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How to know if someone has blocked you on iPhone easily-2023

know if someone has blocked you


It’s a desperate measure to keep someone from contacting you, and it hurts. This is something that defies easy resolution.

Even if you think you’ve been blocked, that may not be the case. You may have been attempting to get in touch with loved ones, but they have yet to return your calls or messages. It’s conceivable that the person you’ve been blocked by did so accidentally rather than on purpose.

Here is an Oppurtunity to Find out and Know if someone has blocked you, if you’ve been barred on iMessage (and what it implies for future texts), and how to contact someone who has blocked you.

Indicators that your iPhone number has been banned

How to Know if Someone Blocked Your Number on iPhone for Calls or Messages

If someone stops replying to you, it may not always mean they’ve blocked you. Perhaps they are preoccupied or just missed your communication. Notifications are commonly overlooked by those whose messages are forwarded to numerous devices, such as an iPhone, iPad, and Macs.

However, some indicators might help you determine whether you’ve been banned.

Despite repeated attempts, your calls have yet to be returned.

A person’s refusal to pick up the phone when you call indicates their disregard for you, but it may not amount to a complete block. The inability of a call to get through is not indicative of a blocked number.

Your number has not been successfully banned if it rings many times before going to voicemail. This indicates that the person you are trying to reach has deliberately ignored your calls and allowed them to go to voicemail.

At least you haven’t been blocked yet, so the other person probably doesn’t dislike you. However, it’s possible they still won’t want to communicate with you.

However, this is a workaround. If users have Do Not Disturb engaged on their iPhones, they will not get any notifications about incoming calls. The “Repeated Calls” option on the iPhone, which allows you to circumvent Do Not Disturb when you call twice within three minutes, may also be activated, notifying the person you phoned.

At long last, it could be their transporter. Sometimes your phone rings, but the person you’re trying to reach doesn’t hear it.

If you were blocked, how would you know? The phone ringing and going to voicemail is only sometimes dependable. The voicemails you leave will still be sent, but they will be routed to a special “Banned Messages” folder if you’ve been blocked.

Apple’s iOS has successfully banned incoming calls on your iPhone.

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Iphone Imessage

Failure to distribute iMessages

Let’s start by talking about the iMessage delivery confirmations. A “delivered” badge appears at the end of the chat thread after all iMessages have been sent and received. Once the iMessage service confirms the recipient’s read receipt, the status will change to “read.” This means that a “delivered” label is not indicative of whether or not your number has been banned.

iPhone messages are not being sent

However, the ‘delivered’ badge would cease showing up if you were banned. Since iMessage always gives the ‘delivered’ or reads the label to the most recently sent message in a discussion, any messages received by you after you were banned would still appear in the chat. Still, you would never see the ‘delivered’ badge, and those communications would be shown in the conversation with a “delivered” or “read” badge.

If you were banned and later unblocked, the other person would still receive your messages, but not the ones you sent while you were blocked. Knowing whether your number is blacklisted is possible by seeing that messages sent to it are not displaying as delivered. The message may only be forwarded if the recipient is within the sender’s cellular network or using a WiFi connection.

Unable to send SMS

A green bubble will indicate that an SMS message was sent in place of an undeliverable iMessage. Messages between contacts on devices other than the iPhone are sent using a short message service (SMS). It’s possible to tell whether an SMS you sent to an iPhone user was successfully delivered and read or if you’ve been banned in some ways, similar to the ‘delivered’ and read badges in iMessage.

Text messages will indicate “sent” or “delivered,” respectively. There is no way to determine whether an SMS has been read since it does not utilize the iMessage platform. How can you find out whether your SMS has been blocked?

Any SMS you send over iMessage will be marked as delivered or sent inside the app. When the sent icon is present, it indicates that the message was sent to its intended recipient and they were outside the range of your message since they were away from their service area.

Not all “sent” notifications are harmful, but if yours never becomes “delivered,” it may be because your number is blacklisted. More specifically, if you are chatting with someone on iMessage and their text bubbles go from blue to green, they have banned your iPhone number. The difference between the sent and ‘delivered’ icons might indicate that you’ve been blocked.

Mechanically generated replies

A person may tell whether or not their phone number is banned based on whether they can send or receive iMessages or SMS messages. As with ignored calls, automated answers may be used as a “soft” barrier to discourage unwanted contact.

The iPhone’s Do Not Disturb mode can send pre-written messages to certain people. This feature allows you to customize both your away message and the recipients.

Turn off all alert modes.

Automatic replies to your messages are not an actual ‘block’ since blocked numbers are not permitted. You could be a favourite if you get a pre-written reply.

The phone rings once, then automatically transfers to voicemail.

It’s not definitive proof you’ve been banned, but it’s a highly terrible indicator, much like iMessage abruptly switching to SMS.

If you are blocked, all incoming calls will be routed to voicemail, and any messages left there will be sent directly to the ‘blocked’ folder. The other party will not hear your calls, see a notification that you phoned, or have access to your voicemail’s identification badge.

However, the same happens when you contact someone whose phone is turned off, and it rings once before going to voicemail. It’s possible they just switched off their phone if the ‘block’ appears irrational. On the other hand, if your calls keep going straight to voicemail after ringing once, you’ve probably been banned.

What to do if your phone number is blocked

How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number on Their iPhone (Updated for ...

The phone and iMessages are convenient methods to get in touch, but they aren’t the only ones. Before we continue, a word of warning: respect other people’s wishes for privacy. A genuine concern for someone’s well-being is acceptable, but harassment is never good.

In case someone has blocked you, here are some other ways to get in touch with them:

Internet-based social networking. You may utilize the specialized chat features of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to check in with a friend and ensure they’re doing well. These other services will continue to function regardless of whether or not they can contact you through the phone number you provided.

Email. If you’ve been banned by someone, they won’t be able to send you or receive any messages from you using the Mail app on their iPhone. You should use a separate email address when sending an email.

Try calling from a different phone. Sending all your calls to voicemail? If the calls still go directly to voicemail when you use a number that doesn’t belong to the individual in question, then you know it’s not a blocking problem. Calls that don’t go through after a few rings may be banned.

Make use of a video call. Many of us likely have access to teleconferencing apps like Skype or Zoom on our phones or laptops, and they might be used to contact another person. Skype’s presence indicator is a convenient method to check in on loved ones and see whether everything is well when you’re worried.

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