You may focus on perusing social media without feeling compelled to talk with someone simply because they know you are online. You can choose to hide your active status. 

However, you need to bear the following things in mind App Updates Might Revert to Active Status. When the app is updated, your Facebook active status can return to default. The same holds if you remove an app from your smartphone, reinstall it, and you Won’t be unnoticed.

People will still be able to determine whether or not you are active on Facebook, which is another crucial point to remember. There isn’t a reliable technique if you want to hide out completely. However, if you wish to total concealment, here are additional techniques. These strategies can also determine whether you are online or recently active, even if you hide your active status. People can look at your recent activity or publish updates, for instance.

How to disable messenger active status in a web browser

To disable functional groups on Facebook and show them as offline:

1. If you haven’t already, launch Facebook in a browser and log in.

2. In the top-right corner, click the rounded Messenger symbol. The Messenger icon in the corner should be connected.

3. Choose the Messenger drop-down menu by clicking the three dots at the top. In the Messenger sidebar, select the three dots symbol at the top.

4. In the drop-down option, select Turn off Active Status. Choose “Turn off Active Status” from the menu.

5. You get the option to disable the active status for all contacts other than the selected contacts or “only a few contacts” in a pop-up window. The latter two choices will display when you click them, and a box will emerge where you may type the names of particular persons. You can decide from whom you wish to keep your active status a secret.

6. When finished, click OK.

You can also accomplish this by selecting See all in Messenger from the drop-down menu after clicking the Messenger symbol in the top-right corner. Then, on the Messenger page in full-screen mode, choose your active status by clicking the three dots in the top-left corner, selecting Preferences, and clicking Turn off Active Status.

If you need help with the Messenger app or, visit the Messenger Help Centre


Users of Facebook who are concerned about hiding their active status need not be. The online social network has made this function easily accessible for individuals who use it. Just not easily accessible from the list of choices displayed on Facebook’s user interface.

It does take some work to find where it is because of the location. However, once you know where to search, it will be easier to find whenever you need it. Some people find it more convenient to concentrate on exploring social media without being distracted by discussion by having the option to conceal their active status. Others like the benefit of keeping some individuals from seeing them anytime online.

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