How to increase my iPhone storage memory instantly in 2023

IPhone storage

iPhone lacks an expansion card slot, which can be a significant issue for customers who do not have an iPhone with a large amount of storage. Additionally, it’s an issue for folks with a bad habit of retaining many data and apps. In certain circumstances, users must delete their data to make room on their mobile devices. Occasionally, you won’t be able to remove essential data from your iPhone storage. We have come up with the most excellent solutions that you can use to expand iPhone storage without erasing previous data to assist you. Several temporary and rubbish files are generated when you utilize apps on your iPhone. They may eventually use a lot of storage for pointless files.

You may use the iMyFone Umate Pro app to clean them. It will enable you to get rid of all the unnecessary files and free up much-needed space without erasing any of your data, including programs, pictures, or movies. Additionally, the program offers other choices, such as picture compression.

Additionally, you might use one of the programs for finding duplicate photos, like Gemini Photos.

How can I increase the capacity of my iPhone?

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Here are methods you can use to increase the storage memory on your iPhone.

External device

To increase the capacity of your gadget, utilize an external device. As an illustration, the SanDisk iXpand USB Stick was explicitly created to increase iPhone data capacity. Connecting your iPhone to expand and transferring your previous data are both required. Use it as a standard Pen drive; it is incredibly user-friendly. Place this portable USB stick into the charging connector on your iPhone, and it will take care of the rest.

SanDisk iXpand is compatible with all iPhone models and comes in storage capacities of 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. It is a straightforward technique to obtain additional storage! Purchase this USB drive at


If you use iOS, you may already know Apple’s iCloud storage option. When you sign up for iCloud, you instantly receive 5GB of free storage. You may use a wireless internet connection to transfer your data to iCloud immediately. Then, you may erase it from your iPhone to make room on your device. When you need that information again, you may download it from iCloud.

You must choose one of their premium plans based on your needs if you use 5GB of space. iCloud Photo Library, commonly known as iCloud Photos, is another function that enables you to upload your media assets and share them among many devices. Alternately, you might try moving your iCloud files to Google Drive to save space.


Use iTunes to take a complete backup of your iPhone while connected to a computer or Mac. Then, to free up a lot of capacity on your iPhone, you may remove the files you no longer need.

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Take screenshots and video compress.

Without a doubt, you would have taken many photos and movies that would take up a lot of space on your iPhone. Taking a photograph on an iPhone takes up a lot of storage space, as you may know. If so, capturing a screenshot of the image you don’t want to lose would be simple.

Because compared to the original image, the snapshot only takes up around 20% of the area. The same applies to PDF files as well. You may send the entire video to yourself on WhatsApp if you want to retain it. Also, as you may be aware, WhatsApp compresses movies, so your films will be reduced and use much less space.

Apps for cloud or remote storage are a fantastic way to expand the capacity of your iPhone. Although iCloud is the iPhone’s default cloud service, other options may also be used.

If the free 5 GB of storage space on iCloud is insufficient, you may expand it.

However, you may also utilize the free 2 GB of Dropbox storage, the 15 GB of Google Drive and Google Photos storage, or the 5 GB of OneDrive storage.

All three applications together have 27 GB of free storage. To free up space on your iPhone’s internal storage, you may back up your files, images, and other information and delete it. Amazon Prime can be a decent option if you search for a paid alternative.

You also get quick and free shipping on your purchases, as well as limitless access to music, TV programs, movies, and ebooks, in addition to unlimited picture storage in the cloud. You may do this to build your private cloud for data storage. Using the Prime music library, you won’t need to keep all the music files on your smartphone.

Remove Music Downloads

Although the streaming revolution is in full swing, practically all streaming apps also let you download music. This may use up a significant amount of the iPhone’s storage. It is advisable to uninstall the songs you have downloaded but haven’t listened to in a while to free up space on your iPhone. This might be a collection of songs pulled randomly from an old playlist or CD. You might download 100 songs sometimes but only listen to 10 to 20 of them often.

Remove downloaded movies and TV shows.

The era of streaming includes movies and TV shows in addition to music. You may download TV series and movies using apps like Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney+. These use a substantial amount of space on your iPhone, occasionally much more than the music.

Delete old episodes, downloaded movies, and other media to make room on your iPhone. To maintain a healthy quantity of storage on your iPhone, perform this routinely. Also, the memory on your iPhone might be sufficiently cleared by deleting downloaded songs.

Get Rid of Unwanted iMessage Attachments.

The main texting application for iPhones is iMessage, and a lot of data passes via the app. As a result, your iPhone’s internal memory is primarily consumed by it. Attachments, which might include variously sized photographs and movies, are one of the biggest offenders.

By going to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Messages > Review Large Attachments, you may erase outdated iMessage attachments. You may choose which extensions you want to keep and which to remove from this page.

WhatsApp Media in Clear

WhatsApp is a different messaging program that is notorious for using a lot of iPhone storage. WhatsApp will likely occupy much space on your iPhone if you use it frequently. The conversations themselves, cache information, and WhatsApp media, including images, videos, audio messages, and documents, are to blame for this.

Getting rid of outdated media files you don’t desire is the most distinctive approach to lower the amount of data WhatsApp uses. You may back up the files you wish to save online for more capacity on your iPhone.

WhatsApp is one of the most significant space hogs on Android devices if you have one. Here’s how to remove WhatsApp from your Android’s internal storage and place it on an SD card.

Turn off WhatsApp’s automatic media download function.

Your material is automatically downloaded when you use WhatsApp, especially when connected to Wi-Fi. On the other hand, I advise turning it off if your iPhone is getting short on storage. This means that just the media items you specifically request will download to your iPhone. This provides you with many more options and allows you to conserve space, especially if participating in one or more active group chats.

Delete Any Non-Useful Apps

Everybody has applications that are rarely used or overlooked. This may include outmoded social networking networks, outdated video games, or any other program. These apps use up a lot of iPhone storage space. Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage to remove them.

Your device’s apps and how much storage they consume are displayed there. Choose the app you want to remove from the list of available apps.

Get Rid of Wasted Apps

You may manually control the number of applications on your iPhone by uninstalling them. Still, you can also give your iPhone permission to unload apps. Offloading allows you to save the app’s files and data so you may reinstall it and continue where you left off.

Removal and Installation of Storage-Heavy Apps

Apps you’ve had installed for a while keeping a lot of data and cache on your iPhone. This differs from app to app, with social networking applications like Snapchat or Facebook serving as examples. Reinstalling these programs is a practical solution to the problem. Doing so may free up additional storage space on your iPhone and erase the cached data.


As you can see, many inventive methods exist to increase the iPhone’s capacity. You may increase the space on your iPhone by unloading apps, optimizing your storage, using an external flash drive, or using cloud or remote storage.

One of their main drawbacks is that iPhones don’t allow external memory cards and have finite storage capacity. Many Android users who still require space after freeing up storage on their devices may find this a lifesaver.

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